Speech on if I were the Prime Minister of India For Student And Children

Speech on if I were the Prime Minister of India Do you ever think about it or are you ever questioned about what you would do as Prime Minister of India? Both of the aforementioned scenarios undoubtedly occur with us. If not, let’s ask ourselves this question and see what answers emerge. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? But if you’re stumped and nothing comes to mind, don’t worry; we’ve got your “If I Were the Prime Minister of India” speech right here, which will undoubtedly help you with the subject.

the Prime Minister of India

Speech on if I were the Prime Minister of India

If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 1

Hello to the Principal, Vice Principal, Dear Friends, and Loving Colleagues. Happy Holidays to All!

As a teacher at this institution, I am aware of the significance of upholding the honour of my nation and attaining greatness. I want to thank you all for giving me this fantastic chance to speak on the subject if I ever become the Prime Minister of India.

If chance and fate are on my side and this miracle occurs, I would like to make significant, long-lasting improvements in the following areas of our society:

First, I will strengthen India’s assets and talents in order to make it a proud nation. By promoting literacy programmes and educating people, we can all work towards this goal. We can climb the success ladder once the people is educated, especially with the educated youth. When young people like you leave their home nation in search of greater chances elsewhere, I feel awful. Brain drain results from this. What has to change is this. Every young mind needs to be taught to serve society while achieving success, celebrity, and wealth. This is only possible if the nation gives the younger generation jobs.
Second, the issue of malnutrition has been the major issue in our society. Improving our Public Distribution System (PDS), which is unbalanced owing to the existence of intermediaries, is the answer to this problem. Everyone will have access to the proper amount of food grain after it is distributed by the government.
I would also advance the recent government-launched campaign “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao,” but quickly, in order to remove the limited attitude and superstitions from Indian minds and help people understand the value of female children and how educating one girl teaches the whole family.
India has to treat girls and their education with more respect since they are the people who will carry on our glorious tradition in the future. In many rural homes, girls are still disregarded, thus this way of thinking needs to change. Complexity has also increased as a result of sex test results. The topic of sex determination will be examined by establishing strict regulations against individuals who engage in it if I were to become prime minister.

How can you predict what a daughter will mean for your family’s future? Societies need to be made aware that girls are also human beings, that they are products of God, and that it is wrong to kill them in order to relieve the burden on their families. Campaigns and awareness programmes may inform people that superstitions are solely human inventions, and that we must all rid ourselves of them if we want to see general progress and development for our nation.

In the future, I aim to lead India as prime minister and give my fair contribution to the expansion and improvement of our nation.

I really appreciate your time, everyone.

If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 2

Distinguished Classmate and My Loved Friends – Good morning to everyone!

Welcoming to yet another speaking event, Srishti Gupta will now deliver a speech to you on the subject of “If I Were the Prime Minister of India.” I’m hoping that everyone here before me will understand why our teacher gave me this topic. Being Indian citizens, we all need to be aware that the Prime Minister, who is in charge of all executive functions, is the head of the government.

I’ve nourished the desire to lead our nation as prime minister ever since I was in the earliest phases of my development. I have some ideas I’d want to put out to you, and if given the chance, I’d put those ideas into action by realising my ambition of becoming prime minister.

Once India is rid of all the ills that exist in our society, it may become affluent. These societal ills include the caste system, which has existed for centuries, as well as the widespread corruption in our nation’s government. When all aspects of government are made open to the public, corruption may be defeated. The Right to Information Act (RTI) is a fantastic effort, but it need considerably stricter regulations in order to be successfully implemented.

We can all agree that when someone refers to us as a poor country because of our population, our heads bowed. Rigid Family Planning standards must be in place so that individuals are aware of their errors. Campaigns to raise knowledge of family planning practises and regulations may be able to resolve this.

India has long relied on agriculture for its survival. India’s agriculture suffers from the unpredictability of our weather, which ultimately results in agricultural losses and forces farmers to commit suicide since they are unable to pay back their loans. This is a significant contributor to both the unemployment rate and criminal activity in our nation. In order to reduce our reliance on agriculture, as Prime Minister I will encourage a balanced expansion of agriculture and other industries in our nation. People need to be made aware that a person can also be sustained by occupations other than agriculture.

I’d want to conclude by saying that a country cannot be wealthy if there is a significant disparity between its affluent and poor populations. Social justice and equality are required in order to close the wealth gap and prevent the poor from becoming poorer. In my administration, there would be a fair distribution of wealth. I will transform India into a desirable place to live, free of all societal ills and superstitions that impede a nation’s progress. Please ask God to help me realise my desire and help me accomplish my goals.

I’m grateful.

If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 3

Dear Teachers, Respected Vice Principal, and My Devoted Students: I really welcome you everybody!

I’d want to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to speak today about what I would do as prime minister of India. As our school’s principal, I am aware of the duties I must carry out in order to mould you as students’ well-being.

The Indian Prime Minister is equally responsible for his or her own nation, following a similar process. Students, I want to share with you one thing from my experience: managing a school or a nation is never simple. We need to make certain judgements that are even outside of our scope, and any choice I or the PM make will have an immediate impact on you and the rest of the nation. We must always be conscious of the power of our decisions and how much they may alter the situation.

Being the Prime Minister of India would fill me with immense pride since I have always loved and respected my country, and serving it will come with a tremendous deal of responsibility. The Prime Minister is always given the greatest honour in the government and is regarded as a national representative. Even though the office of the President is seen as being highly important, the prime minister is more involved in government affairs since he was elected as the head of state by the people of India and is responsible for making all significant national decisions.

If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would devote myself fully to serving my nation. Our nation requires a high literacy rate, similar to that of other industrialised nations with 100% literacy rates. The strength of the education sector and the production of enthusiastic young people like you all would contribute to the advancement of our nation.

In order to prevent students from leaving the nation in quest of better employment chances, emphasis will be placed on developing new options domestically. To prevent them from fleeing and to provide them the best chances for success within our own borders, we must create these possibilities within our own borders.

To enable individuals from remote regions to send their children to school without worrying about the cost of tuition, books, or supplies, I would make basic education free. In order for their families to easily send children to school, they will also get midday meals.

India would always be among the countries to keep the peace even when there were internal disputes. Together, we must ensure that India becomes self-sufficient so that it can pursue its goal of non-alignment without foreign coercion. At the end of the day, we should all realise that this is our nation, and we will do everything it takes to make it strong, putting forth all of our time and energy.

I’m grateful.

If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 4

Hello everyone and a hearty welcome to our class instructor, who has returned to us after a break of three months.

I, Shikha Agarwal, am standing in front of you all to welcome her and to begin the Monday speech-giving rituals as well as to greet everyone of you individually. It’s interesting that I picked the theme “If I were the Prime Minister of India” for my own essay. Given the situation of our nation-state, I’m rather certain that at some point or another each of us must have addressed this question to ourselves. Is it not?

In our nation, there is much to consider, including the rising number of incidents of violence against women, the unregulated level of corruption at different governmental and non-governmental organisations, nepotism, etc. And at one time, we do imagine and desire that we could take control of this nation and remedy all of its wrongs.

I want to use this chance to talk about the same issue in my speech topic. Friends, this is a topic that is particularly important right now because, compared to our forebears, we are more informed and conscious of the social and political currents of the day. Thanks to social media platforms and our media’s proactive involvement.

Regarding the speech topic, I would say that if I were given this great chance, I would work to find solutions to the pressing problems that the people of our nation face, especially the rising number of incidences of sexual assault against women. Being a woman, I can truly identify with other ladies who frequently deal with eve teasing, stalking, etc. while they are out and about. Where women are not protected and secure, a nation cannot attain comprehensive development.

Second, I want to help the disadvantaged groups in our society, who are still on the outside looking in because they lack the resources to even take care of their most basic requirements. It is crucial to recognise and utilise their potential and enthusiasm for both the sake of the country’s and their own personal advancement. Then, while making sure that the prices of the commodities stay fairly under control, I would want to keep an eye on the public distribution system and provide the necessities to those in need at discounted prices.

Although the wealthy should be subject to a high tax, the middle class should be exempt. If anybody were to adopt my viewpoint, I would contend that even those who receive a salary ought to be excluded from paying taxes. The next most important thing is to improve our educational system and raise the bar starting at the ground level. Every student should be able to enrol based on their merits, and no student should be prohibited from enrolling due to financial constraints. Additionally, I would want to abolish any reservations made on the basis of economic factors rather than the caste system.

There is so much more to say about this, but I’d rather stop on this note and let other people to share their thoughts.

I’m grateful.