Speech on Life in a Big City For Student And Children

Speech on Life in a Big City Do you long for a life in a big metropolis because you’re sick of living in tiny towns? Well, the fast-paced, competitive lifestyle and highly contemporary way of living in a major metropolis appeal to everyone. Given the growing number of people moving from small towns to major cities, it is imperative to address the issue in order to convince people that small towns may provide advantages that the fast-paced big city lifestyle cannot.

Running after things that can seem fragile until you’re close enough to lose out on everything is pointless. Be practical in your approach and have a thorough understanding of what living in a big city involves.

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Speech on Life in a Big City

Life in a Big City Speech 1

Dear Friends, Teachers, and Respected Principal and Vice Principal: You are all cordially invited!

I would like to thank my professors for selecting me to speak at the speech-giving ceremony at our school on the subject of living in a major city. Since I was the sole student who transferred to this school in the 12th grade, I think they picked me from the class 12th batch. The explanation for this is that my mother moved from Cochin, a little village in Kerala where I spent my whole childhood, to Delhi.

Being a South Indian and coming from a traditional home, the experience and early phases of a major metropolis like Delhi were awful. Allow me to share my experiences with you all so that you may have a better understanding of how individuals who relocate from small towns to major cities feel when they first arrive. I always worried that once I moved to Delhi, India’s capital and centre of fashion, I wouldn’t be able to “blend-in.” As you are all aware, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and other sizable cities—but not Cochin—are regarded as India’s major centres for fashion design and production.

I grew up in Cochin, a city and port in the Kerala State. The city’s culture may be described as predominately Indian. The town has not yet undergone the complete transformation as compared to Northern India due to various traditional beliefs and values still held by the majority of Keralites, despite having hosted a number of high-profile fashion shows and the people becoming more fashion-conscious and switching from traditional Kerala wear to western casual clothing.

The attire of the Cochin population reflects the Malayalis’ straightforward way of life and their claim to be from “God’s own nation.” In light of this, I generally consider that North Indian city females are more fashionable and quirky than South Indian city gals. Thus, I had to come up with a strategy if I didn’t want to be referred to as geeky, book smart, and poorly dressed.

Despite my preparation, I felt quite inadequate the first day I walked into this institution to apply for admission. I want to escape the blandness of my tiny town. My long hair, or “my crowning glory” as it was known in Cochin, was the first item I opted to chop since I thought it gave me a South Indian appearance. When I was a resident of Kochi, I would have never dared to consider skipping it. For establishing a niche for myself and attempting to blend in with friends, I also gave myself a smart phone and a more stylish wardrobe full of branded clothing.

My personal experience has served as a potent illustration of how people from small towns and the United States are influenced by the fashion-forward culture of Delhi and lose sight of their native cultures in an effort to blend in. What huge cities do to people like me is this. I have changed, but only for the better and to be a better person.

I’m grateful to Delhi for changing me.

Life in a Big City Speech 2

Good morning to everybody! We appreciate your presence.

Despite being born and raised in the lovely city of Dehradun, where I enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle and great weather, I had to relocate to Delhi in order to pursue my career aspirations of being a teacher at this particular school. It was really tough for me to leave my natural surroundings and go to a large metropolis with a bustling lifestyle that is entirely cut off from nature. I struggled for a few days to adapt to the climate, but only my love of teaching and my ultimate ideal location allowed me to survive here.

Students like you would understand my dilemma because people in major cities are frequently pressed for time for their jobs, as seen by Delhi’s traffic bottlenecks. You all see that your parents never even have time to finish their meal calmly and patiently in the morning, which is considered rush hour in every Indian family. This is the major reason people vacation in hilly places, as it allows them to get away from their hectic schedules.

We all have repetitive lives and labour like slaves, which turns us into robots in the end. For the comforts that are available in all major cities, people from small communities go to the large cities. People from small cities are drawn to them because of their development and recreational amenities. There are others like myself who wish to follow their ambitions and move here in search of better work chances that are unavailable in small places, therefore this may not be the sole explanation. You have a lot of chances thanks to the school system, both at the basic and secondary levels.

Although city living has drawbacks, there are also benefits because there are individuals from all over the country with whom one may interact and blend with their culture. Your next-door neighbour, who is your sole source of assistance when you need it, teaches you something new every day. However, in smaller cities, you may take in the surrounding natural beauty while breathing clean air free of pollution.

Competition is a great problem in big cities since everyone is trying to raise their children to be as smart as they can, but you will agree with me that in this rat race, they forget about their children’s ambitions. City living thus offers both benefits and drawbacks. It supports many individual lives and gives many underdogs who move to major cities in search of success a means of subsisting. They cater to people of all origins and ethnicities, offering something to everyone. Even individuals who despise big cities are drawn to it for these many reasons.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what is best for your life. Big cities are the best places to pursue your aspirations, and they have certainly given me a lot of possibilities in life, but I still can’t help but think back on my younger years. However, one must eventually mature and give their lives purpose.

I’m grateful.

Life in a Big City Speech 3

Good morning, teachers, and cherished pupils. It’s a privilege to address you all for the 25th consecutive year as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our school.

While I am thrilled to speak today, I am also apprehensive and anxious. I have attended this school for about 22 years, starting when it was just three years old. Every year, I witness a number of students who attended our school graduate and go on to live honourable lives. I have also witnessed this tiny town’s transformation into a large city over the last 22 years, and a lot has happened. While the transition has been a good thing, the most of the changes make me unhappy and depressed.

Despite the ease with which items may be found in large cities, individuals rarely cherish the things that are readily accessible. Also, when I go back to the students of our school 22 years ago, they were polite and disciplined, as opposed to today’s nasty and stupid youth. Even if they have access to more knowledge thanks to technology like television, smartphones, computers, etc., young children should avoid using these devices as they might be dangerous. Kids are less benefited by these sources of knowledge as they move away from books, periodicals, and newspapers.

Although living in a major city is quite appealing since you can spend your weekends at a mall, opulent theatres, discos, and pubs, these infrastructures are also widening the gap between relationships. People seldom interact with one another; instead of like their friends and family on social media, they choose to like the status of complete strangers. Elderly parents spend their time alone at home while children are more interested in posting emotive and thought-provoking comments on social media.

I regret the state of affairs now since we are not even aware that we are leading an artificial existence. I believe that life in a major metropolis is phoney rather than natural. In big cities, almost everyone aspires to live a luxurious lifestyle, and in the pursuit of this materialistic happiness, people often neglect to notice the true happiness that surrounds us on a daily basis in the forms of rain, a gentle breeze, sunshine, clear skies, blooming flowers in parks, and other natural phenomena. I also see that several manufacturers have emerged in major cities; while this may be useful as it makes it simpler to find goods at lower rates, these factories are also detrimental to the environment.

Friends, Although I don’t have anything against living in a city, I want you all to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages, especially the younger pupils. You must respect your family, friends, instructors, and seniors. You must exercise frequently outside, run, and take in fresh air. Utilize devices only when necessary to collect crucial information. Only then would life in a huge city be worthwhile if you interacted with everyone nicely, respected your elders, and cherished your children.

I’m grateful.

Life in a Big City Speech 4

Respected Teachers, Respected Principal Sir, My Dear Friends – Welcome to our school’s yearly event, first of all!

As the majority of you are aware, I am from a little town, and I am really grateful for the chance to give the address today.

I was thrilled when my father was relocated to this city since I had always wanted to live in a major metropolis. Since approximately six months ago, my delight and enthusiasm have entirely subsided.

Despite the fact that city life is more convenient, because the population is so far from the natural world, it might feel rather artificial. People seldom get to see the sun rise or set or an unobstructed sky filled with stars at night because of the tall buildings. However, I also discover several benefits, such as how simple transportation is in this area. When I was growing up, there was only one bus that connected my hamlet with the next town, and it ran at six in the morning. If you miss that bus, you will either need to make other transportation arrangements or wait a whole day to catch it.

Things are easily accessible here, yet people are constantly on the go; very few individuals are perceived to be happy since they are constantly chasing something. People in huge cities rarely laugh aloud or have time for one another, and they rarely enjoy life. Even though most people awaken early in the morning, very few of them go for a stroll since they are too busy going about their mechanised lives. Everyone aspires to succeed, yet none is content with even a little happiness in their lives. They put in a full day and night’s work, come home exhausted, get lost in their various mobile devices or computers, eat supper, and fall asleep.

One of the main causes of the unfitness and ill health of the population in major cities is the pollution that has engulfed them. People often follow poor diets and are in a rush to swallow their meals due to a lack of time. It makes me sad to observe how rarely young children play together in parks and how little time they actually spend together. I’ve been living in this city for about six months, yet I still haven’t made a single friend. Even though I use the park every morning and evening, I seldom see anyone there.

Although I miss my hometown terribly, city life certainly has its appealing aspects. The administration is making every effort to make the city lovely and green. To live a healthy and fulfilling life, we must put our technology to rest and begin to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

I appreciate this school a lot because the principal and the instructors encourage me. I hope to meet lots of new friends soon so that I may play with them on the ground, fall, and get back up, and live life to the fullest.

I’m grateful.