Speech on Money For Student And Children

Speech on Money One of the most important components of everyone’s life is money. For the simplest to the largest purchases we make for ourselves, we require money. Any nation’s economic balance or imbalance is also a result of money. There may be times when you are asked to give a speech about money. We provide you a few examples of persuasive speeches about money so you can wow your audience. At the bank or any corporate level, our lengthy lecture about money might be useful. If you have to give a one-minute speech anywhere, you may also utilise the one-minute speech about money. The wording is relatively straightforward but effective for any situation.


Speech on Money

Speech on Money – 1

Happy morning!

I’m happy to inform you all that our company has seen a profit increase of double this year, and this was only possible thanks to the dedication of each and every one of you. As a result, the management has decided to give all of our staff bonuses in exchange for a portion of the company’s profits.

We are aware that the most crucial component without which we cannot picture our existence is money. Everyone wants to amass riches in their life since we are all aware of the value of money and the things that money can purchase. It goes without saying that money is a crucial form of exchange when it comes to making purchases or using services. Money is becoming more important than only a basic requirement for survival; it is also necessary to enjoy luxury and lead a pleasant life.

Humans first created money as a standard unit of account for commerce, the exchange of goods and services, and the accumulation of earnings in the form of money. Money was a basic need back then, and moral and ethical values in society came second. But that isn’t the case anymore since in the modern world, having money has replaced food as the most essential requirement as nobody can live without it.

We both think that it’s critical to continually increase our income in order to not only live comfortably but also to protect our loved ones and ourselves. These days, nothing is certain, thus money is needed in case of catastrophes like accidents, natural disasters, etc. I reject the ideas that one should settle for less and have a happy life or that one should not work hard to gain more money. I think that a person becomes competitive and agile because of a desire to earn more money. Less money can also fulfil your immediate demands, but it might not be enough to safeguard you against unforeseen events. Therefore, more money is undoubtedly required for savings as well as for a potential future.

People worship the Hindu deities Kuber and Lakshmi, who are representations of wealth and money. No society encourages people to neglect their familial obligations in favour of isolating themselves. You should do all in your power to fulfil your obligations to your family members, which of course include having money to spend on items that will make them happy.

Today, money may be found in many different forms, including paper, metals, plastic cards, e-wallets, travellers’ checks, and coupons. Of course, value, not form, determines how much money is worth. Second, in addition to making money, you should think about saving money for the future as a crucial duty. Because the value of these goods is rising yearly, you might want to think about investing in real estate, gold, etc. Always explore for other methods to make money and save it. However, you should never use unlawful means to get quick money. Such money could make you happy for a short while, but it might eventually cause you to suffer greatly. Additionally, you should be careful not to compare yourself to others since some people may be wealthy than you and some people may be poorer than you. Set goals for what is doable for you because there are certain circumstances that are out of your control. You should thus solely concentrate on working hard and fulfilling your obligations to your family, society, and yourself.

I’m grateful.

Speech on Money – 2

Kindly, students!

I hope you are having a great time. I oversee the city’s meditation centre, and I frequently visit universities and schools to give motivational talks on various subjects. Money is the major topic of conversation nowadays since it is the centre of attention for everyone. Everyone wants to have it, and most individuals who currently have money want to increase their wealth significantly. In actuality, we all put in a lot of effort to increase our income.

The ideal purpose for which money was created by humans was as a standard unit of exchange for commodities and services. Money wasn’t the only thing that mattered back then, as it is now, thus it was also seen as a way for people to save their wages.

But as time went on, people began to realise how important money was in contrast to other things, and they began seeking for ways to increase their income. Even if it’s true that we need money to buy basics like food, clothing, housing, etc., the majority of us desire to earn more money to spend on luxury items and live in the maximum comfort. Additionally, money is needed for saving so that you can cope with any catastrophe or natural disaster. In order to use them later, we like to save money and deposit it in the bank. Money is one of the most essential things for everyone, however it is wrong to value money over others.
I believe that when we are wealthy, society treats us with respect. Everyone should work towards improving their financial situation, but they shouldn’t use dishonest or unlawful tactics to accomplish so because doing so may be highly harmful in the long run and lead to disaster and the loss of mental tranquilly. Therefore, in order to live happy, we must make money by moral ways.

While generating income, we should also cultivate enough altruism to assist the underprivileged members of our society, particularly children and women, and to aid with their growth and development. Unfortunately, our culture is growing more and more egocentric and unconcerned about others around it. A sizable portion of the population lacks the means to support themselves and lives in utter poverty. As a result, it is our responsibility as a privileged group in our society to support and promote the weaker groups. I’ll make an appeal to all students to work harder in class and make an effort to position themselves properly so that you may achieve your objectives in life and provide a pleasant life for yourself and your loved ones.

You also need to keep in mind that items are getting more expensive every day and that currency worth is declining. For these reasons, it’s critical that we work more and save more money. Many individuals like saving money by making investments in things like gold, real estate, mutual funds, building lots, homes, and bank accounts. This is a wise choice for dealing with upcoming disasters and difficulties.

Finally, I would argue that having money is undoubtedly a wonderful thing, provided you know how much value to place on it. One must think about helping the less fortunate in order to fully appreciate their wealth. People give a set percentage of their income to charitable causes and good actions according to several religions. It’s all up to you, but if you want to have a happy life, you must always choose the proper road.

I’m grateful.

Speech on Money – 3

Salutations, Ladies & Gentlemen!

We have all coming here today to celebrate the inauguration of our new bank branch, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. As the manager of this bank, I feel really privileged to be a part of such a fantastic and prosperous organisation. Only with the support of employees and all business personnel is the launching of a new branch feasible. Taking advantage of the occasion, I’d like to briefly discuss the function of money in the modern world as it is primarily responsible for the establishment of banks.

A bank plays a unique function in a citizen’s life since it is closely related to money. A person’s life today depends heavily on money, to the point that banks are nearly vital for withdrawing money, paying obligations, etc. The ability to buy the goods required for a pleasant existence as well as many other things comes from having money. In today’s environment, having money gives one the confidence and the bravery to undertake things that might otherwise seem unattainable. It boosts a person’s capability and ability to put in hard labour. In today’s society, wealth is a reflection of a person’s social standing and reputation. It is regrettable that society is losing its sense of morality and ethics, and this is a very unsettling problem. In any event, everyone desires money. Many people choose unethical ways to get money, such as gambling, trafficking in illicit goods, etc. These individuals are the property of money. Slaves, yes!

Due to their growing passion or need for money, people are on the path to becoming its slaves. The corruption, fierce rivalry, and erosion of moral principles are all consequences of the greed for money. People simply use money to expand its quantity and number, not to meet their own needs. For the sake of boosting their fortune, they even disregard their own health. Due to their negligence towards their family and their own health, their own family suffers. Up until you are leading a healthy and happy life, only growing the account balance is useless. While money may buy a lot of things, it cannot buy you time. After spending, money may be acquired again, but time cannot be earned after it has passed. These folks only have remorse after losing their families and their health. They are living in a little universe where money is everything and missing out on the flavour of a genuine existence.

Because a master understands how to spend money and satisfy their needs, it is preferable to be the master of money than to be a slave. Making wise financial decisions is crucial.

I’d like to end by expressing my optimism that this bank would succeed greatly thanks to the residents’ faith.

Have a great day, and thanks again!

Speech on Money – 4

Respected Teachers, Respected Principal, and My Loved Friends!

We are all assembled in this assembly hall right now for a speech competition that our school has sponsored on the subject of the value of money and its downsides. It gives me joy to start this competition by talking briefly about money as this school’s head girl. One of the most amazing inventions ever made by humans is money. Today, one of the most significant and influential things we may have is money. People labour day and night in order to make money. They work to pay for their satisfactions and to gratify their desires. A person can get practically anything with money.

The barter system existed in the ancient world when there was no such thing as money. In a barter system, people trade products with one another when their requirements coincide twice. Only if someone else wanted your commodity in return for his commodity was it feasible to trade commodities. Due to the fact that it was not always feasible to have two demands coincide, this technique was abandoned. As time went on, it became impossible to rely only on one’s own resources for both obtaining and exchanging products, which led to the invention of money.

Things are now considerably simpler than they were before the invention of money. Any form of coincidence is no longer necessary for us to accomplish our requirements. To get your needs, wants, or expectations met, all you need is money in your pocket. Although money is necessary everywhere, there are certain things, such as love, that do not require money and cannot be obtained via the use of money. Our parents’ love is unconditional and blind, thus it cannot be bought. Even if money may be the most valuable item on earth, there are still a few areas where it is unnecessary and of no use.

We are all aware of the modern lifestyles being led by others around us. They are all working hard to make money. The majority of them are growing negligent with regard to their families and health. The world of money has many beneficial consequences, but it also has many bad ones. One of the biggest issues that many nations face nowadays is corruption. It is brought on by people’s growing dependence on money. Yes, a lot of individuals have this sort of addiction. To make money, they can engage in any activity. Another significant problem brought on by the addiction to money is gambling.

To solve these issues, we must realise that money is only a means of satisfying our needs and comforts and is not more significant than our families or ourselves.

On that point, I’d want to thank you for listening to my speech and wish you luck in the tournament. I hope the best person wins.

Thank you, and enjoy your day!