Speech on Democracy vs. Dictatorship For Student And Children

Speech on Democracy vs. Dictatorship I am honoured to speak in front of you all, Mr. Principal, Mr. Vice Principal, honourable Teachers, and my close friends. I’m Mayank Sharma, and I’ll be giving a speech titled “Democracy vs. Dictatorship.”


Speech on Democracy vs. Dictatorship

It is crucial to comprehend what democracy and dictatorship entail before comparing the two terms. A dictatorship is a style of government where a single person, known as the dictator, has the power and authority to enact laws and make all political decisions. Democracy is a type of government that is run by, for, and by the people.

Democracy is crucial in a nation like India that is rich in diversity. Democracy ensures that every faith and caste has a voice in the nation’s political processes. When a dictatorship is in place, just one person makes decisions that affect every citizen in the nation. Whether the choice will help or hurt the public is irrelevant.

We are all aware of the fact that one individual cannot be held accountable for all of the citizens of such a vast nation. For this, the nation’s citizens ought to have the freedom to select their ruler using reason.

Of course, our individual perspectives may differ. I’ve made an effort to get my thoughts in front of you. I may perhaps want to finish my speech with these remarks. I’m grateful.

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