Speech on Indian Farmer For Student And Children

Indian Farmer

Speech on Indian Farmer Indian farmers have endured decades of neglect while making a significant contribution to the country’s economy. Indian farmers are the foundation of the country’s economy because it is predominately an agricultural economy. Statistics show that the Indian agriculture industry contributes 18% of the country’s GDP and employs close to 50% of … Read more

Speech on Soldiers For Student And Children


Speech on Soldiers We can rest easy at night because we are certain that our military are watching over our borders. Is it not? They serve as the steadfast cornerstone of our nation. In reality, we owe them a great deal and should show our deepest respect for what they are doing on behalf of … Read more

Speech on Mother For Student And Children


Speech on Mother The most endearing and adorable individual is mother. Nothing can compare to or even come close to the love a mother has for her kid. No less than God, she is our child’s finest teacher and mentor. She is the first person we think of in both joyful and unhappy circumstances. She … Read more

Speech on Value of Time For Student And Children

Value of Time

Speech on Value of Time We all understand the importance of time, but sometimes we go behind and regret it. Everyone, whether they are a student, professional, politician, or homemaker, has to prioritise their time because if they don’t, everything will fall apart and nothing will get done. In light of the significance of this … Read more

Teacher Speech For Student And Children

Teacher Speech The function of a teacher in a student’s life is substantial and generally the most crucial. The academic and other milestones that a kid achieves are determined by the quality of the instructor. We all possess an endless amount of potential, but in order to achieve that potential and our own abilities, we … Read more

Discipline Speech For Student And Children


Discipline Speech It goes without saying that discipline in life is crucial for each of us. It is customary to educate individuals on how to uphold moral standards. We can’t achieve our objectives if we don’t lead a disciplined life. This is the reason why its relevance is drilled into us from a young age. … Read more