Essay On World Health Day In English For Student And Children

Essay On World Health Day In English To highlight the importance of living a healthy and satisfying life, World Health Day is observed annually on April 7. To honour this day, various events are scheduled in various locations. World Health Day is an annual event that was first proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Since 1950, this day has been observed annually on April

World Health Day

Essay On World Health Day In English

Essay On World Health Day In English (100 Words)

Themes for World Health Day

Every year, a different subject is chosen to draw attention to a distinct health concern. Here are a few of the topics that stood out at World Health Day in various years:

Healthy Cities for Better Life (1996): In 1996, Healthy Cities for Better Life was chosen as the World Health Day subject. This subject emphasised the importance of maintaining clean, healthy cities in order to improve people’s lifestyles and general well-being.

Emerging Infectious Diseases (1997): Every year, numerous new types of infectious diseases spread around the world as a result of various variables like water, mosquitoes, rodents, specific foods, etc. Numerous of these illnesses spread like epidemics and spread fear.

Essay On World Health Day In English (200 Words)

Every year on April 7, people all across the world observe World Health Day. The first World Health Assembly was conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. It is an assembly made up of the 194 member states’ health ministers. The highest health standards are established by this assembly. The World Health Assembly resolved to honour global health on one day. Thus, it came up with the concept of World Health Day, which has been observed on April 7 every year since 1950.

Every year, WHO plans a number of events to commemorate this day. Numerous other large and small events are planned by various institutions and groups around the world. It is a day set aside to raise awareness of the value of good health. These institutions and organisations spread the idea that health comes first through a variety of events and activities. It is crucial, and all other chores and activities can only be successfully completed if we look after our health.

Nowadays, individuals use social media to talk about how important it is to maintain good health in our fast-paced world. By launching such initiatives on social media and other channels, they inspire others.

Essay On World Health Day In English (300 Words)

The first World Health Day was observed in 1948. In order to make important judgements on numerous health issues, the World Health Organization felt the need to consult with eminent medical professionals from around the globe. In 1948, it organised a World Health Assembly to that end. As many as 194 member states attended the first World Health Assembly at this time. The top body for making health policy in the world, WHO is governed by its member states. This group includes the health ministers of the member nations.

The idea of designating a particular day to promote global health was initially brought up at the inaugural World Health Assembly. The 7th of April was designated as World Health Day after unanimous approval from all of the member states. It has been observed annually since 1950.

Why World Health Day is Important

The necessity for Globe Health Day was realised because there are more diseases and illnesses in the world now than ever before. Every now and again, infectious diseases proliferate in different regions of the world and spread like epidemics. People get terrified as a result, and the media feeds this dread. People are made aware of various ailments and how to prevent/handle them through the events held on World Health Day. Every World Health Day has a specific subject. The subject matter addresses a specific health issue. The chosen theme serves as the focal point for World Health Day activities.

Additionally, events are held to emphasise the significance of overall health. People are urged to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise instead of the modern, sedentary way of life.


The World Health Organization has been planning various national and international events to commemorate World Health Day ever since it was established. These activities are intended to raise awareness of the value of keeping good health.

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World Health Day is observed on April 7th each year in a number of locations around the globe. This day has been set aside specifically to raise awareness of the value of good health in everyday life. The numerous events that are held on this day serve to highlight how important it is.

Day of World Health Activities

Here are some examples of World Health Day activities from various platforms:

Events at Schools and Colleges
On World Health Day, a lot of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions around the globe make it a point to get their students involved in various events. Involving the pupils in these activities is intended to help the next generation understand the value of health and how to live a healthy lifestyle. The students are specifically made aware of the value of participating in outdoor games and avoiding mobile or computer games while enjoyable activities are planned.

Mass media and social media usage
Media outlets like newspapers, radio, and television are used to promote health. Newspapers publish short stories to highlight the value of health. Newspapers and publications also include interviews with dietitians and health professionals. These initiatives aim to raise awareness of the value of living a healthy lifestyle. The number of World Health Day events has multiplied with the invention of social media. On various social media platforms, a number of pages are started, and numerous entertaining games and other public activities appear on this occasion. Social media addiction makes people today actively participate in these activities.

Hospital activities
On this day, hospitals host special health care camps. People are given access to special health check-up offers in an effort to motivate them to get their checkups completed and identify any health issues early. Hospitals run ads to promote the importance of scheduling routine medical exams.

Operations at NGOs
On World Health Day, NGOs also hold health fairs to assist the less fortunate. To make such events successful, many doctors, nurses, and other professionals donate their time. These camps are typically held in isolated locations where residents are less knowledgeable on how to maintain their health.


The major goal of World Health Day is to promote public awareness of the need of maintaining global health. On this day, various creative World Health Day events are held with this goal in mind. The World Health Organization has taken an excellent step with this project.

Essay On World Health Day In English (500 Words)

As more people nowadays become health conscious, World Health Day is getting more popular, and events that are held on this day are also becoming more popular. On April 7, people all over the world observe World Health Day. It imbues people with the desire to live healthily.

Celebrations of World Health Day: Special Events

Every year, a particular theme for World Health Day is chosen by the World Health Assembly. On World Health Day, many events are held to raise awareness of both the significance of health in general and the particular focus that year.

Several events and activities are planned as part of the World Health Day celebrations to assist people in understanding how to avoid various health issues and maintain a healthy life. Additionally, speeches and demonstrations are offered to assist persons battling various ailments in coping with their conditions. These speeches are delivered to patients and their family members to inspire and uplift them and let them know they are not fighting this battle alone. In order to communicate these ideas to the general public in an engaging manner, skits and games are put on.

Children are our future, thus it is especially important to educate them about leading healthy lives. This is the rationale behind why numerous universities and colleges all around the world make a point of observing World Health Day. Schools hold speeches, games, quizzes, and other events to teach kids about the value of preserving their health in a fun and engaging way. Competitions for debate and essay writing are also organised. In these activities, students take an active part.

Celebrate World Health Day by focusing on good health

The importance of living a healthy lifestyle is emphasised through a variety of events that are held to commemorate World Health Day. The following are the main highlights of these occasions and pursuits:

Avoid Junk Food: In the modern world, when everything must be quick and ready, we have developed an addiction to fast food that is convenient to grab and tasty. The World Health Day events place a lot of emphasis on the necessity of giving up junk food and switching to healthy eating alternatives.

Give-up Sedentary Lifestyle: Today’s occupations compel us to spend long stretches of time in front of laptop computers. We are glued to our phones or television displays even after we return home. Children might also be spotted riveted to their tablets and televisions. Various diseases have this as their underlying cause. Instead of staying indoors, kids can play outside sports like badminton, football, and cricket. Adults must engage in physical activity including cycling, jogging, and running. Both our physical and emotional health will benefit from this.


These days, people are so preoccupied with their jobs that their health has suffered. The purpose of World Health Day is to emphasise how crucial it is to put our health first. Only when we are healthy will we be able to manage other elements of our lives effectively.