Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English For Student And Children

Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English The presence of water and oxygen on Earth makes its atmosphere worthwhile. They are essential for the development and survival of all living things. The oxygen that plants breathe forth is essential for human life. All living things, including humans, plants, and animals, need water. It has a number of uses.

Oxygen and Water in Life

Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English

Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English (100 Words)

The Level of Water Pollution is Increasing

Our stunning rivers, captivating seas, roaring streams, and vast oceans, which previously served as sources of pure water, are sadly becoming more and more contaminated. Since the industrial revolution, pollution in general has increased, notably water contamination. As they are considered as an easy getaway, a significant amount of factory trash is thrown in the neighbouring rivers and seas. The water bodies are tainted as a result.

Marine life is disrupted by water pollution. These helpless creatures struggle to survive due to the radioactive and chemical contaminants. Many of them suffer various illnesses that make living challenging for them. Others fail to deal with the consequences and give up on life. Water pollution has caused the extinction of several aquatic species, and many more are sure to follow.

Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English (200 Words)

One of the primary gases in the atmosphere of the Earth is oxygen. Our ecological system’s air contains 21% oxygen. Both humans and animals need oxygen for the breathing process. Additionally, plants breathe in oxygen at night.

Trees and plants breathe in carbon dioxide during the day and exhale new oxygen. This keeps the air’s supply of oxygen steady. The body needs oxygen to function properly. It provides the body with fuel and keeps it energised. Additionally, there are many industrial and recreational uses for oxygen.

Water is also necessary for every life on Earth to survive. It is essential for the health of people, animals, and plants and is primarily utilised for drinking. It aids in removing waste products from the body. It is necessary for the brain cells to operate properly. Both digestion and body temperature are regulated by it. Other uses for it include cleaning, washing, and hygienic functions. Aside from that, it has industrial and agricultural uses.

It’s interesting to note that while oxygen and water enable life on Earth. These can be dangerous in large quantities. Loss of vision, jerking muscles, and coughing can all be effects of too much oxygen. The kidneys might also be harmed by drinking more water than is necessary. Additionally, it can lead to hyponatremia, a condition in which the body’s sodium and salt levels go dangerously low.

Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English (300 Words)

The presence of water and oxygen on Earth is the primary factor in the planet’s atmosphere differing from that of other planets. On our globe, these two elements are widely available. We continuously receive water from a variety of sources, including rain, rivers, streams, oceans, and seas. The surrounding plants and trees constantly add oxygen to the atmosphere.

Vitality of Oxygen

One of the fundamental needs for our survival is oxygen. When we breathe, we require oxygen. Carbon dioxide is exhaled along with oxygen by our body. Fresh oxygen must be continuously supplied to our respiratory system. Our bodies use oxygen as fuel. It makes it possible for our cells to produce energy from the food we eat. Additionally used in industry is oxygen. For a variety of machines to operate, many industries need oxygen. Additionally, oxygen is necessary for the execution of some medical procedures. In addition, oxygen is employed to support a number of leisure activities.

The Value of Water

In order to survive and live a healthy life, we must consume enough water. There are numerous other uses for water. We need it for agriculture, industries, cleaning, washing, and sanitary purposes. Water is a crucial component in the production of many industrial products that we use in everyday life. In addition to producing electricity, which is essential to life, water is also used in this process.

Water is essential for the existence of animals as well. They primarily use it to make alcohol. In order to escape the sweltering heat during the summer, they frequently dip in water. The aquatic animals’ natural environment is water.

Regular watering is also necessary for the life and growth of plants. For them to stay healthy and green, water is crucial for pulling nutrients from the soil.


As a result, humans directly and indirectly use both oxygen and water. These components enhance biodiversity while preserving the ecological equilibrium on Earth.

Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English (400 Words)

Oxygen is one of the primary elements that sustain life on Earth. We also need water, which is a mixture of the elements hydrogen and oxygen, to survive. These are the fundamental needs of living things. A living thing can go without food for a short while, but it is difficult to go without water for an extended period of time. The likelihood of survival is impossible without oxygen. To ensure that every component of our bodies is able to operate as it should, we require a constant flow of this fresh air.

Origin of Oxygen

We obtain oxygen from plants and trees. The vegetation all around us takes up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen, which sustains life. We are surrounded by dense forests and verdant gardens, which are excellent sources of oxygen. To keep the ecological balance, they breathe in carbon dioxide and continuously exhale oxygen.

They also take in other dangerous gases from the air. This keeps the air clean and suitable for living things. This is the rationale for the recommendation to continually plant more trees. The presence of many trees in the atmosphere guarantees a cleaner and better living environment.

Origins of Water

Water comes to us from a number of places. Huge oceans that cover much of Earth serve as the planet’s primary water source. There are also many rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, and reservoirs available worldwide. These water sources are all considered to be surface waters. Ground water is also abundant on Earth. This is the water that exists below the surface of the Earth. It penetrates the surface through dirt and porous rocks. By creating tube wells and drilling wells, it is extracted.

The fundamental cause of Earth’s abundant water supply is the water cycle that takes place naturally. Ocean water evaporates as a result of the Sun’s intense heat. Also evaporating is surface water from the oceans, rivers, and other sources. The rising and ascending vapours cool and condense as they enter the atmosphere, forming clouds.

As more and more vapours combine, the clouds increase heavier until they ultimately burst. The rain that falls from the skies replenishes the rivers, oceans, and seas with water once more. The purest type of water is thought to be rainwater. Water is therefore abundantly accessible in the atmosphere and is replenished spontaneously.


On our globe, there is an enough supply of water and oxygen. They have been in use for centuries and are currently available. This is because they naturally regenerate in our atmosphere. But they’re not as pure and as fresh as they once were.

Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth In English (500 Words)

A colourless, flavourless, and odourless gas called oxygen is a component of many substances, including water. When oxygen is in its liquid and solid forms, it turns a faint blue colour. In locations with low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure, oxygen appears as a light orange, crimson, black, or even metallic colour.

Water is created when hydrogen and oxygen mix. Water has no flavour, no aroma, and no colour. Water does, however, have a faint blue tint when it is at its purest. As the water gets deeper, the colour of blue gets deeper. White light is believed to have been absorbed and scattered, producing this colour.

Earth has plenty of oxygen and water.

Water is abundant on our planet because oxygen and hydrogen are both present in large quantities in the atmosphere. Since they can naturally replenish themselves, water and oxygen, although being used for centuries, are still present in sufficient amounts in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The water cycle is how water is replenished on Earth. There are several stages in the water cycle, including evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. The same is true for oxygen; despite the fact that we continuously breathe it in, plants and trees continuously exhale it, releasing it back into the atmosphere.

Oxygen’s Function in the Human Body

All mammals, including humans, as well as a number of other animal and bird species, need oxygen to perform a variety of bodily processes. It is necessary for every cell in the body to function properly. Oxygen is breathed into the lungs of living things.

Here, this gas is absorbed by the blood. After that, it is distributed to different cells all over the body where it is utilised for cellular respiration. To produce energy, oxygen is necessary. Oxygen converts the food and liquid in the body into energy through a process known as oxidation. Our cells are maintained in good health and repaired by oxygen. It fuels our minds and soothes our frazzled nerves.

For emergencies, our bodies reserve oxygen. There are locations where oxygen isn’t present. In order to survive in these environments, the body uses the stored oxygen.

Water’s Function in the Human Body

For our bodies to function properly, water is just as essential as oxygen. Water is necessary for all of our body’s cells, organs, and tissues. To control our body temperature, we require water. It enhances the body’s blood circulation of oxygen. The joints benefit from its lubricating properties. It facilitates digestion. It aids in removing waste from our bodies.

Additionally, it is essential for our brain cells to work properly. We must consume a sufficient amount of water each day to make up for the loss. Getting enough water is important for maintaining high energy levels. As a result, physical performance is accelerated.

The importance of oxygen and water to plants

Water and oxygen are also essential for plant survival and development. At night, plants breathe in oxygen. They therefore need this pure gas to survive, just as we do. Additionally, plants require regular watering. In order to keep hydrated and green, they absorb water. Additionally, water aids in transporting nutrients from the soil to the leaves of plants, where photosynthesis occurs.


As a result, both water and oxygen are essential for plant, animal, and human living. They give our atmosphere life.