Essay On Video Games Addiction In English For Student And Children

Essay On Video Games Addiction In English When you have time, playing video games is enjoyable. They keep us interested and provide us energy to prepare for work once more. Youth who use them frequently and for a long period develop addictions.

Video Games

Essay On Video Games Addiction In English

the root of addiction

We are amused by the video games. As we advance through the levels, the difficulty and user interest both grow. Our curiosity grows as we learn how challenging each stage is. Later, this fascination develops into a dependence on video games.

Addiction to video games: Its Effects

a video game Addiction hurts our bodies and minds. It impairs our body and vision and causes joint and finger pain. Additionally, it contributes to rising depression, poor vision, high and low blood pressure, and occasionally, paralysis. Death could also be the outcome.


We are able to restrict video game usage. Playing them is simply for mental renewal; it is not a time-waster. Never put off important tasks to play video games; instead, set a time limit.


We play video games to have fun, not to get sick from them. Do not overplay them or request that others play. Social awareness is crucial in this situation. Our health is more important than our interests.