Essay On Terrorism In India In English For Student And Children

Essay On Terrorism In India In English Long English essay on terrorism in India is available below. This essay on terrorism in India has been written in straightforward English to make it easier for you to remember and convey. After reading this essay on terrorism in India, you will understand when and how this issue first emerged, what efforts the governments made to address it, who the primary source of terrorism is, how the international community has come together to combat terrorism, etc. This article will be helpful to you in your academic assignments and in situations where you must write, speak, or participate in a debate.


Essay On Terrorism In India In English 

Essay On Terrorism In India In English  (100 Words)

Associated Terrorist Organizations in India
The main terrorist organisations present in India include the following:

Jaish-e-Muhammad: This is a terrorist organisation with its base in Pakistan that operates in Jammu and Kashmir. It wants to take Jammu and Kashmir, and to that end has organised multiple terrorist assaults in the valley.
Lashkar-e-Taiba (Let): This is an Islamist militant organisation that is active in Pakistan as well as in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is believed to be supported by Pakistan and is behind a number of significant terrorist acts in India.
After discussions between leftist militants and the Indian government broke down in 2004, the Maoist terrorist group was formed by the merger of Naxalite organisations.
The United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) is a terrorist organisation that has been implicated in numerous attacks in the Indian state of Assam.

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Worldwide Terrorism
Terrorism is a problem that affects the entire world, not just India. The factors that led to the development of terrorist organisations outside of India mostly remained the same. The main causes are socioeconomic inequality, prejudice and alienation, discontent with how the ruling party is run, religious extremism, and ethnonationalism.

Almost every nation in the globe is dealing with one of the aforementioned issues, and this has prompted the emergence of several terrorist cells within these nations. To instil fear among the populace, these terrorist cells occasionally carry out terrorist strikes inside the nation. Transnational terrorism is a result of rivalry between nations. This rivalry or enmity may result from differences in religious beliefs, economic inequality, the dearth of aid for developing countries, and other factors. Transnational terrorism is clearly demonstrated by Pakistan’s attacks on India as well as its attacks on other countries.

Terrorist attacks have occurred often over the past 20 years in nations like Pakistan, Syria, India, Russia, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Israel, Philippines, Colombia, Somalia, Thailand, Turkey, Yemen, and Syria. They have been the target of both internal and international attacks. One of the most horrific and significant terrorist assaults on a first-world nation was the 9/11 tragedy that occurred in the United States.

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Indian terrorism’s root causes
The widespread terrorism in India has a lot of factors. In India, there are primarily four types of terrorism. This encompasses terrorism related to religion, drugs, the left wing, and ethnic nationalism. The major goal of all terrorist cells operating under them is to instil widespread fear and panic among the general people, even though terrorists from various terrorist cells may have banded together for various reasons.

The main reasons for terrorism in India are as follows:

There are many different religions in India. While the majority of the country’s residents practise their own religions in peace and cooperation, there are numerous religious fanatics that want to sever relations between them. These organisations extol the virtues of their faith and contend that it is superior to all others. These groups have previously carried out a number of violent movements that have harmed the peace and harmony of the nation. In such epidemics, many individuals have been hurt and several more have died.

Extremist groups encourage this kind of terrorism. It happens when a sizable portion of a state’s population declares a desire to secede and create their own independent state or country. One instance of this kind of terrorism is the Khalistan Movement in Punjab. Because certain Kashmiri Islamic groups want Kashmir to join Pakistan, the lovely Indian state of Kashmir is also suffering as a result of this kind of terrorism. Similar to how Tamil Nadu, Assam, Tripura, and Nagaland have all suffered as a result of this kind of terrorism.

Scenario in Politics
Some terrorist organisations are founded to pose a danger to the government because they are unhappy with the nation’s political structure. This has led to references to the Naxalites, a group of radical leftists in India. The Naxalites are extremely dissatisfied with the nation’s governmental system. They have previously committed a number of terrorist acts and want to overthrow the government through an armed uprising. They want to introduce a unique form of government.

Essay On Terrorism In India In English  (400 Words)

Social and economic disparities
India is renowned for having wide socioeconomic gaps. The country’s wealthiest are getting richer, while the poor are going poorer. The impoverished class joins terrorist cells to kill the higher class because of this sense of injustice. They primarily conduct terrorist strikes in affluent areas, and they target famous persons and influential figures.

Terrorism’s effects in India
The effects of terrorism have been felt widely across the nation. Here are some examples of how terrorism has affected India:

Fear Among the People
Public anxiety has been sparked by terrorism in India. There are occasionally bombings, shootings, or other terrorist-related incidents in the nation. As a result, many people pass away prematurely and many others are permanently disabled. The general population experiences worry and anxiety as a result of each of these attacks. Even days after such incidents, people are afraid to leave their homes.

impact on the tourism sector
People are wary about going to regions where terrorist attacks are likely to occur. The terrorist acts carried out by various terrorist groups both inside and outside of India that pose a threat to the nation’s tranquilly have severely harmed the country’s tourism economy. After the terrorist attacks, the tourism sector in particular experiences a strong uptick for several months.

overseas investment
Before making investments in India and other countries vulnerable to terrorism, foreign investors pause. This is due to the substantial danger involved. They search for safer substitutes. Due to this, Indian businesses have significantly suffered.

a weakened economy
The economy of India has been adversely affected by terrorism. Major terrorist attacks that caused the loss of property and companies have hit many Indian cities hard. In these situations, the cost of resurrection is relatively expensive. The resources available to the nation for use in constructive endeavours are allocated to making up for the damage brought on by terrorist attacks. In addition, the terrorism in India has had a significant negative influence on the economy of the nation by causing a decline in the tourism sector, a lack of interest from foreign investors in India, and an increase in the rates of international trade.

Brain Exodus
Due to the poor quality of life and security threats posed by terrorism, many gifted young people in India no longer want to reside there. They relocate to wealthy, less prone to terrorist attacks developed countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Therefore, there has been a brain drain as a result of terrorist activity.