Essay On Zoo In English For Student And Children

Essay On Zoo In English A zoo is a place where animals, birds, reptiles, and other species are maintained in enclosures and given the right food and medical care. The animal enclosures are guarded in accordance with governmental regulations and are also on public display.


Essay On Zoo In English

Essay On Zoo In English (100 Words)

Zoos, often known as Animal Parks, provide a variety of important duties, including educating the public, preserving endangered species, and giving animals a secure environment in which to reproduce.

Zoos have changed over the years, and a modern zoo offers the animals plenty of open room while maintaining safety. Since the idea of cages was gradually abandoned, zoos now include open areas with ridges dividing spectators from the animals. By keeping the animals in a secure setting, the zoo plays a crucial part in protecting the species. Additionally, it enables researchers, students, and scientists to thoroughly examine animal behaviour and put new methods and medications into practise for the benefit of the animals.

Essay On Zoo In English (200 Words)

A zoological park, or simply “Zoo,” is a place where different species of wild animals are kept in enclosures and on display for the public. These facilities aid in the preservation of endangered animal species that have perished as a result of the widespread clearing of forests, including the giant panda, the Javan and black rhinos, the Sumatran elephant, and orang-utans.

The Zoo: Saving the Natural World

These wildlife parks have successfully celebrated the “captive breeding programmes” by offering these endangered species proper medical care as well as a safe and secure setting that mimics their natural surroundings. This includes animal reproduction and subsequent reintroduction into the animal’s original habitat. As a result, there are now more creatures living in the wild.

Education and the Zoo

The zoos play a significant role in educating people about their natural environment, of which wildlife is a vital component, much as they do with children. Even though there are several geography channels on television, zoos draw millions of kids every year because they provide them a chance to see real animals. This aids in teaching the young kids about the habitat and behaviour of these wild creatures.


Therefore, in order to stop the extinction of various animal species, it is necessary to encourage “breeding” programmes at zoos and to applaud the creation of more zoological gardens.

Essay On Zoo In English (300 Words)

All of us have always found visiting a zoological park to be a magical and enthralling experience, especially when we were young. There is no comparison for the lush vegetation and the sense of kinship one has while among the wildlife.

A Zoo’s Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles

In common parlance, zoos are the establishments that house diverse species of wild animals in enclosures and display them to the public. These not only aid in protecting endangered species of mammals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles, among other living things, but also aid in educating kids about other animals that live in their surroundings.
Children can learn about the dietary habits of wild creatures like the Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger, and leopard while also observing their behaviour, which is impossible in concrete metropolitan settings. Aside from being physically amusing due to their long limbs, the orang-utans, chimpanzees, and monkeys also seem to be amusing due to their behaviour. They occasionally appear to be playing together.

Along with these mammals, these zoological gardens are home to a variety of captive-bred reptiles. These include different species of snakes, including crocodiles, alligators, tortoises, and others that, if one is lucky, can be observed hunting their prey after being fed live fish and chicks in their enclosures by attendants.

In addition, a number of birds, like the hornbill and the shikra, are on the list of endangered species and, like the white Bengal Tiger, can only be seen in zoos. Because the rarest of the rare animals from many different regions of the world, such as Africa and America, can be found in every zoological garden, located in any corner of the planet, visiting these zoos is not a pointless activity, neither for children nor for adults.


Visits to these locations should be promoted because they not only teach us about other living things but also help us to feel a part of the environment.

Essay On Zoo In English (400 Words)

I have always been enthralled and fascinated by the sight of animals, ever since I was a young child. I’ve always enjoyed seeing them on channels like Animal Planet, with their terrifying appearances, grabbing their prey, tending to their young, etc. So, when my older brother proposed that we take a trip to the Delhi Zoological Park on my tenth birthday, I couldn’t have been happier. It appeared to be the ideal birthday present ever!

After taking the Delhi Metro to get there, we bought our tickets and entered the zoo. There were lots of kids everywhere who, along with their parents and siblings, had travelled to the zoo. Although there were vehicles available for going throughout the zoo, we still chose to walk for a more exciting experience. I could then spend more time exploring the areas where my favourite animals had been housed.

Laughable Monkeys

The monkeys, which were present in a variety of species, were the first thing I noticed. These included the baboon, langur, chimpanzee, and monkey with light brown skin, among others. They had both long and short tails and were various sizes. When I got there, the zoo staff was feeding the monkeys bananas and mangoes in their cage. It was really interesting to see them meticulously peel the fruits off themselves, much like humans, before eating them.

Beautiful Water Birds

We next proceeded to the area where the water birds had been kept in captivity next to a constructed pond. The black and white swan, ducks, cranes, pelicans, and other animals were among those with various colours. The black swan’s exquisite dark shade and the grace with which it was floating in the pond enthralled me.

brutal carnivores

Next, we went to see the caged animals that were kept apart from the other herbivorous mammals—the Asiatic lion, Bengal tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and bears. These animals, which were housed separately from the deer and males that had been maintained in herds, were producing loud roars and shrieking noises that terrified me.

Reptile category

We continued on and went to the underground reptile area, where alligators, crocodiles, and poisonous snakes and pythons were kept. It was fascinating to see the varied patterns on their skins.


We decided to conclude the visit and head home to cut my birthday cake because the day was drawing to a close with the Sun setting.

Essay On Zoo In English (500 Words)

Due to peer pressure, one’s enthusiasm and desire to attend a zoo fade as they get older. When wild creatures are depicted on television, a teen is still mesmerised and fascinated by the sight of them in their natural environment.

Family trip to the zoo

I experienced something similar. But unlike some, my younger brother, who had just turned five, gave me the chance to go to the zoo once again. His interest in animals and my desire to teach him about them led to the decision to take the whole family to the zoo on a quiet Sunday. Around eleven in the morning, the four of us arrived at the Delhi Zoological Garden packed into a Honda City. We entered the zoo by the designated footprints after my father bought the tickets and a zoo guide map at the ticket office. We could have taken the van to explore, but we chose to walk instead so that we could spend more time seeing our favourite creatures.

Stunning Swans

We first encountered the pond after entering the zoo, where aquatic birds such ducks, stokes, pelicans, and swans had been housed. The ducks were squawking and interacting with one another. Additionally, the sight of the swans, which were as white as pearls and floated beside their mates, was breathtakingly lovely. I was awestruck by their grace and beauty.

Seeing Royal Cats

A little distance further, in the open enclosure, we discovered the royal Bengal white tiger, who was heading away from us across a ditch. We all spent a lot of time watching the tiger charge from the trees into the tiny pond. My younger brother was overjoyed to see it.

The ditch where the second royal spotted cat had been imprisoned was right next to it. Despite the fact that there were three leopards, none of them seemed as excited as the tiger and instead were all lounging under various trees. Additionally, the Asiatic Lion in the opposite ditch appeared to be moving around inside the open cage.

Rhinoceros with Rock Skin

As we continued on, we came across a one-horned rhinoceros that appeared to be unwinding in the neighbouring pond. In contrast to the giraffe on its opposite side, which had a lengthy neck and legs, this animal’s skin appeared to be rock hard and had small legs. The entire time we were watching them, giraffes were silent and chewing on tree leaves, making them very amazing animals.

Aquarium that is vibrant and colourful

After that, we looked at the aquarium, which was filled with many different kinds of colourful fish, such as zebra fish, cat fish, and clown fish. When he spotted the clown fish from “Finding Nemo,” my younger brother became quite delighted. A little, lazily moving tortoise was also present in the tank.


We were unable to visit the underground reptiles section because it was closed due to cleaning and remodelling work going on there. After concluding our zoo visit by watching the entertaining monkeys, we moved on to the exit.