Speech on My Mother For Student And Children

Speech on My Mother The mother is the most significant animal in this planet since she not only gives birth to the kid but also devotes a lot of time and energy to raising it. Although there is no need for a separate day to thank moms, International Mother’s Day is observed in many nations to honour mothers. Mother’s Day is also observed by several schools and universities in India. The kids are given a chance to express their appreciation for their own mothers.

On this important day, you could be asked to give a “Speech on My Mother.” On other occasions, such as your mother’s birthday or anniversary, you could also wish to give the “my mother speech.”

My Mother

Speech on My Mother

My Mother Speech 1

Good Evening, Companions!

It’s my mother’s 70th birthday today, so I’m grateful that you all are here to make this evening even more special for me.

When my wife asked me to give a speech on my mother, I was at a loss for words because I didn’t know what to say about the woman who, to me, is almost like a god. Since I made the decision to enrol in a fashion designing school at the age of 18, my mother has always supported me in all of my decisions, just as God always stands by their children physically or online. I could see that mom wanted me to become a doctor, but she made compromises in order for me to be happy.

Ma, I had never said those words: “Please forgive me for shattering your first dream.” Though I don’t look back on my choice, I do think that I would be happy now if I had chosen to become a doctor since I would have seen my mother happier. Although I was a difficult child to please, sometimes not even my father, my mother has always accepted me for who I am. At one of my relatives’ homes, I once misbehaved, and the aunt was really angry with me. My mother accompanied me back; she was visibly upset but kept quiet when I brought up the situation.

Ma, Additionally, I never apologised to you for that occasion; today, I want to accept my error and ask you to pardon your child for being rude, obstinate, and uncooperative. She had always made compromises with her happiness so that she could give in to my demands and buy what I wanted. Being from a middle-class household, I gradually began to understand that my mother could not afford to buy me everything I wanted. I still desired to visit America to obtain my fashion design diploma.

I had expressed my readiness to you with a great deal of anxiety; in fact, I was anticipating you to scold me for it, but you instead listened to me. That day, I had no idea what was going through your head, but a week later, you requested me to submit a visa application. You secured funding and pushed me to enrol in the programme of my choosing. I still ponder how someone could be so thoughtful, kind, and generous.

The mother can be the solution, and my friends, the list of my selfishness is infinite! I can still clearly recall the day I told my mum I wanted to wed Mira. I continue to wonder whether you had picked someone else for me, even though you never told me! And for that, Ma, I’d want to say “Thank you”!

I make a desire to have more children while remaining solely your son and make a pledge to love you more deeply than I do now on the occasion of my mother’s 70th birthday. I would be more obedient, kind, and attentive.

I’ll take a break from speaking now, but I’ll still chat to you, Ma, tonight like I do every night. Thank you, friends, and I love you, Ma.

Enjoy yourselves, please!

My Mother Speech 2

Dear Teachers, Respected Principal Sir, and Dear Students!

I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day today and welcome you to the festivities in honour of Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day has been celebrated at our school ever since it opened, but this is the first year that our individual moms have been invited.

I am very happy to greet you all, and now I want to talk to you about my mother.

I had the impression that the information in the speech I was writing about my mother belonged to all mothers and to everyone’s mothers. Therefore, because someone is talking about your mothers too, I kindly ask that you all listen to what I have to say.

You would all concur that “Mother” is the world’s greatest creation. As was correctly said, God couldn’t be physically present everywhere, so he made mothers. I refer to my mother as “Ma,” however some people prefer “Mom,” “Amma,” or “Ammi,” or “Mummi,” “Mumma.” Regardless of how we treat her, a mother’s love for her kid is profound and unwavering.

My mother is extremely wealthy and a bit exceptional since she frequently shared her love and concern with all of my friends. Sometimes I marvel how she manages to conceal the vast love that fills her heart.

They have highly holy spirits. The phrase “heaven lays at mother’s feet” is a proverb. I really enjoy the sound of my mother’s morning bell as she goes through her morning routines. Since I was four years old, my mother has applied the “Red Tilak” on my forehead; she may have done so even before then, I’m not sure. My mother claims that she has grown alongside me, but in the last 14 years, all she has learned to fear for is my safety while I am riding my bike, when I am on social media, when I am sleeping through my exams, when I am not finishing the food she makes, when I am skipping dinner in favour of Pizza, Burgers, Noodles, etc.

Yes, my mother’s anxiousness frequently irritates me, and I’m sure many of you would discreetly agree with me after hearing this speech. I’m not sure whether you were aware of it, but I frequently argued with my mother about her concerns. She wept all the while, saying nothing to me. Most likely, she was unable to demonstrate the validity of her concerns.

But friends, today I want to clarify that a mother’s concerns are never unfounded; it’s just that her viewpoints have changed. Always speaking from personal experience, particularly when discussing their child, Additionally, I believe that because parents are the ones who gave birth to their children, they have a greater right to question them, worry about them constantly, and ultimately lead them.

In front of my mother, who is here, I would want to publicly apologise for repeatedly hurting her. I would also like to make a pledge to her that I would always listen to her.

I’ll end my speech now, and I want to thank you for bearing with me.

I’m grateful.

My Mother Speech 3

Dear Companions!

I appreciate you coming together to commemorate the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents. While I am delighted to greet you all, I am also puzzled and astounded that my parents have been married for 50 years without divorcing.

Both my mom and dad deserve credit, but tonight I would lean more in favour of my mum. She has always been a woman who never gives up. My father worked in defence, and the most of the time he was gone on assignment. My mother took care of my grandma, my grandmother, and me while my dad was serving the nation.

My mother would receive minimal help from my elderly grandparents since they were frail. As a result, my mother would handle all of the domestic chores as well as the grocery shopping and fruit and vegetable purchases. Since everything can now be ordered online, my future wife wouldn’t even need to leave the house if I were away on work or business trips. But during those times, neither my mother nor any other mother had the benefit. I am in awe of and grateful to my mother, who not only managed the household well but also provided me a decent education, instilled in me culture, and taught me good manners.

However, I am confident that she received ongoing emotional support from my father, which is how she was able to do what she did over the last 50 years. I see my mother as the strongest link tying our entire family and extended family together. She has always given me the strength and encouragement to go for my goals. She has also been a major motivation for my father since she would not confide in him about family issues and would nag him to concentrate on his work.

My mother is the most tenacious member of our family and my greatest friend. I confide in her about all of my problems, joys, fears, difficulties, successes, and failures. She has worked tirelessly to further my profession and has given me life and worldly advice that I should take to heart. She had a key role in my success in the IAS test.

I still recall how mom would stay up all night with me in order to make sure I had my milk, fruits, sprouts, etc. on time. She has improved my physical as well as mental toughness. Although I believe I did well on the test, Mom truly deserves every medal my father and I won.

Ma, I want to tell you that today, on your 50th wedding anniversary, you have done everything you possibly could for us; today, you deserve relaxation, so I want you to go on a trip. Dad’s and your tickets are reserved for the following week. Even so, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us over the last 50 years. This little gift is intended for your father and you.

On that point, I’ll end my speech here with the wish that you have a wonderful journey and experience living for yourself for the first time.

I’m grateful.

My Mother Speech 4

Warmest Regards to All the Mothers and My Friends – I hope you’re having a wonderful day on this fortunate day! I want to extend a special welcome to all the moms and to thank them from the bottom of my heart for attending this event and accepting our invitation.

As you are all aware, the purpose of our gathering today and the impetus behind the planning of this speech ceremony. We can’t possibly express how much we love our mothers in words, but this entire home is decorated for all of our mothers. So, on this important Mother’s Day, I would want to thank our moms for bringing us into the world and raising both our bodies and minds. I would like to do this on behalf of all of my friends.

Of course, our bodies with your mouthwatering meals and our minds with your wise insights from throughout the world. Despite the fact that a simple “thank you” is insufficient and that no act can ever fully repay what our moms do for us, we would consider our efforts to have been successful if we could make you happy and smile. We also wish to thank God for providing us with such wonderful mothers who love us unconditionally.

You’re not just my mother, mom; you’re also my best friend and my compass. Though cliched, it is true. You have always taken care of me and shielded me from harm ever since I entered this earth. You have always been there for me, and during my moment of greatest need, you developed into a rock-solid support. What more do I need? We socialise and enjoy our late-night talk together while we eat, shop, and hang around. Isn’t that incredible? When you are there, I just don’t need anyone’s presence. This explains why I don’t have many friends since you are my best friend and a true confidante. I know that you will never betray my confidence and that you will stick by me no matter what.

I have no doubt that all of my friends will be able to connect to it and have a story to share that is comparable. Is it not? Because all women are God’s angels who are entrusted with raising the children, God created the Mother because, as is properly remarked, He cannot be everywhere at once. Without my mother, I am unable to think what my life would be like. Maa, you are not only my lifeblood but also my soul.

You are the reason I am alive and exist. You are the only reason I am still alive. You offer me the courage and optimism I need to face life’s challenges. One day, I want to realise all of your aspirations, which you sacrificed for your kids, and I want to make you proud of me. I just ask God on this day for your perpetual pleasure, long life, and good health. May you grow every day and never encounter any challenging circumstances!

I just have this desire for you, Maa; I adore you!

Please allow me to call my buddies up to the platform one at a time to speak briefly on behalf of their moms.

I’m grateful.