Essay On Who Am I In English For Student And Children

Essay On Who Am I In English The only one I completely know is me. However, I still find it confusing when people want me to tell them something about myself. Most of the time, I have no idea what to say. This is a common occurrence and frequently rather embarrassing. Our ability to define ourselves is just as important as how well we know ourselves. When asked to briefly describe oneself at an interview, do you feel bewildered? Well, this issue affects the majority of people. Ironic, isn’t it, that we can’t even describe ourselves.

Who Am I In English

Essay On Who Am I In English

Essay On Who Am I In English (100 Words)

I combine bitterness with sweetness. I am a calm, happy person who enjoys keeping to myself, but if someone meddles or prods in my life, I may quickly deteriorate into the devil. I adore keeping things organised and detest having people touch them.

I have gained many friends because of my upbeat and laid-back personality. My cousins, friends, and other family members enjoy hanging out with me. Together, we have a terrific time. They are aware that I have set some boundaries and become angry when people violate them, though. So even though they enjoy being with me, they make sure to avoid doing anything I don’t like.

Essay On Who Am I In English (200 Words)

I do well in school and enjoy participating in extracurricular activities. I have a special fondness for mathematics. I enjoy tackling the math questions anytime I have free time because I find the subject to be pretty intriguing. When I’m older, I want to pursue a PhD in this field. I enjoy playing basketball as well. We have won multiple inter-school basketball tournaments, and I am the team captain at my school. This game is the finest stress reliever for me.
People refer to me by a variety of titles; some call me an introvert, others kind, yet others short-tempered, and still others say I have a lot of attitude. People do, in fact, have a propensity of tagging others. They identify and evaluate others hastily. Labeling somebody is inappropriate in my opinion. Being human, we go through a wide range of emotions every day. It would be incorrect to refer to me by any of the aforementioned labels because I constantly feel a variety of various emotions.
My character traits

I’m a chill person who loves to have fun. I try not to meddle in the affairs of my family, neighbours, or anyone else nearby, and I also don’t want the same in return. Instead of interfering with my work, I want them to mind their own business.

Essay On Who Am I In English (300 Words)

People frequently mistake my cool demeanour for being arrogant and harsh. They assume I have a mental illness and consider myself to be better than them. However, this is untrue. I don’t want to be bothered or poked, but I also like to think of myself as someone who is always willing to lend a hand. If someone truly needs my support, I won’t think twice about going above and beyond to provide it.

I also have good discipline. Every morning when I get up, I make a to-do list. I will try my best to complete the chores in the same order and by the deadline that I have set for myself. I can get frustrated and furious if I can’t finish these tasks in a timely manner.


My friends frequently describe me as a rare blend of cool, lighthearted, and disciplined. I am fortunate to have a loving family and lots of wild, good-time friends. I give thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful existence.

I’m a simple girl who enjoys keeping things straightforward. I hope to be able to live on my own when I’m older. I want to be in meaningful relationships, but I also want to be independent of everyone. I aspire to be independent, resilient, and powerful on all fronts.
My Life’s Purpose

I have a lot of ambition. Even when I take on greater challenges in life, I want to keep up my tradition of being the top student in my class. As I enter Class XI, I want to enrol in the scientific stream because I want to pursue a career in medicine. I’ve always found Ayurveda to be fascinating. I want to learn more about this age-old science so I can use Ayurvedic medicines and plants to cure people of various physical and mental disorders.

Essay On Who Am I In English (400 Words)

Medical careers are not only honourable but also quite lucrative. Along with these two reasons, I also want to help those in need, which is why I want to enter the medical industry. I would like to start my own clinic or look for a suitable opportunity with an existing Ayurvedic facility. Additionally, I want to arrange medical camps in isolated locations at least once every two to three months to give locals there access to free medical care.

My inspiration

My mum serves as my example. Since we were kids, she has served as an inspiration for my sister and me. She is a working lady who has excelled in her profession. Everyone in her office compliments her on how dedicated and sincere she is to her work. She exhibits this quality in the manner she cares for our house as well. She checks that everything is set up properly. She prepares delectable meals and sees to it that we all sit down for at least one meal each day. Even though she has a job and needs to take care of the house, she still looks out for us. She supports us academically, encourages us to participate in extracurricular activities, and helps us get ready for them. She excels in all areas. I want to be exactly like my mom. Like her, I aspire to achieve balance in my personal and professional lives.


Many people have lofty goals and desire great things in their lives. They fail in their attempt and become unhealthy. I don’t want to fit that description. I have a very high standard of ambition, but in addition to success and fortune, I also want to be happy and healthy.


I have a really generous heart. I’ve made a lot of friends thanks to this quality of mine. As a result, I receive compliments from my family and relatives. This trait of mine has, however, frequently gotten me into trouble. I’ve come to realise that while being compassionate and willing to assist others is wonderful, doing too much of anything is negative.
How Does My Generosity Get Me Into Trouble?

It’s stated that people who give to others are consistently content and joyful. I’m naturally kind and I enjoy lending a hand to others. I feel contented after doing it. I adore assisting everyone around me, whether it be at home, school, or somewhere else. I desire happiness for everyone. So I try my best to make them smile.

Essay On Who Am I In English (500 Words)

But this tendency of mine has frequently caused me issues. For instance, because I do well in school, classmates frequently use my notebooks to finish their assignments. Even though I have an exam the following day, I can’t resist handing my fellow students my notepad if they ask for it. My notebook has frequently not been returned by my classmates in a timely manner, making it very challenging for me to study for the test. My notebooks occasionally get damaged or marked up. Even though I want to help others, it ends up being negative for myself. On my walk to school, I frequently give away my lunch to the underprivileged children who approach me begging for food and cash. But as a result, I don’t have anything to eat until around noon. My health is negatively impacted by this. On these days, I have a headache, a stomachache, and acid reflux.

How I Bettered Myself Through Change?

My mum is unable to witness my suffering. She therefore constantly warns me against doing things that would harm me. Earlier, I would have disregarded her advice since I enjoyed helping others, but as time has gone on, I have come to see that while it is important to serve others, we must also care for ourselves first. One of the most well-known sayings is, “You cannot pour from an empty cup. First, look for yourself. This means that we can only assist others when we are well and have enough for ourselves. We cannot feed others while starving ourselves.

So even if I have a strong desire to help others right now, I pause and consider whether doing so would have a bad effect on me. If the response is affirmative, I hold off. Some individuals have started labelling me unpleasant because of this little change in my behaviour. However, I am unaffected by this since I am confident in my actions. My family thinks I’ve matured, and that’s good enough for me.


I adore discovering and trying new things. I want to do everything I can to make other people happy because I am grateful for what I have. However, I now remember that I must look after myself first in order to care for others and make them happy.

I, who? I am a teenage girl who has just started high school. I love life and am surrounded by those that share my values. I have big goals for the future, but I most want to please my family.

My family is a blended one. My grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and younger brother make up the six of us in total. Our family is close-knit, and we fervently enjoy celebrating all holidays and special occasions. Particularly on weekends and during holidays, you can frequently find our home full of visitors. I am defined by my family. They are the reason I am who I am. Every member of my family motivates me and enriches my life.