Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English For Student And Children

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English Plastic pollution, a form of pollution that is harming our ecosystem, is primarily caused by plastic bags. It poses a risk to earthly life. The use of plastic bags must be outlawed to reduce pollution. Pollution from plastic bags affects land, air, and water. These have been outlawed in several nations because of this. But despite being dangerous for the environment, these are nonetheless widely used in the majority of the world.

Plastic Bag

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English (100 Words)

A significant contributor to environmental degradation are plastic bags. Because plastic cannot decompose, it persists in the environment for hundreds of years and significantly pollutes it. Before plastic bags totally destroy our planet, it has become absolutely vital to outlaw them.

nations that have prohibited plastic bags

To limit their use, many nations throughout the world have either outlawed or imposed levies on plastic bags. There are several of these, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Morocco, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, England, Germany, Hawaii, New York, Italy, Scotland, Rhode Island, and Maine. These actions have significantly reduced the use of plastic bags. The application of these steps, however, hasn’t been as successful, therefore the issue hasn’t been fully resolved.

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English (200 Words)

Plastic bags are frequently used and are easily found on the market. These are particularly well-liked in grocery stores since they are useful for carrying groceries. These come in a variety of sizes and are relatively affordable and portable. But we don’t consider the price we pay for utilising these bags. We are losing our wonderful surroundings because of these bags. Yes! The plastic bags we use on a daily basis pose a threat to the environment.

The issue is considerably worse than it seems. According to researchers, plastic bags are a significant contributor to water contamination. These are also the root of a variety of other significant issues, including the infertility of our agricultural areas. Plastic bag usage has been outlawed in many nations to promote a cleaner, greener environment. India is one of these nations as well.

Many states in our nation have outlawed the use of plastic bags. Nevertheless, this rule hasn’t been properly applied. These are still offered in stores. These bags are used by businesses to deliver items, and customers happily use them to transport their purchases. It is time for each of us to see the seriousness of the problem and stop using plastic bags.

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English (300 Words)

Every day, there is more pollution in our surroundings. Since the start of the industrial revolution, it has rapidly risen. In the previous few decades, the amount of pollution on our planet has multiplied due to the increasing number of factories and cars. While air pollution from factories and cars has made it difficult to breathe, industrial and household waste has made a significant contribution to the water and soil pollution that has led to a number of serious ailments.

The primary source of environmental pollution is plastic

Plastic, among other things, is a significant contributor to pollution in the modern world. Numerous items, including plastic bags, kitchenware, furniture, doors, sheeting, packaging material, counter tops, and other items are manufactured using plastic, which is generated from fossil fuels like oil and petroleum. People favour plastic-made goods since they are less expensive and heavier than wooden or metal goods.

The amount of plastic garbage, which is difficult to dispose of, is growing due to the increased usage of plastic. Plastic is a material that does not biodegrade. It disintegrates and gets worse over time, but it never fuses with the soil. It contributes to environmental damage and lingers in the environment for hundreds of years. Pollutants that harm soil and water flow out of it as it enters landfills. Plastic cannot even be burned for disposal because doing so releases toxic fumes that might lead to catastrophic illnesses. Thus, it has become very difficult to dispose of plastic today.

Thus, several nations have outlawed the use of plastic bags, which account for a sizable portion of the plastic pollution. But simply outlawing plastic bags won’t make a difference. Other plastic products must also be banned in order to reduce environmental pollution.


It is imperative that we comprehend the extent to which plastic pollution is ruining our environment and making life more difficult for humans, animals, plants, and marine life. To promote a cleaner environment, the usage of plastic products must be reduced.

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English (400 Words)

The usage of plastic bags in our daily lives poses a threat to the survival of all species on Earth. These have gradually swept into our lives and are now a major factor in both human and animal sickness.

Bags Made of Plastic Are Bad for Human Health

The health of humans is severely harmed by plastic bags. Plastic bags only negatively impact human health from the time they are made until they are disposed of as waste.

The hazardous chemicals used to create plastic bags’ appealing shape have an adverse effect on the health of individuals who work with them. Food packaging frequently uses plastic bags. According to researchers, some hazardous substances from the plastic enter the food items that are packaged in them. As a result, plastic bags contaminate the food instead of keeping it securely packaged. Food contamination by plastic has been observed in numerous instances. Consuming such food can put your health at risk for food poisoning, digestive issues, and other conditions. Even suspected human carcinogens have been connected to plastic bags.

In addition, plastic bags generate a significant amount of non-biodegradable garbage. For nearly 500 years, this trash is still present on Earth. When this waste material enters water bodies, the quality of the water used for drinking is reduced. Over the past few decades, there has been a significant decline in the quality of drinking water. The rivers that serve as a source of drinking water are becoming increasingly polluted with plastic bags, which is mostly to blame. This has made way for a number of water-borne illnesses.

Plastic bags: A Serious Animal Health Risk

Waste plastic bags have the most detrimental effects on animals and aquatic life. After use, we mindlessly toss the plastic bags. These plastic bags make up a sizable portion of the trash areas where the helpless animals search for sustenance. Animals frequently consume little pieces of plastic and sometimes whole plastic bags along with their diet. Small plastic particles build up in their bodies over time, leading to health issues. On the other hand, swallowing the entire plastic bag at once can cause them to instantly suffocate to death.

The same holds true for marine life. Plastic trash has a significant negative impact on the quality of the water. The water that marine life drinks is getting worse because of it. In addition to eating the plastic itself, fish, turtles, and other marine life frequently mistake the entire plastic bag for food and become ill as a result.


As a result, plastic bags are quite bad for your health. We should cease using them and move to more environmentally friendly options.

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned In English (500 Words)

Since plastic bags are lightweight and convenient to handle, they are highly popular. Aside from that, we don’t even need to buy these when we go shopping, unlike cloth or paper bags. The retailers give these away for free because they are inexpensive. Plastic bags are chosen by both shops and customers for all of these reasons. However, we need to see the wider picture and see past short-term convenience.

Issues Resulting from Plastic Bags

Here are a few issues brought on by plastic bags:

Biologically inert
Plastic bags cannot decompose biologically. The main difficulty is therefore getting rid of them. They fragment into tiny pieces and disperse into the soil and water, but they do not disintegrate. They produce poisonous compounds and stay in the soil and water for centuries, harming our lovely planet.

Decline of the Environment
Due to their negative impact, they are damaging the environment. Today, plastic bags are a significant contributor to land pollution. The used plastic bags are disposed of in landfills, where they degrade over the course of about 500 years. These bags are small and light, and the wind may easily carry them far and wide. Land contamination is brought on by the trash they leave behind on the ground and in landfills. One of the main contributors to water pollution are the plastic bags that end up in water bodies. Thus, they are harming our ecosystem in every way conceivable.

harmful to marine life and animals
Plastic fragments are consumed by animals and marine life with their diet. Plastic is indigestible and becomes stuck un their intestines. Numerous animals and marine life suffer from major health issues as a result of large amounts of plastic building up in their intestines. Animals occasionally unintentionally ingest the entire plastic bag. This causes them to suffocate to death by becoming lodged in their intestines or throat. Particularly recognised for swallowing the full plastic bag in one shot while mistaking it for a jellyfish is the sea turtle. According to research, waste plastic bags are a big factor in the untimely demise of animals.

human illness’s root causes
Plastic bag manufacturing releases hazardous chemicals that can seriously illen people involved in the process. Food that is packaged in plastic bags might potentially be unhealthy. Additionally, as was already said, waste plastic bags pollute the environment. The environment is heavily contaminated, which contributes to many diseases that people acquire.

obstructed sewage
Waste plastic bags frequently become stuck in drains and sewers after being flushed down with water or being blown by the wind. Animals and humans may both be at risk from clogged sewers and drains, especially when it rains. As a result of plastic bags clogging the drains, water accumulates. This could cause a flood-like condition and interfere with people’s daily lives.


We need to recognise the issues that the convenient plastic bags are causing and cease using them. It’s time for our government to enact strong regulations banning plastic bags.