Essay On Technology In English For Student And Children

Essay On Technology In English Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to generate novel equipment and apparatus that may be used to offer various services or can be further utilised to produce further apparatus. Technology is the use of knowledge to create and manufacture tools and other products that make life easier for people. Here are some essays on technology of various lengths to aid you with the subject in your quizzes and assignments.


Essay On Technology In English

Essay On Technology In English (100 Words)

Dependence on Technology

It is OK to use technology to enhance one’s lifestyle. Technology addiction, however, has the potential to be disastrous. Unfortunately, when it comes to utilising technology, we have advanced much too far. Nowadays, almost everyone is connected to technology. Cell phones are one of the best instances of this. No matter where you are—in a café, an office, or your home—everyone nearby appears to be fumbling with a smartphone.

The addiction to air conditioners is comparable. It is practically hard to sit during the heat without an air conditioner. While people survived without this air conditioning equipment when summers were just as hot a few years ago, it has since became an addiction.

Essay On Technology In English (200 Words)

Greek words technne and logos are the origin of the word technology. The Greek words for knowledge or conversation about something are logos and techne, respectively. Thus, technology is the application of knowledge to the creation of something to improve life. A number of significant and minor items that we utilise on a daily basis are a result of technological advancement.

To develop fresh theories, scientists carry out research and experiment with many things. These concepts are used by technologists to create newer technologies. These days, people are so dependent on their technological innovations because they have grown so accustomed to using them. They watch for the introduction of newer, more sophisticated equipment. The best examples of this are automobiles and cell phones. People replace their old models as soon as the new ones are available, doing so without hesitation.

It is difficult to take your eyes off the smart phones because they provide so much, from incredible gaming experiences to quick communication with others. Because of the ease they provide, your automobile, air conditioner, microwave, and other highly advanced items appear to be just as nice. However, it is advisable to utilise them sparingly and not excessively. To live peacefully and maintain the health of your surroundings, strike a balance between science and nature.

Essay On Technology In English (300 Words)

Technology has contributed to the expansion and improvement of humanity as a whole. Living is now more convenient thanks to technological innovations. Some of the best things technology has given us are the ability to communicate with people around the globe, travel across great distances, have access to endless entertainment, and prepare and store food with ease. But is technology actually a blessing for people?

Technology: A Benefit to Humanity?

Well, there have always been differing opinions on this. Although technology has made it possible to live a better life, there are drawbacks that should not be ignored. All forms of pollution have dramatically increased as a result of the ongoing use of cutting-edge machinery and the manufacturing process for it. Numerous health problems are now being caused by the increasing pollution. Overuse of technology is also a factor in issues like weight and vision impairment. In addition, far of connecting people, it has isolated them socially. Additionally, it has resulted in fewer work prospects, notably for members of the labour class.

The Interaction of Science and Technology

Despite their interdependence, science and technology are two entirely different domains of study. Technology benefits from science in a number of ways. Science-based knowledge paves the door for fresh, creative concepts to create various technical instruments. Science lab study and experimentation result in the creation of several technical tools and devices. Understanding the effects of technology on the environment and society is aided by knowledge of science. On the other hand, technology advances the goals of science. The use of the concepts inspires and motivates scientists to conduct additional study and experiments to generate fresher ideas.


The amount of harm that technology has inflicted on the environment and humanity is a serious worry, even while it has undoubtedly improved lifestyles and helped economies develop.

Essay On Technology In English (400 Words)

Everything you use to communicate with loved ones—from the television you watch to your cell phone, from the car you drive to the refrigerator you use to store your food, from the air conditioners you use to combat the heat to the laptops you use to complete a variety of tasks—is a gift of technology.

A Key Aspect of Our Lives Is Technology

Our life now cannot function without technology. Because of its constant evolution, our way of life is changing. More recent technological innovations are dominating the market, and people barely give them a chance to break in.

Additionally, the growth and development of the nations as a whole has been facilitated by technological breakthroughs.

What Technology Cannot Do

An examination of technology’s drawbacks is provided below:

Pollution of many different kinds has resulted from the usage of technological devices. Noise pollution is another effect of the creation and use of technological gadgets. Industrial waste is dumped into the oceans and other bodies of water, causing water pollution; factories and automobiles generate smoke, causing air pollution; and other land uses emit smoke. Additionally, soil pollution is a result of industrial waste. Thermal, radioactive, and light pollution have also made room for technological development.

Natural Resources Are Running Out
In order to make technological equipment, many natural resources are being overused. Although these tools have shown to be valuable in a variety of ways, this practise is endangering the ecosystem by depleting natural resources.

Medical Problems
Numerous health problems are a result of the escalating pollution problem and the deterioration of the natural environment. In addition to reducing physical activity, technology use has contributed to a number of health issues. A number of issues are at an all-time high as a result of the increased use of technology, including breathing issues, lung infections, and obesity.

Machines are being used to complete the work that was formerly completed manually. As a result, many people’s means of subsistence have been removed by the production of machines.

The development of nuclear weapons that pose a threat to humanity has also been facilitated by advances in nuclear weapons technology.


We cannot picture our lives without the vast majority of the technological gifts that we utilise every day. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that, for all the good that technology has done for humanity, it has also harmed our environment to a similar extent.

Essay On Technology In English (500 Words)

According to a standard definition, technology is the process of using scientific and technical knowledge to plan, build, and maintain machinery, electronic equipment, and a variety of other products that benefit humankind. Different sorts of technology have been created, each with a specific function.

Technologies available

The many technology categories are shown below:

Technological Industry
When creating machines and other equipment, this form of technology makes use of engineering and manufacturing technology. The production process is sped up and improved with the use of these technologies. Also made easier is the process.

Different Technologies
In contrast to other technologies that are more prevalent in today’s environment, this type is known to be environmentally benign. Alternative technology uses include using wind turbines to generate power, composting, solar energy, anaerobic digestion, biodiesel, vegetable oil, wind generators, and recycling grey water.

Technical Innovation
A software-based, electronic, or data-driven gadget may be used in the creation of art, product design, or advertising. This encompasses, among other things, the use of wearable technology, 3D printing, computer graphics, and virtual reality.

Engineering in Architecture
In order to design and construct structures, technology is used. Building engineering and architecture both include it. The development of building science is directly related to it. It can occasionally be considered a distinct discipline.

Reduced Technology
Using only mechanical means to produce new products, this is the name given to basic technology. This was more common prior to the industrial revolution. It is not able to produce high-end gadgets and can be practised with little financial commitment.

aiding technology
In order to assist those with impairments, this entails utilising a variety of goods and services. In order to help disabled individuals learn and operate, it includes mechanical, electronic, and microprocessor-based equipment as well as non-mechanical, non-electronic assistance. It also includes special instructional materials and services. They are also made to have easy access to their surroundings thanks to it.

technology for instruction
Development, use, management, and evaluation of teaching and learning resources are all practises that fall under this category. The creation of worthwhile and interesting learning opportunities is its fundamental goal.

Micro Technology
In essence, it is a microelectronics-based technology. The discovery that it was possible to create microelectronic circuits with improved performance and functionality at lower costs by combining tiny transistors on a single chip came to light in the year 1960.

the field of medicine
As the name implies, this kind of technology creates a range of tools and machinery for the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical disorders that impact both humans and animals.

Informational Technology
Information study, storage, transmission, and retrieval are all done through computer systems and other forms of communication. The most typical instance of information technology is the internet.


Despite the fact that technology has been broken down into a number of subcategories, each with their own function, the primary goal of all of them is still the same: to invent and create newer gadgets that will make life easier.