Happiness Speech For Student And Children

Happiness Speech Happiness is a mental state. It’s a sensation that keeps individuals active and healthy. Even if the phrase seems too straightforward, it is actually challenging to accomplish these days. Everyone wants to be happy, but few people are actually aware of how to get there. Many yoga or meditation centres provide speeches about happiness.

There may be instances where you must give one of these speeches. We’ve included a few happy speech examples that will undoubtedly help you wow your audience. Our succinct speech about happiness may be utilised at any event, whether it’s a family get-together or a formal one. The lengthy addresses on happiness that we have provided are appropriate for use at business levels or wisdom institutions. You may use examples from these speeches about happiness to help you craft your own speech that will have an influence on your audience.


Happiness Speech

Speech on Happiness 1

Greetings, Friends!

I hope everyone is having a good day so far! I am a motivational speaker and am frequently requested to give lectures at schools and universities to motivate and encourage young, aspirational students like you. Each of you wants to succeed in life, and if I were to ask you which is more important to you—happiness or success—you would almost certainly select the latter in a matter of seconds, which is in some ways beneficial. But even without achievement, contentment is something that may be attained.

Many people mistakenly believe that happiness and success are mutually exclusive and that in order to be happy, one must be successful. However, happiness and success are independent of one another. You don’t need a large home, a fancy automobile, a large bank account, etc. to be happy. But the most crucial thing is to figure out what makes you happy in the first place.

Although everyone seeks happiness, relatively few individuals are genuinely aware of their own personal happiness factors. Although there are many difficulties and difficulties that life presents, you should always be ready to accept and conquer those difficulties. However, there is no secret to happiness, therefore you must attempt to determine where your actual happiness rests. Always keep in mind that life is what you make of it.

If you want to maintain your happiness and take full advantage of every moment of your life, there are a few fundamental principles you must follow. The first and most crucial guideline is to always be in the moment. Even if you may have made mistakes in the past, it is preferable to learn from them and move on because nothing that may have happened in the past can be altered in the present, so there is no use in moaning about it. Additionally, the future is uncertain; you cannot know with certainty what events are likely to take place in the future. Consequently, you shouldn’t have any major plans for the future. You must, of course, be ready for the situation, but you cannot be confident of it. Therefore, the best course of action, in my opinion, is to remain in the present and do your best to be happy there.

Another crucial aspect of life is maintaining positivity. You should also be aware of how you treat your rivals and never harbour animosity towards them. Always engage in healthy rivalry, but never go too far and start to view your rivals as your enemies or develop any form of animosity towards them. You shouldn’t do anything to hurt them; just try to go ahead of them. It is ultimately having a sympathetic attitude towards people that will make you happy within.

Additionally, it’s critical that you avoid being obstinate or insistent about anything. You should be able to distinguish between being adamant and being persistent since they are two distinct things. You must have the resolve to do what you set out to do, but you shouldn’t base your satisfaction only on that goal. It’s critical that you have the flexibility to make concessions when necessary.

Everyone has the right to happiness, but what makes each person happy is entirely up to them. Since materialistic or artificial happiness is fleeting, you should work towards finding true happiness in your life.

I’m grateful.

Speech on Happiness 2

Distinguished Principal, Devoted Teachers, and My Devoted Students!

We’ve met here to say goodbye to the engineering college’s final-year students; after this day, you’ll receive the yearly leave for your final examinations, and then ideally you’ll move on to build your lives in the ways that are best for you. I’m ecstatic to host this event, and I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity to share some significant life lessons with you today that, of course, couldn’t be covered in your course material.

I have no doubt that you all desire to thrive in life and improve your own circumstances. However, I would want to stress that you should always be content with your accomplishments and should never lose heart or hope, even if you have disappointments in life. Always keep in mind that enjoying life is much more essential than everything else. Psychology defines happiness as an emotional and mental state of wellbeing. While each person’s definition of happiness may differ, the experience of happiness itself is always the same.

Many of the people I have seen are really wealthy, have wonderful financial situations, own homes, and other material possessions—yet they are miserable. The majority of us mistakenly believe that success and wealth guarantee happiness, but the truth is that none of these things—success, wealth, money, luxury, etc.—have anything to do with happiness. Everything else in today’s society is attainable, but not happiness. I would want to point out that in order to be happy, you must show consideration to everyone who is less fortunate financially or socially. Respect others at all times, and be helpful to those who ask for it.

Along with following your profession, it’s crucial to follow your passions, hobbies, and dreams since doing so will undoubtedly make you happier. Take an interest in the arts, music, gardening, and other pursuits since they will energise you for future difficulties at work.

Even if you fail or lose eventually, if you are happy, you will always think positively about life. The opposites of success and failure are one and the same. Don’t base your happiness on your accomplishment since success is a circumstance, but happiness is a state of mind and emotions. You shouldn’t waste time worrying excessively about something that is beyond of your control because your circumstances might alter at any time.

Many people experience hardship as a result of their health, which eventually causes them to feel dissatisfied and depressed. You must thus have a balanced life by eating well, exercising frequently, getting enough relaxation, and sleeping at regular times. All of these straightforward yet crucial actions will not only keep you healthy but also make you happy.

Everyone has the right to happiness, but everyone has a different path to happiness. You must identify your own sources of happiness and take steps to fulfil them. Don’t neglect your family while pursuing success or a profession because although these things may change in the future, your family will always be there for you through good times and bad. Spend time with them, go out on the weekends, and tell them about your good experiences.

Today is your day, so make the most of it and always be joyful.

I’m grateful.

Speech on Happiness 3

Dear everyone, good morning!

This event, which is being held in our colony on March 20, 2017, is in honour of “International Happiness Day,” which was created by United Nations advisor Jayme Illien. Happiness may signify many different things, including satisfaction, joy, success, and fun. Everything we do in life has some connection to happiness, whether it’s for our own happiness or the happiness of others. Every living thing in the planet seeks happiness. Everyone dreads getting wounded or experiencing pain. It’s important to cherish each and every minute of our existence. Nearly everyone in the world works arduously to meet their requirements, and this is due to the delight we experience when our needs are satisfied. However, there are many individuals in our world who are unable to meet their requirements but are nonetheless content because they are content with what they now possess and choose to focus on the here and now rather than worrying about the future. Therefore, a person’s option as to whether they choose to associate their happiness with their achievement or with the present determines their level of pleasure. Try to live in the moment rather than spoil it by thinking about the future if you want to be happy.

We encounter numerous difficulties and issues in life, yet some individuals give up while others battle until the end. It is important for us to realise that any issue can be solved; all it takes is our diligent search for a solution. Many individuals in this world lack basic necessities like food and shelter, yet they nevertheless try to find pleasure in their current circumstances. It is unnecessary to associate happiness with success in life because failures might occur frequently and have essential roles to play as well. Each person defines happiness differently. Some people view it as success, while others only see it as a sensuous pleasure. People who chase success or strive for success forget to live in the now, yet successful people always live in the present or lead happy lives.

There are several factors that contribute to happiness if we want to be happy. Many people have a tendency to constantly compare themselves to others. For instance, if I have a car but I discover someone who has a better automobile than me, I would undoubtedly feel sad and start a terrible habit of comparing myself to that person. So, while we shouldn’t compare our lives to those of others, we should feel that we are doing better than they are. We should all make an effort to change the way we live from being success-oriented to being happiness-oriented since it is far preferable to live a life without luxury but with happiness than one with luxury but no happiness.

As I draw to a close, let me sincerely wish that each and every one of you has a happy life.

I’m grateful.

Speech on Happiness 4

Good morning, Principal, Teachers, and My Delightful Students!

As the entire world is celebrating “International Happiness Day,” we wanted to spread a little joy among children by hosting a small celebration. To that end, we invited some of the homeless kids so that we could contribute to their happiness. Today, this special assembly has been organised especially for the students. But first, a few words about happiness before the party gets started. So what exactly is happiness? Even if it is inexplicable, there is a sense of well-being and luck associated with it.

You should all consider yourselves fortunate that you all have places to live, places to go to school, and a variety of other amenities, since there are many kids who do not have these things and yet still manage to live happy lives despite facing countless challenges. I witness several youngsters, many of whom have facilities, feeling unlucky or believing that their lives are not nice every day. We are acting in a really improper manner. We should make an effort to find enjoyment in whatever we have and should consider ourselves extremely lucky to have these advantages. We experience joy on our own in two different ways. First, whenever we take action that benefits ourselves, and second, whenever we take action that benefits others.

We should always try to do something for others that will make them smile. When we strive to spread our joy to others, it always grows. We should help those who are hungry, homeless, or lack other basic necessities. If you help them, I promise you’ll feel the happiest when you see the grin on their cheeks as a result of your efforts. This should not just apply to people, but to all other living things as well.

When children commit themselves under the weight of their schoolwork and occasionally their parents, it is the most terrible thing that can happen to a school and their parents. We must realise that success requires hard effort, and success is the largest source of happiness since without suffering, there can be no gain. Therefore, choosing enjoyment over regressing into troubles is the better course. We ought to be able to find enjoyment wherever. Even we may overcome our challenges quickly and cheerfully. Therefore, one of the most beautiful things we can accomplish with our life is to share happiness among living things. Never giving up during difficult circumstances is a good idea since when we succeed, it will make us happy.

On that point, I’d want to put an end to my remarks and express my sincere gratitude to our honoured Principal Ma’am for giving us this valuable chance to share happiness among people. I also want to say how proud I am to have been a part of such an amazing occasion.

I appreciate your help and wish you everyone a wonderful day.