Speech on Music and Its Importance For Student And Children

Speech on Music and Its Importance Music possesses a sort of heavenly force! Is it not? There are many different types of music, and different people have diverse tastes in various musical genres. Pop music, jazz music, classical music, remixes, etc. are all possible. It’s simple to talk about music and its significance because it’s such an interesting subject. For a wide spectrum of students and professionals, we have offered a choice of Speech on Music and Its Importance under the categories of short and lengthy speeches with varied word counts.


Speech on Music and Its Importance

Music and Its Importance Speech 1

Dear Students, Respected Class Teacher – Greetings from all of us!

I, Kavita Mukherji, am here in front of you all to give a lecture on the subject of music and its significance. I am a music fan and cannot image my life without it, thus I am really grateful to our ma’am for offering me this speech topic. It goes without saying that I could go on and on about this subject, but I should restrain myself and speak about it with objectivity.

Friends, I really believe that the greatest invention ever made by man is music, which enables us to communicate our deepest emotions in the most potent way possible without using words. It resonates with us on a deep level and moves us. The distinct difference between humans and animals is brought about by the impact of music on us. Due to the transcendent power of music, individuals from all socioeconomic, political, geographic, and cultural origins may join together and transcend all physical borders.

Music is a topic that may be discussed in great detail and is an important area of study in the context of religion and culture. In fact, I would characterise it as a majestic power that recognises no religion and makes no distinctions based on caste or faith; it brings equal joy to everyone and aids in our relationship with God by escorting our soul to an other dimension. In a limited way, music also contributes to fostering world peace and harmony.

Additionally, music has the ability to mend our wounds and brings people from all over the world together. Music is regarded as a tool of peace that aids in calming down tumultuous and chaotic situations precisely because of this. Imagine yourself in a circumstance when you and your close friend or companion are fighting, and what if your friend or companion starts playing some relaxing music for you? Wouldn’t that make your heart melt? Although you might not be able to forgive the offender right away, you will eventually find peace of mind and bad feelings will lessen.

Whether you enjoy music or not, the finest way to communicate your emotions of love, rage, pleasure, or passion is via music. It’s frequently claimed that music is the best fallback when words don’t work. You will be able to communicate your deepest emotions far more powerfully and effectively if you believe in the power of music.

Did you know that there is a certain kind of music that medical professionals suggest to their patients? Do you understand the reason? It is easy since music has the ability to soothe and cure our spirit. Trust me, if you fall in love with it, your life will be forever altered. You won’t ever be let down, and after that, you won’t be able to turn back. Therefore, listen to music when you have spare time or when you need to be alone since it will prove to be your genuine friend in both pleasure and sorrow.

All of this is from my end; thank you!

Music and Its Importance Speech 2

Warm greetings to you from Our Respected Music Guru and My Lovely Friends!

I’m really happy to inform that our class has successfully finished a year. I was initially unsure whether I was making the correct choice by signing up to learn music from Shri………., our music guru, but as soon as the lessons started, all of my qualms quickly disappeared. Now that I have been a student of our guru for a year, I can say with pride that I have learned a lot. Although the guitar and tabla are very different from one another, I have learned to play both with ease. These two instruments are my favourites. I have a strong understanding of all the ragas and the sur, and I can sing well.

I developed into a full performer over the course of a year and now have more stage presence. Totally because of our guru!

I would like to present our guru on this momentous occasion with a bouquet of flowers and a modest souvenir on behalf of the whole student body. Second, with everyone’s permission, I’d want to give a lecture about the value of music. I hope you will all let me.

So I’ll start here!

Without a doubt, music enriches and gives meaning to my existence. I can confidently state that I consume music in all forms—eating, drinking, sleeping, and more. It’s in my blood to do it. It’s not an exaggeration, I assure you! If I were to sum up what music is in a single sentence, I’d say it’s all the sounds together to make some kind of pattern. This rhythm is so compelling that it stirs the listener’s moods and emotions and imparts a sensation of exhilaration or delight.

Making meaning of sound is a skill that aids in the expression of thoughts and feelings through the musical aspects of rhythm, harmony, resonance, and timbre. The harmonious blending of words and sounds is referred to as lyrical music.

With the use of instruments and voices, music is the creation of calming sound as well as tone, whether in the form of a single running melody or many (harmony). It is a structured progression of melodic sounds that contributes to the harmony, unity, and continuity of a musical work.

In fact, the harmony of music created by voices and musical instruments, such as Sufi music, aids in our ascent to the sublime. Hearing this type of music is such a treat for the ears. With the use of a variety of devices belonging to numerous categories, such as:

Instruments with strings
Instruments for percussion
Keyboard equipment
Wind-powered devices
bent wings
Ultimately, what I want to say is that truly great music has a force comparable to that of nature because it feeds our souls, nourishes us, and makes us feel wonderful from the inside out. The simple resonance of music calms our senses and makes us instantly happy; after all, nature does the same thing to us. When we are enthralled by good music, we can’t stop listening to it. As a result, I would want to state that music is and always will be my first passion since it helps to mould who I am as a person and brings out my best creative side.

All of this is from my end; thank you!

Music and Its Importance Speech 3

Good evening. Honorable men and women: Enjoy this magnificent musical performance!

Hosting this music event, where such talented artists will share the stage, is an enormous honour for me. It goes without saying that this evening will be really unique and unforgettable. So buckle up and prepare to take part in this fantastic evening by fastening your seatbelts.

Please allow me to give a little remark on music and its importance before our guests come and we conduct the felicitation. Considering how much I enjoy music, especially when I get to host, I can’t help but join in on such a wonderful joyful occasion.

The New World Dictionary of Webster defines music as “the art of blending tones to make expressive composition; any rhythmic sequence of attractive sounds,” to use their definition. But music, in my opinion, is much more than this since it is present all around us and can be heard everywhere, especially in the midst of nature. Have you noticed how everything, including the chirping of the birds, the sound of running water, the rustling of the leaves on the trees, and the wind? It is all music, created by God. Our minds become tranquil and we feel more at ease when we hear these natural noises. In the presence of nature, we completely forget our problems and leave them behind. We may find our true selves and come to terms with ourselves with the aid of music.

It is an excellent way to communicate our feelings to the other person and aids in our ability to influence them. Doesn’t it? One of the best kinds of art, in my opinion. Music demands strong technical and creative abilities as well as the capacity for creativity, much like other types of art. Music is made up of many sounds that are in harmony, much to how dancing expresses art via physical movement and how painting calls for the finest brushstrokes. A delicious cuisine is to our taste, a fragrant scent is to our nose, a lovely sight is to our eyes, a feathery touch is to our skin, and music is to our ears!

Greek philosopher Plato reportedly opined that music ought to be an integral component of education. In his educational plan, he placed special emphasis on three types of subjects, namely

Gymnastics for the growth and training of our body; mathematics for the growth and training of our intellect; and last but not least, music for the nourishment of our soul!
As a result, music aids in our ability to communicate with our true selves, which is of course our souls, and while listening to calming music we begin our trip to the soul.

Now that our principal guests and performers have arrived, I’ll complete my address and ask our event management to kindly enter the stage for the award ceremony.

I appreciate everyone’s willingness to listen so patiently.

Music and Its Importance Speech 4

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Students, I am honoured to be your guest today. All of you are cordially invited!

I, Pooja Mishra from the Standard (XII) Commerce Department, am thrilled to be presenting the 16th annual event at our school. You all must be as eager as I am to take in the performances and the magnificent time. In fact, I’m eager for the programme to get going as well. But before I go any further, let me to thank our chief guest on behalf of the whole school for accepting our invitation and making the event honourable with his presence. I respectfully ask our principal and vice principal to please enter the platform and recognise our guest.

Friends, give them a hearty round of applause! Now I’d like to ask our principle ma’am and guest of honour to speak to our pupils and give a quick remark (and they do).

As today is Make Music Day, I would want to ask everyone’s permission to give a little speech about the value of music. Therefore, I want to say a few words about it in order to discuss its relevance and significance in our lives.

Friends, music creates patterns using various sounds! These patterns are so potent that they instantly make listeners feel good and provoke sensations and emotions in them. Good music has the ability to boost our spirits, calm our problems, and aid in our acceptance of this reality. Our lives take on a musical quality thanks to music, and we begin to appreciate the harmony of melody, rhythm, and resonance. There are several kinds of music, including:

hip-hop, jazz, reggae, blues, etc.
Let’s examine its significance in our life now:

It’s a great way to pass the time.
You may permanently eliminate dullness from your life with the help of music. When you are listening to music, you are not aware of how quickly time passes. If you’re sitting around with nothing to do, turn on some music for a moment. You’ll feel more energised and refreshed.

It presents a number of career options.
You will have plenty of career options in the music industry if you are talented at playing any musical instrument or even singing. You only need to understand how to get by.

a potent means of expressing one’s emotions
One powerful tool for expressing your emotions is music. Every type of music, whether vocal or instrumental, is filled with sensations and emotions that are difficult to put into ordinary, everyday language.

In the end, all I want to say is that music, in whatever form we listen to it, has the power to enhance the quality of our lives, regardless of whether we can play an instrument or not. Additionally, it aids in spreading the idea of international harmony and unity. Therefore, I implore you to make music your constant companion and to “Make Music not War.”

I’m grateful.