Speech on Newspaper For Student And Children

Speech on Newspaper The newspaper is a need in our daily existence. We all read the newspaper, but different people read it for different reasons. Others people read it for gossip, some for political news, and some for editorials. To boost its readership and foster the habit of reading, the significance of newspapers is therefore discussed constantly. So if you need to write a brief on the newspaper or give a speech about it, our thorough speeches might be a useful resource for you. In order to meet your various demands and assist you in your job, there are both long and short speeches on newspapers. So study the pages and educate yourself about the topic.


Speech on Newspaper

Speech on Newspaper – 1

Good day, students. How are you all doing?

I wish everyone had as much fun during their winter vacations as I did. No student will be in the mood to study after this break, I’m sure, but since today is your first session back, I’d want to take it easy and ease you back into your books.

So instead of studying today, I’d want to discuss the value of newspapers. Newspaper since it’s a great source of information for everyone, but regrettably, I don’t find many of my kids reading it. Every morning, something more than a paper scroll is sent to our houses. Since they were first introduced to humans, they have been of utmost importance. Newspapers have always been seen as a fantastic way to share information and raise awareness, especially since the British Raj era. Newspapers have a crucial role as a revolutionary medium for communication.

These days, there are several regional, municipal, and national dailies that are read by citizens across the nation from all facets of our society. In our nation, newspapers are published and distributed in almost all of the major languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, etc. The newspaper’s content spans a variety of genres in addition to daily happenings in order to pique the attention of its varied readership. In reality, several agencies have combined weekly magazines with their newspapers, much to the readers’ enjoyment.

Newspapers play a significant role in our lives because they help us stay informed on the most recent political, national, as well as worldwide, developments and hot button problems. This enables us to learn about every conceivable topic, including global economic, entertainment, cultural, political, and social challenges. When announcing job openings or any other significant information, many businesses and organisations turn to print media, such as newspapers. People can learn about the most recent product launches in the market thanks to commercial advertising and product endorsements carried in newspapers.

Newspaper serves as an industry-consumer interface, allowing for the development of a strong relationship between the two. Newspapers also have an editorial section where readers may voice their opinions on a variety of topics. As a result, one is given a wide platform to express issues, opinions, share ideas, and improve communication.

Newspaper is therefore that indispensable thing that individuals from all spheres of society need. Why then should my students continue to be without it? Try to establish a regular practise of reading the newspaper to see a positive change in yourself. Encourage your peers to read the newspaper, and for intellectual development, participate in debates and conversations.

All I have to say is this. I’m grateful.

Speech on Newspaper – 2

Good day, everyone. Greetings from all of us!

I, Sourabh Shukla, will be your host today as we celebrate Indian Express Newspaper’s 21st anniversary. Friends, as you are all aware, our team has successfully met its yearly sales goal, which is a huge triumph for all of us. So, in light of the significance of today, I’d like to give a little lecture on newspapers that clarifies the role they play in our daily lives.

The newspaper has integrated into our daily life. Newspaper sales have undoubtedly been hurt by the digital revolution, but those who understand their significance continue to buy and read them. Additionally, according to Wikipedia, India is the world’s largest market for newspapers, with daily sales of more than 100 million copies. And even if the internet has a significant influence on people’s lives, people continue to read the electronic newspaper (eNewspaper) on their smartphones and tablets to keep informed.

Let’s now discuss the significance of newspapers in our life. If I talk about the value of newspapers in education, I would say that by providing students with real-world applications for their theoretical studies, they enrich the educational system. Teachers can present real-world examples from the newspaper if students are studying the impact of demonetization and its advantages and disadvantages, for example. Students can learn about the actual effects of demonetization on individuals and society as a whole via the use of newspapers.

Another illustration is that a teacher of political science might teach pupils in upper secondary schools about the crucial function that a nation’s prime leader plays by using examples from the life of our present prime minister and shedding light on his daily actions. Newspapers may be used to learn about his daily activities as well. Therefore, I firmly believe that newspapers contribute significantly to the advancement of practical education.

In addition to this, reading the newspaper has many other advantages for pupils, such as improving their vocabulary. Students may quickly locate terminology and information relevant to their stream and interests regardless of the subject they are studying, whether it is Political Science, Economics, Hindi, or any other subject. For instance, the newspaper has a “economic page part” for students studying economics, and there is also an editorial page for students studying political science or literature.

Newspaper reading is a practise that not only helps individuals expand their vocabulary but also boosts their general knowledge and makes them aware of the most recent developments in various regions of the nation and, for that matter, the entire world. What else?

Even an entire section devoted to employment/careers, career pages, etc., are available; these resources assist students stay informed about various tests, jobs, and career-related prospects and are published on a weekly basis.

Therefore, reading the newspaper every day is a worthwhile practise that has several benefits. All that can be stated is this.

I’m grateful.

Speech on Newspaper – 3

Dear Teachers, Respected Vice Principal, and Respected Students, Greetings from all of us!

I, Sakshi Kalra, a student in Class IX (A), would like to take advantage of the conclusion of the assembly to discuss the significance of newspapers in our life. Newspaper is an essential component of contemporary society. It is typically seen as a record of daily occurrences, or what you may refer to as current events. However, a newspaper’s function goes far beyond than just collecting records and encompasses much more. Do you recall the date when newspapers first appeared in society?

Well, Guttenberg’s creation of the printing press is what led to the first publication of a newspaper. India Gazette was the first newspaper published in India. It was first published in the year 1744. Newspaper delivery has only become better since then. In actuality, it has come to symbolise contemporary society.

Newspapers are being used as a platform or medium for public opinion. Newspapers publish a variety of news stories to meet the demands of a wide range of readers. It is read by individuals from all walks of life, including businesspeople, labourers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and politicians, therefore it should fulfil the needs of everyone. For instance, attorneys can learn about what is going on in the courtroom and if somebody has been the victim of political or social injustice through media.

Businessmen read newspapers and gather data on domestic and international trade and commerce. Through the use of newspapers, teachers and students may become more acquainted. It functions as a teaching and learning tool.

Newspapers are a great tool for politicians to share their political views with the public. Young India was rewritten by M.K. Gandhi to reflect his views on India’s independence.

Newspapers are responsible for raising people’s spirits and uniting them in the battle for Indian Independence. Police take action when there is any news of crime or corruption that is reported in the media. Through the newspaper, the government also keeps track of events, and when there are public complaints, it works diligently to address them.

A newspaper should be devoid of any prejudice or bias since its purpose is to present truth to its readers without taking a side. It ought to be a strong force for bolstering the foundation of democracy. But sadly, journalists frequently bear the brunt of abuse for seeking the truth and portraying total honesty. Do we not frequently hear about journalists being vilified, tormented, tortured, or even killed by the antisocial forces in our society? Most often, newspapers are burned before they reach their readers.

Editors are paid bribes to represent righteous actions as wrong or unjust actions as righteous. Politicians are often seen expressing their outrage over news that reveals that trustworthy journalists frequently endure persecution. Therefore, I firmly believe that immoral individuals should be punished and that the lives of journalists should be made secure.

I’m grateful.

Speech on Newspaper – 4

You everyone, I’d like to welcome everyone to today’s speech ceremony.

Today’s host, Akshat Khanna, would want to talk about how important newspapers are becoming in my speech. However, let me first ask everyone what a newspaper is. What would you say a newspaper is?

Newspapers are considered to be part of the print media category and are seen as a source of both local and international news. It is a printed publication whose main goal is to keep its readers informed of the most recent news and events. Newspapers provide us with information from all directions, including the east, west, north, and south. The modern world is still incomplete without newspapers despite technological advancements and a significant transition from print to digital media. Newspapers are vital documents that include essential information, news, the most recent events, advertisements, reviews, etc. They are not just printed, folded papers. The world’s ears and eyes can be said to be newspapers.

Even today, in the age of smartphones and tablets, some individuals still start their mornings with a newspaper in their hands. A day without a newspaper is unthinkable because how would people stay informed in the morning? As a result, newspapers play a significant role in our everyday lives.

Newspapers give us information on every imaginable topic, including science, art, business, sports, crime, fashion, etc. Thus, every column in a newspaper is of utmost significance. It alerts us to events taking place not just in our own nation but also in other nations. The evolution of health is also the subject of a separate section that attempts to raise awareness. There is a column for astrological data, funny cartoons, and crossword puzzles in the amusement section. Newspapers also have articles for weddings, open positions, etc.

Newspaper advertisements are abundant since they are a great source of income for newspaper firms. Therefore, reading the newspaper is a positive habit that should only be promoted. And if you don’t already have this habit, you should strive to develop it for the obvious reason that it increases awareness of local and worldwide events.

On the other hand, newspapers employ thousands of people and are a reliable source of revenue for many – including authors, editors, marketing staff, etc. in addition to the agencies. In truth, many people who sell or distribute newspapers on the street or highway do so as a means of support. To avoid having to switch to a different language in order to read a newspaper, newspapers are available in all of the major languages. In certain schools, it is a requirement that one student read the day’s news to the other students.

Therefore, despite our hectic schedules, we should continue to read the newspaper regularly and take in as much of its substance as we can.

I’m grateful.