Essay On Technology Addiction In English For Student And Children

Essay On Technology Addiction In English “I worry the day that technology will transcend our human relationship,” stated Albert Einstein once. There will be a generation of fools in the globe. Unfortunately, in our day and age, people must live in constant fear of this wonderful soul. The majority of individuals now prioritise using technology. They are dependent on it now. Their health, employment, and relationships have all suffered.

Technology Addiction

Essay On Technology Addiction In English

Essay On Technology Addiction In English (100 Words)

Mobile Dependence
One of the most prevalent sorts of technology addictions in the modern day is mobile addiction. Our smartphones are incredible sources of entertainment. They are incredibly valuable. A mobile phone with a high speed internet connection has a lot to offer, including engaging games, educational content, entertaining films, simple ways to interact with our loved ones and make new acquaintances, and much more. It’s challenging not to become addicted to it.

Many mobile users are dependent on their devices. They don’t care if they are seated at a dining table, a social event, or a crucial business meeting. They are constantly using their phone. Compared to everything else going on around them, they find it more interesting.

Essay On Technology Addiction In English (200 Words)

Internet addiction, mobile addiction, social media addiction, TV addiction, computer addiction, game addiction, and web series addiction are just a handful of the addictions that fall under the general heading of “technology addiction.” This is the most recent form of addiction to engulf individuals globally.

Technology addiction alters brain function in the same way as addiction to drugs and alcohol does. It offers fleeting pleasure and brief stress relief. On the other hand, the damage it does to the human brain over time is irreversible. Our brain develops new neuropathways as a result of constant usage of technology, including mobile, internet, television, and other devices.

Technology addiction is challenging to overcome since it excites all the senses. It produces the same high in addicts as do drugs. Addicts keep coming back to the technology to get this thrill. When they are not using technology, they experience sadness and depression. They continue to be addicted to it for the most of the day for this reason. They begin to put off doing their work and other crucial activities. Additionally, they begin to disregard their loved ones. They connect their addiction and happiness. They only experience happiness when they indulge in their addiction, and when told to stop, they act aggressively.

Essay On Technology Addiction In English (300 Words)

Although it is sometimes dismissed, evidence shows that technology addiction is just as harmful as substance addiction. Many of the negative consequences brought on by this new-age addiction are comparable to those of drug addiction. It has an effect on a person’s social, career, and personal lives. Here is a quick look at some of its negative effects.

Technology’s Effect on Health

Any form of technology addiction is harmful to a person’s health. Technology addicts who are dependent on their phones, computers, and the internet run the danger of developing a variety of health problems. Technology addicts sometimes experience a variety of health issues, including excessive weight gain, backaches, dry and itchy eyes, and regular headaches. Many of these eventually progress to major conditions like heart disease, hypertension, and depression.

Technology’s Effect on Work and Study

The effects of technology addiction on the brain are profound. Technology addiction makes it difficult to concentrate at work. He frequently feels lightheaded and lethargic, which makes it difficult for him to work. He lacks the capacity for original and logical thought. Additionally, he is unable to escape technology due to his addiction. He frequently disregards his work and is late for meetings and deadlines. This prevents him from growing professionally.

Students who abuse technology also experience these problems. As a result of spending the majority of the day glued to technology, their academic performance suffers. Additionally, they have little interest in extracurricular activities and sports, which are crucial for their overall growth.

Technology’s Effect on Relationships

Technology addicts prioritise it over all else. They frequently have their phones in their hands while they are seated with family and friends. They are either playing video games, conversing with friends online, or updating their social media profiles. They dislike interacting in real life with people.

Essay On Technology Addiction In English (400 Words)

Technology dependence is a scourge on contemporary society. Nowadays, many people use technology to pass the time or to divert their attention from everyday issues. Many of them begin taking it excessively and quickly develop an addiction. To regain control of your life, it’s critical to recognise the early signs of technology addiction and overcome them.
Technology Addiction Warning Signs
People who are hooked to technology frequently feel terrible for abusing it and neglecting their loved ones and their jobs as a result. Even though they want to work and spend time with their loved ones and friends, they are unable to do so because they are pulled to technology-driven activities like playing video games, using the internet, and mobile devices. They can’t leave these things behind.
Many of them tell lies, justify what they do, and become angry when someone tells them otherwise. Addicts to technology report feeling euphoric while utilising it. They become time-displaced. They can’t keep up a productive schedule. They endure issues like anxiety and depression and become socially isolated. They stay away from difficult duties like office work, homework, and housework. They ignore their health, and it frequently starts to decline as a result.
How to Break the Technology Addiction Cycle
It’s crucial to divert your attention and put your energy in the proper directions if you want to break your technological addiction. So it makes sense to enrol in a course that advances your career. You may also give something you’re interested in a try, like pottery, dance, art, or athletics. Enjoying something you enjoy will lift your mood and divert your attention from technology.
Building a social network is crucial as you work to overcome your addiction to technology. Comparing meeting and conversing with people in real life to online contacts, real life interactions are significantly more energising and gratifying. A effective strategy to break the addiction to technology is to reconnect with old friends and make new ones in your neighbourhood, at work, or at school. It would also be helpful to ask family members for support in this regard.
If nothing else seems to work, you might seek professional help to overcome your addiction to technology.
The misuse of technology is preventing people from developing fully. The society suffers because of it. Specialized instruction should be provided to kids in schools and universities to help them avoid this addiction. It requires counselling to help those who are addicted to it break free.


Essay On Technology Addiction In English (500 Words)

Technology is a useful servant but a hazardous master, as is well remarked. To put it another way, technology may be fantastic if used properly. If you let it take control of you, though, it might be harmful. Many people all across the world are having their lives destroyed by addiction to technology.

Addiction to technology Encourages Drug Abuse

Technology addiction of any type, including addiction to mobile devices, the internet, social media, and gaming, is just as harmful as drug misuse. Drug users develop vulnerability and delusions. They just care about getting a dose of their favourite medicine. It provides them a rush and momentarily relieves all of their strain. They become drug addicts out of a desire for this fleeting pleasure.

Technology has a similar calming effect to pharmaceuticals, and its effects are likewise transient. Technology provides a distraction from the issues we face every day. It temporarily calms our minds and relieves tension. It harms our mind, body, and spirit just as much as drug addiction does.

These addictions are related, according to researchers. Technology addicts are more prone to become drug addicts, it has been shown. Most people who use technology to relieve stress initially succeed in getting the desired outcome.

But when they become dependent on it, they start to experience tension and depression. Technology junkies search for things that can have a larger impact and assist them in achieving that euphoric state in order to cope with the scenario. They frequently turn to drugs and alcohol and develop addictions to them.

Technology Abuse: Harming Children’s Minds

Although it affects people of all ages, technology addiction is especially prevalent among young people who live around the world. Young people have a lot of energy and innovative ideas. To enable children to develop more effectively and achieve more in life, their thoughts and energy need to be directed in the proper directions.

However, the majority of the time, this does not occur. These days, young people have access to a variety of technical devices and spend the majority of their time and energy using them. Many of them have developed technology addictions, which is harming their mental health. They only consider returning to the internet, a computer, social media, or whatever other technology they are addicted to. They stop being interested in other pursuits.

They struggle to concentrate at work because they are constantly compelled to use the technology to which they are addicted. They feel bad for prioritising technology above their relationships and jobs and for using it excessively. But they are still unable to go past it. This is very stressful. Many of them struggle with anxiety and even experience despair.

Addicts to technology are unable to reason clearly. When pushed to limit their use of technology, they lose track of time, react defensively, and even begin to fabricate their usage. They perform worse and frequently exhibit behavioural problems.


It’s important to treat technology addiction seriously. Technology use needs to be monitored by people. They must take action to combat technology addiction if they notice any symptoms.