Essay On Train Journey In English For Student And Children

Essay On Train Journey In English One of the best modes of transportation for long commutes is the train. Train travel is affordable and comfortable because of the low fare, on-time arrival, and simplicity of travel. In addition, taking the train has a number of other benefits. The ability to unwind, stretch, move about, and even take a nap is unheard of when travelling by bus or automobile.

Train Journey

Essay On Train Journey In English

Essay On Train Journey In English (100 Words)

As the train travels through the countryside, passengers get a unique glimpse of the scenery and local culture. One can observe the local customs, agricultural practises, and culture while travelling around the states. The local cuisine is also sampled because it is offered by vendors in the train stations and on the waggons. Being able to converse with other passengers from various geographical and linguistic origins makes the travel fascinating as well.
Train travel is among the most delightful modes of transportation. I frequently travel vast distances and have done it by bus, rail, and aeroplane. Even while each of these trips has advantages of its own, I personally like train trips.

Essay On Train Journey In English (200 Words)

If you have plenty of time and need to go a large distance, a train trip is the finest option. The only kind of transportation that lets you rest peacefully while travelling is this one. I favour nighttime travel. During my official travels, I can easily fall asleep in the train and wake up feeling rested and ready to start my day. Last year, I took the train from Delhi to Lucknow, and it was one of my favourite trips. I travelled to Lucknow to see my relatives. I spoke with a bunch of college students on this train ride. The group was animated, upbeat, and very sociable.

They offered me some nibbles and a cool beverage as I was seated next to them. They quickly started talking to me. They shared a few of their stories, and I related mine. Also, I offered them career guidance. We arrived in Lucknow after a six-hour journey that went by incredibly quickly. We swapped phone numbers and made a commitment to stay in touch as we said our goodbyes.
Train rides are usually enjoyable. They have always made me happy. Since I was a young child, I have always taken trains to get around. We stayed in Delhi while my paternal grandparents lived in Kanpur. We always arrived in Kanpur by night train.

Essay On Train Journey In English (300 Words)

We went to see them twice a year, and I eagerly anticipated each visit—not just because I liked seeing my grandparents, but also because I adored riding the train. Together, my sister and I had a tonne of fun and she shared my enthusiasm.

The Train Ride I Will Never Forget

During our summer and winter breaks, we primarily travelled there with our mother. But time, my aunt and cousins came along with us. This was among my favourite train rides ever. After enjoying our mother’s excellent biryani, we climbed to the top berth.
In order to enjoy the journey in each other’s company, we had already decided to stay up until late at night. Playing cards got the festivities started. Two boys in the middle berth begged to join us as we were finishing up a game or two. When there are more players present, playing cards is always enjoyable. We consequently reached a consensus. We continued playing for two to three hours as our game got even more interesting. There was no controversy about turning out the lights because our compartment was only inhabited by the two brothers, their dad, and us.

We started a game of ridiculous charades after playing cards. The fun factor increased. Since we had been playing for almost four hours, it was time for a snack. From our backpacks, we snuck crisps and biscuits out. As we munched on goodies, we conversed, made jokes, and laughed heartily. When we made the decision to go to bed, it was about 2:00 am.


This was a truly wonderful experience. This train ride will always be a fond memory for me. I created memories I would always treasure.
The fall break was about to start in a few weeks, and it was the month of September. Our first semester examinations were just ended, so we were at least temporarily relieved of the pressure of studying. During the fall break, our school arranges excursions to a variety of locations.

Essay On Train Journey In English (400 Words)

My First Friendship Train Ride

My parents had always been wary of sending me on outstationed trips, even though they let me go on local school excursions. They worried sending me because they believed I was too inexperienced and irresponsible. Each year when I saw the notice about these school trips posted on the notice board, I attempted to persuade them, but they resisted. However, after much convincing in class VII, my mother vowed that she would send me in class IX because by then I would be older and more mature.

I therefore reminded her of her pledge last year. She consented to send me on my school trip to Jaipur despite her reluctance. She also persuaded my father, who provided his formal approval and the required money for the trip. My happiness was limitless. A few of my close friends had also received their parents’ OK, and we were really excited about our vacation. Along with seeing Jaipur, I was looking forward to the train ride as well.

My Railroad Travel Experience

I was fortunate to be seated by a window. There was a lot to view outside the window throughout the roughly five-hour day trip. I was amazed by the little sand hills, green fields, and lengthy roads and remained riveted to the window for the most of the trip. We played silly charades and antakshari for the remainder of the trip, which was a lot of fun. I just wanted the journey to go on forever. But before we knew it, we had arrived at the Jaipur station. I truly enjoyed train rides, so while I wandered from fort to fort in the Pink city, I daydreamed of the train ride back to my hometown. The train ride home was as enjoyable.


I’ve always found trains to be fascinating. I’ve been on quite a few of these, but this one was particularly memorable since my pals were there. I anticipate taking more such rail trips.
I’ve always found trains to be fascinating. I always favour using the train, whether the trip is day or night. I enjoy spending time by the window during my daytime train commute to take in the scenery. I adore seeing the lush meadows, enormous trees, houses, and bodies of water. I could sit and take in this vista from the moving train for hours. The trains provide a lot of space and comfort, which is what I like about the late-night trips. We can stretch out easily and fall asleep. I absolutely adore sleeping on a moving train because it is such a unique experience.

Essay On Train Journey In English (500 Words)

Many people love taking train trips because of the many advantages they provide. To escape the drawbacks of train travel, some individuals would much rather take their own vehicles or buses. Making a decision about the mode of transportation can be challenging at times because each one has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of travelling by train:

Benefits of Taking the Train

Here are some of the many benefits of travelling by train:

Comfort and Room
If we consider size and comfort, a train is one of the best modes of transportation. There is sufficient room to sit and even lie down, a luxury we do not enjoy in buses, vehicles, or aeroplanes. Playing board games is simple for kids. Group outings are made much more enjoyable because we may participate in games and activities while seated.

Long Distances Made Simple
Long distance train travel is made much easier by the fact that trains have beds for sleeping and bathrooms for freshening up. One of the key advantages that railway travel has over bus and car travel is the restrooms.

No limits on the number of bags allowed
There is a weight restriction on how much luggage can be brought on board. Insufficient luggage room is another issue with buses. While travelling by train, there is no such restriction. Train trips are undoubtedly the ideal if you need to carry a lot of luggage.

Safety First
In comparison to buses, cars, and aeroplanes, travelling by train is seen as being safer. Train travel is significantly safer than bus and car travel in hilly areas.

enables efficient use of time
While riding the train, you can easily pull out your laptop and use it to complete some work. While riding the train, you can also relax and read a book or engage in other activities like knitting and sewing.

Cons of Traveling by Train

The following are some drawbacks of travelling by train:

Making Plans
The need to plan your trip months or even weeks in advance is one of the biggest challenges of using the train. It is challenging to find rail tickets for last-minute journeys.

Having a Reservation is Hard
Making a train reservation is challenging. It takes a lot of effort to visit the train station and wait in line for hours in order to book tickets. You can also reserve the ticket online, however doing so is time-consuming due to the slow train booking website.

Fixed Timetable
There is a set schedule for trains. It might be necessary for you to board trains at obnoxious times, which might be challenging at times. Missing the train even by a few minutes means arriving late, while arriving early makes it tough to spend time on the railroad station.

slower choice
In contrast to planes, which can travel the same distance in a few hours, taking a long distance by rail requires dedicating one or two days to the trip. Therefore, it is not a good alternative for students or professionals who are working and unable to take as many leaves or spend as much time travelling.