Essay On Terrorism In English For Student And Children

Essay On Terrorism In English Terrorism is defined as an act of violence directed towards unwary civilians or military people who are not engaged in battle. Typically, it’s done to undermine a government and achieve political advantage. Terrorists are those who carry out such attacks. There has been no alleviation from terrorism’s long-term agony in the world. While the government battles terrorism, people perish. The globalisation of terrorism makes its eradication challenging. Together, we must combat terrorism and improve the quality of life on Earth.


Essay On Terrorism In English

Essay On Terrorism In English (100 Words)

All around the world, terrorism has grown to be a significant domestic and worldwide issue. It is a global problem that has, in one way or another, impacted practically every country on the planet. Many nations have sought to combat terrorism, yet terrorists continue to receive backing from someone. A violent act of frightening the general public can be considered terrorism and can occur day or night. Terrorists have a variety of goals, including instilling fear of violence in society and achieving political ends, among others.

Bombings of the US Embassy and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are only a few examples of terrorism. The fundamental objective of terrorists is to have the government of a particular nation grant their demands.

Essay On Terrorism In English (200 Words)

A significant national problem, terrorism employs the power of the human mind to achieve total victory. The goal of terrorism is to weaken the human intellect so that it can once again govern the country. It must be resolved on a global scale. In order to eradicate terrorism at its source, we need all think about it collectively. We must establish a firm strategy to utterly destroy its kingdom and eradicate the terrifying fear it inspires in people’s hearts. Violence is used by terrorism to accomplish its goals and have beneficial effects.

The act of violence committed by the terrorist group is referred to as terrorism. Due to unfair natural calamities or unfair behaviour by others, they became very ordinary people and somehow lost control over their minds. As a result, they are unable to fulfil their wants in ways that are socially acceptable and normal. They are gradually won over by some evil persons in the society, who promise to satisfy all of their aspirations. To fight against their own country, civilization, and community, they band together and create a terrorist organisation. All of the nation’s youth have experienced stunted growth and development as a result of terrorism.

Essay On Terrorism In English (300 Words)

In spite of the numerous difficulties India has experienced, including poverty, population expansion, hunger, illiteracy, inequity, and many more, terrorism continues to pose a serious threat to humankind. It is an illness that affects people mentally and cognitively, and it is more than harmful and terrifying. It has equally challenged large (the USA, Russia, etc.) and tiny (countries like Ireland, Israel, etc.). Terrorism is an act of utilising international violence by a group of disgruntled individuals known as terrorists to further certain personal, political, or religious objectives. The terrorists’ ability to instil fear is growing every day.

Terrorism has no established rules or laws; it merely targets groups of innocent people to sow fear and put pressure on the government to comply with its demands. The terrorist’s demands become extremely detailed in order to get only what they want. It is the biggest threat to humanity. They never put their friends, family, little children, women, or the elderly in danger. They only want to detonate atomic bombs in densely populated areas. A crowd is shot at, an aeroplane is hijacked, and other terror acts are committed.
Terrorists want to sow terror in their desired cities, regions, or nations in the shortest amount of time. Though it was formerly believed that terrorist activities were exclusive to Kashmir, they have since extended across the entire nation. There are numerous terrorist organisations in the country, each with a distinctive name. Political terrorism and criminal terrorism are the two main subtypes of terrorism, depending on their actions. Terrorists are a well-educated group of individuals ready to carry out a specific task. Numerous terrorist organisations have received training for a variety of tasks. It is similar to a sickness that spreads frequently and requires some extremely potent medication to be permanently eradicated.

Essay On Terrorism In English (400 Words)

Terrorism is the process of unfair and violent acts carried out by a trained group of individuals known as terrorists. There is only one manager who issues rigorous directives to the team to carry out a specific task in any manner. To further their unfair ideals, they seek wealth, influence, and notoriety. In these circumstances, the media is actually helpful in disseminating information about terrorism in the society of any country. Terrorist groups also use the media as a source of support, reaching out to them specifically to inform them of their plans, objectives, and ideas.

According to their goals and objectives, many terrorist organisations have different names. The psychological effects of terrorism are profound, and many become so terrified as a result that they are afraid to leave their homes. They believe that there is fear present everywhere in the crowd, including at train stations, temples, social gatherings, public events, and numerous others. In order to draw attention to their actions and exert control over people’s minds, terrorists want to sow terror inside a particular area with a large population. 9/11 assaults on the United States and the 26/11 attack in India are two recent examples of terrorism. It has had a significant impact on humanity and the economy.

A strict security arrangement is implemented on government instruction in an effort to lessen terror and the impact of terrorism on the country. Any location that is crowded for any reason, such as social events, national holidays like Republic Day and Independence Day, temples, etc. Everybody is required to abide by the security measures in place and pass through the automatic full body scanner. These devices aid security in spotting the presence of terrorists. We are still unable to make the security arrangements effective against terrorism, notwithstanding their strictness.

Every year, a significant amount of money is spent by our nation to eradicate the terrorist organisation and combat terrorism. As new terrorists are being trained every day, it is still spreading like a sickness. Although they are quite regular people like us, they are instructed to carry out some unfair acts and coerced into fighting for their own society, family, and nation. They are so well-trained that they never put their lives in danger and are constantly prepared to fight to the bitter end. As Indian citizens, it is our collective responsibility to stop terrorism, and we can only do this by avoiding engaging in the avaricious conversations of evil and irate individuals.