Essay On World Population Day In English For Student And Children

Essay On World Population Day In English World Population Day is observed annually on July 11. The day has been specifically chosen to raise awareness of the issues brought on by the global population boom. In modern times, population is a growing concern. It is a major contributor to a number of other issues. By designating a specific day to address this issue, attention is brought to the problem that is the root of this developing problem.

World Population Day

Essay On World Population Day In English

Essay On World Population Day In English (100 Words)

Highly populous nations

China, India, Indonesia, the United States, and Brazil are a few of the nations with the densest populations on Earth. In these nations, World Population Day specifically attempts to draw attention to the many issues that have arisen as a result of the rapid population expansion. World Population Day is a fantastic endeavour in this approach since it raises awareness of the need to regulate population among the citizens of the countries that make up the majority of the world’s population.

Additionally, several nations have implemented specific strategies to manage their populations. For instance, China has enacted the one child per family policy, which penalises couples who are expecting a second child. It is encouraged for couples in India to put off family planning for at least two years after marriage according to a policy.

Essay On World Population Day In English (200 Words)

The world’s population is expanding quickly in many different nations. Numerous issues including unemployment, poverty, escalating global warming, deforestation, and others are being caused by the growing population. About three decades ago, it was decided that there should be a specific day set aside to focus on this worldwide issue. The concept of designating July 11 as World Population Day was first proposed by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme. Every year since 1989, the day has been observed.

On World Population Day, a number of events are planned to raise awareness of the concerns related to the expanding population. To celebrate World Population Day, both large-scale and small-scale events are planned. To ensure that everyone may take full advantage of these events, efforts are undertaken to assemble people. Speeches are given to make the population control issue more understandable to the public. These talks devote a lot of time to discussing the issues brought on by population growth. These events also include discussions about how to deal with the issue of the expanding population.

World Population Day has a different subject every year. Along with highlighting the general need for population control, the events and activities planned for this day concentrate on the year’s particular theme.

Essay On World Population Day In English (300 Words)

World Population Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness of population-related issues. Despite the fact that the population of our planet is increasing daily, many regions of the globe remain underpopulated. Concerns exist around both under- and overpopulation.

World Population Day’s historical context

This event was started in 1989 by the United Nations Development Program’s Governing Council. Every year on July 11, World Population Day is observed. This particular day was motivated by how people felt on 5 billion day. In the year 1987, it was the day that the world’s population surpassed the startling five billion mark. Since decades, population has been a growing source for concern, but as it surpassed the five billion mark, it became apparent that education about how serious this issue was. This date was proposed by Dr. K C Zachariah, a senior demographer at the World Bank.

A serious issue that contributes to many other issues is population growth. In specifically, World Population Day has been established to educate people on the significance of population-related concerns and to show them how they may help to solve this issue.

Global Population Day Themes

Each year, a new subject is chosen to raise awareness of the numerous population-related issues. World Population Day has previously featured themes such as Reproductive Health and AIDS in 1996, Approaching the Six Billion in 1998, Saving Women’s Lives in 2000, and 1,000,000,000 Adolescents in 2003. Family planning is a human right in 2018, Family Planning is a Human Right in 2008, Focus on Adolescent Pregnancy in 2013, Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies in 2015, and Plan Your Family, Plan Your Future in 2011.


The chance to educate people about the grave population-related issues is provided by World Population Day. Every year, a fresh theme is chosen as a method to draw attention to various population-related problems.

Essay On World Population Day In English (400 Words)

Every year on July 11, the world commemorates World Population Day to raise awareness of the issue of population growth and to show people how their efforts can significantly reduce it. Each year, a fresh subject is chosen, and activities are planned to highlight the numerous issues contributing to population expansion. The World Population Day has several benefits.

Benefits of World Population Day

The following are some benefits of World Population Day celebrations worldwide:

Problems with Population in Focus
It serves as a means of drawing attention to the many issues raised by population increase. It acts as a platform for enlightening the general public on how the world’s population is increasing daily. Various events and activities planned on this day highlight a variety of issues that are a result of the fast expanding population. Unemployment, poverty, an increase in pollution levels, a rapid depletion of natural resources, global warming, deforestation, and a reduction in biodiversity are a few of these.

Educate People
Many people, especially those who reside in distant areas, are ignorant of the population problem. These individuals are more aware of population-related issues. In order to reach a larger audience, speeches are given and camps are set up. Many organisations, particularly NGOs, provide their volunteers’ time to travel to these locations and raise awareness about population-related issues in order to help people comprehend how these issues are progressively causing our world to perish.

Highlight Population Control’s Benefits
People are made aware of the benefits of population management through a variety of events on World Population Day. Better employment prospects, a higher level of life, greener environments, a wealth of biodiversity, and reduced pollution are just a few of these benefits. People are motivated by this to aid in population control.

Seek Assistance to Reduce Population
Numerous gatherings are held all across the world, and speeches are given not only to draw attention to issues related to population growth but also to provide solutions. People are asked to lend assistance in resolving this critical issue and are informed of how their contributions can be helpful.


People are made aware of the issues surrounding population growth, how they may help solve these issues, and how doing so would benefit them through the different activities planned for World Population Day. This motivates people to make attempts to solve this worldwide issue. As a result, the UN’s initiative to address the issue of population growth is fantastic.

Essay On World Population Day In English (500 Words)

Since 1989, July 11 has been designated as World Population Day. Today, population is a significant issue. It must be controlled to create a healthier and happier atmosphere because it is a major contributor to many other critical issues. The goal of World Population Day is to bring attention to the population-related issues facing people around the globe. Numerous groups, including NGOs, hospitals, schools, and offices, plan events and commemorate this day in order to inform people about this global issue in a fun way and ask for their assistance in controlling it.

Observance of World Population Day

The commemoration of World Population Day aims to raise awareness of the issues brought on by both overpopulation and underpopulation. People need to be made more aware of the issues caused by population growth because these issues are causing a variety of additional issues, such as worsening global warming, deforestation, unemployment, etc.

The United Nations promotes the commemoration of this special day in order to ensure that the goal for which it was created is achieved. In many parts of the world, a variety of events are planned to commemorate this day. To commemorate this day and make their points clearly understood, several organisations come up with creative ways.

Day of Population Activities

To commemorate World Population Day, numerous events are planned. Here are a few of these:

Comedy and plays
In countries with a high population density, plays and skits highlighting the issues caused by overpopulation are produced, while those highlighting the issues caused by underpopulation are produced in countries with a low population density.

Competitions for debating and writing essays
Debate tournaments are held in educational institutions like schools to tackle population-related concerns. These concern things like gender equality, family planning, and maternal health. Children can learn more about the specifics of the population issues in various regions of the nation by participating in essay competitions on these subjects.

Speeches and Presentations
At various locations, speeches are given to address the population problem. This promotes awareness of this significant issue, which is the root of numerous other serious issues. The techniques that people can help to control this issue are also made known to them.

Camps Camps are set up to educate individuals on the value of family planning. These camps are typically organised in rural areas where people lack awareness of family planning techniques and a lack of understanding of the importance of population management.

Campaigns on Social Media
As part of the World Population Day action, several social media initiatives are launched. These initiatives are an effective technique to educate people about population-related issues. These campaigns are a terrific technique to reach the masses because people have gotten more tech-savvy and addicted to social media.


World Population Day is thus observed in various regions of the world in varied ways. On this day, many inventive events are organised, and it is common to witness enormous crowds of people taking part in them.