Essay On Thermal pollution In English For Student And Children

Essay On Thermal pollution In English Thermal or water pollution is a type of superfluous element mixing that contaminates and renders freshwater unusable. Us humans are harmed by thermal pollution.

Thermal pollution

Essay On Thermal pollution In English

Thermal Pollution Factors

The cause of thermal pollution is a combination of natural and human activity. Floods, earthquakes, tides, and chemical imbalances in big amounts of water are examples of natural phenomena.

Water becomes polluted as a result of human-made activities such as the immersion of heated trash and hazardous factory chemicals. Additionally, dirtying water resources by discharging hot household sewage into them. Thermal pollution is also increased by coal power plants, nuclear power plants, and hydro power plants. The largest source of thermal pollution is greenhouse gases. More than those, there are numerous other factors that contribute to thermal pollution.

Thermal Pollution Solutions

Dumping hot domestic and industrial effluents underground can benefit both the land and the water instead of discharging them into water bodies. Controlling greenhouse gases can also significantly reduce thermal pollution.


Thermal pollution is terrible for both current and future generations. Since humans are its main contributor, we must act to put a stop to it. We are all responsible for it.