Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life For Student And Children

Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Every student is attracted to dorm life! Doe’s it not? We will be far from home, where our parents won’t be able to supervise us. It seems exciting, but keep in mind, my friends, that everything has advantages and cons, and your experience living in a dorm is not exempt. Therefore, we provide to you the benefits and drawbacks of living in a hostel in this area.

Hostel Life

Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 1

Hello students! Warm All of you are welcome!

I’m the hostel’s manager, and we’ve come here today to talk about the guidelines you must abide by while staying here.

You must have heard both positive and negative things about living in dorms. While living in a hostel teaches you to be independent and responsible, you should be aware that missing your parents might make you feel down and depressed. On several festival events, such as Diwali, Holi, and Dusshera, you could not be with your family. You could occasionally long for your parents since you could express your sentiments and emotions to them.

While you might frequently miss your brothers, relatives, and childhood friends, living in a hostel will also introduce you to new people with whom you can discuss your feelings, ideas, and a variety of other things. More than you could have done as an individual, you would develop teamwork skills and a greater sense of gratitude for your triumph.

You may learn to live in a community by living in a hostel. Additionally, it will impart to you the attitude of cooperation and help and teach you the skills necessary for business life. Meeting new people will help you create new acquaintances, but you must be careful not to befriend antisocial individuals.

Even though we closely monitor each and every student, there are certain outsiders who become friends with the males in our hostel and provide drugs, alcohol, and other substances. These things damage kids’ futures and wreck their entire lives and careers.

Being independent and learning to distinguish between good and negative things makes hostel living very exciting and interesting. Additionally, you need to keep your distance from those who would drag you down. Some pupils rag other students, especially at night when the warden, administration, and guards are all sound asleep. Although we make every effort to shield our students from unsavoury characters, it is also up to you to look out for yourself. You are all now adults, and your parents have high hopes and expectations for you as you enrol at this college.

We also anticipate that you would always act appropriately and abide by all of the hostel and college policies. Many individuals adore living in hostels because they believe that there is freedom there. Although we give you the freedom to make your own judgements, this is a very important time in your life and you might easily be swayed by unacceptable activity. The desire for your family, parents, siblings, and other loved ones is one of the drawbacks of residing in a hostel. You might also miss your mother’s delicious cooking, but we promise to give you the greatest services we have to offer. While you might first miss your family quite a bit, you should be glad that there are so many new people around who will end up becoming lifelong friends.

I’ll end my speech here and wish you the best of luck in the future.

I’m grateful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 2

Hello students! Welcome to your first day of college! I’m the dean of this institution.

To pursue your hopes and objectives, almost all of you have left your various homes and joined our college. All of you are kindly asked to examine the specifics of your room and any other pertinent information following this welcoming session. Our institution provides a very nice hostel facility.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with hostel living, I’d like to clarify that a hostel or boarding house is a place where students can reside that is run by the administration with the help of a local warden who serves as the custodian. Although it seems and sounds like hostel life is incredibly exciting, breaking the rules can present its own problems.

When we discuss the norms of hostel living, young students frequently become frightened, but you must realise that these restrictions are in place for your protection and safety. Hostels’ primary goals are to give students affordable lodging and a welcoming environment. You don’t need to worry about food because we have a kitchen, but you may maintain a stove in each of your rooms if you want to make snacks, tea, coffee, etc.

Currently, we do not provide individual rooms. Instead, each room is accessible on a shared basis, with a maximum of 3 people per room and a maximum of 4 persons per room in emergency situations. I’ve covered enough about hostels, their culture, regulations, and amenities; now it’s time to discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of living in a hostel. While living in a dorm eliminates conservatism, having too much freedom might lead to irresponsibility and negligence.

Students must maintain discipline and diligently adhere to all regulations in order to be taught how to be independent and responsible. While living in a dorm helps you to get along with strangers and your fellow students and work together, being away from your family and siblings may cause you to become cold and disconnected from them.

It goes without saying that living in a dorm broadens your thinking and provides you with knowledge on a variety of subjects. Your potential grows as your general understanding advances. You get to take part in discussions and tests that help you become more persuasive. You also get to play sports and other games that help you get more athletic and fit.

Ragging is one of the most horrifying features of dorm and boarding life. Although ragging is absolutely forbidden at our campus and hostel, we must admit that certain students take advantage of every chance to torment their younger peers. Some refer to them as kind gestures, but ragging may occasionally become so severe that many students find it intolerable and resort to hurtful actions against themselves.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a hostel, and I wish you could tell the difference between the two and always behave wisely.

Best wishes for the future and welcome on board.

I’m grateful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 3

Dear Students, Respected Vice Principal, My Colleagues, and Respected Principal – Happy Holidays to All!

I appreciate the chance to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of living in a dorm as the class instructor for the 12th grade so that you kids can get ready. As your teacher and counsellor, I’d want to offer you some advise that will be useful to you in the future. You are at a crossroads in your life when you will receive a vast amount of advise, some of which will be constructive and some of which will not.

You are all entering your senior year of high school and the world of college. Depending on what your destiny has in store for you all, some of you will stay in the same cities while others may go to different states or nations in search of better chances.

Hostels are required when travelling, yet they are completely different from living with your family. You would need to modify your behaviour in light of the situation. Hostels were also common in India a few centuries ago, but they were known as “Gurukuls” at that time, when students were expected to adhere to strict rules and procedures or face punishment. However, as society and times have changed, hostel culture has also developed. While there are no penalties for your errors, you must abide by the guidelines.

Hostel living has both benefits and drawbacks, including the following:

Hostels offer a quiet setting for studying because you’ll head straight there after class. Although hostels have repetitive schedules, you will occasionally be able to visit your parents and legal guardians.
Everything will happen at set times. The dining hall would be set up for breakfast, lunch, and supper, and at certain times you would need to go dine there. Only two to three hours of television viewing are permitted, and you can ask the hostel warden for assistance if you need it.
While attending college, you must maintain consistency in both your attendance in the dorm and in your classes. Keep in mind that they won’t be feeding you with a spoon. You’ll need to modify your behaviour accordingly.
You will have access to a reading area where you may read books, periodicals, newspapers, etc.
Hostel living assists you in learning the most important lesson of your life, which is to help someone in need, because you will instantly acquire a sense of respect for others as you live with your fellow classmates from the same batch.
Even if there are more benefits than drawbacks, the requirement to live away from your parents is the biggest drawback. Although this requirement fosters independence, there have been instances where students lose interest in their family once they start living in a dorm.

You must ultimately decide what is good and wrong for yourself. We can always serve as your facilitators and advisors. You must select the correct route. I hope I was able to spark something in some of your brains.

Best wishes for your next pursuits!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life Speech 4

My fellow students and I, oh honourable principal, vice principal, and teachers Greetings and Happy Morning to All!

Being a graduate of this institution, I would want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for giving me the chance to educate you about hostel life and its various aspects.

Living among families is very different than living in a hostel far from your home. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I think you should all stay in a hostel once in your life since it finally helps you become independent. I want to share an experience with you all so you can fully grasp what I want to emphasise.

I was far too reliant on my mother the day I moved into my hostel, and she was most concerned about how I would adjust to the new situation. I shared a room with my friend, who inspired me to learn how to do everything on my own, including cooking and even cleaning my clothing. Hostel life teaches you this, after all. You won’t ever need anything from anybody else.

You must follow the rules and procedures of the hostel, and if you don’t, the warden will take care of your mischief and may even penalise you for serious faults you’ve made. We always have the luxury at home since our elders save us, but at a hostel, you have to take care of everything alone. It enables us to live a structured but academically focused existence.

There are timings that everyone staying at the hostel must adhere to, therefore one cannot enter the hostel gates whenever they choose. Since the food at the hostel can never be as good as home cooking, you cannot criticise it. There is no room service and you must eat whatever is prepared; there is no choice of meals. To get your dinner, you must travel to the dining room, where it will be served to everyone.

At home, our parents take care of all of our needs while sacrificing their own. As I mentioned previously, we must regularly clean our rooms and wash our clothes when living in dorms. It also helps to guarantee your personal hygiene.

Since someone who has lived in both a hostel and a house, I can only give you one piece of advice: try both, as you will undoubtedly learn something from both. Hostel life is preferable since it positively impacts both your overall health and personality. A student who has stayed in a dorm will always have an advantage over their peers since they are more willing to face any obstacles that come their way and have the fortitude to face their concerns.

I’m grateful.