Essay On Summer Season In English For Student And Children

Essay On Summer Season In English  The summer is the hottest season of the year, but it’s also the most intriguing and fun since kids can enjoy mountainous areas, swimming, eating ice cream and lassi, and enjoying their favourite fruits, among other things. In the summer, they appreciate having school off. It’s one of the four temperate seasons of the year, and it lasts from spring to autumn. In order to assist students whose teachers have given them this assignment to write a few lines or an entire essay on the topic, we have offered several essays about the summer season below under various word counts. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can pick any of the paragraphs or essays.


Essay On Summer Season In English

Essay On Summer Season In English (100 Words)

The summer months are March, April, May, and June. The temperature reaches its highest peak during this season, making it the hottest of the year. Days lengthen and become hotter throughout this season, while nights become shorter. Sunlight during the middle of the day is extremely hot. All day long, there is a hot wind that makes the surroundings hard and dry. Small streams, wells, and ponds all dry up during the hottest part of the summer. Due to a lack of power and other comforting supplies, people who live in rural locations frequently experience severe water shortages, extreme heat, dryness, and other unpleasant conditions.

Despite the extreme heat, people love eating a variety of summer fruits such mangoes, cucumbers, jackfruits, lichee, muskmelon, and watermelon. Urban residents take advantage of a variety of activities during this season, including swimming, trips to mountainous places, Water Park, Fun Food Village, etc.

Essay On Summer Season In English (200 Words)

The summer months are the hottest of the year, which makes outdoor activities nearly impossible throughout the day. Typically, people visit the market outside in the late evening or early morning. Due to its cooling impact, most people like morning walks in the heat. The wind is hot, dry, and dusty all day long. Due to the summer, people can occasionally develop cholera, diarrhoea, heat stroke, and other health issues. The following are some guidelines we should abide by this summer:

The weather is quite sunny.
We should dress in cosy cotton clothing.
To combat the summer heat, we should consume cold foods and beverages.
To stay healthy and fit throughout the season, we should take numerous precautions.
To more easily deal with the summer heat, we should take summer vacations in mountainous areas.
To avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion, we need drink a lot of water.
In particular, from 10 am to 5 pm, we should avoid being outside throughout the day to avoid exposure to UV rays.
To protect birds from the summer heat, we should provide a bowl of water and some rice in the hallway.
People should be specifically asked for water, such as the postman and merchandise vendors.
In order to stay cool throughout the summer, we need employ cooling resources, but we should attempt to use less power overall to lessen the negative consequences of global warming.
We shouldn’t waste electricity or water.
To lessen the summer heat, we should plant more trees in our surrounding areas and provide them daily watering.

Essay On Summer Season In English (300 Words)

India primarily experiences four seasons, with summer being one of them. Despite being a particularly hot season, people generally like it. March, April, May, and June are the four months when it happens, however May and June are the hottest months of the summer. The earth’s rotation (also known as its revolution) as it revolves around the Sun is what causes the summer season. The summer season begins during this movement, when a portion of the planet gets heated because to the sun’s direct and angular beams. Days become longer and nights shorter during this time of year.

It begins after the Holi festival and finishes just before the rainy season begins. The entire amount of water that evaporated during the summer months stored as vapour in the atmosphere (creating clouds) and falls as rain during the rainy season. The summer season has various benefits as well as drawbacks. Kids enjoy and rest more during this time of year, but it also exposes adults to a variety of health issues, including excessive heat, storms, heat stroke, dehydration, summer boils, weakness, and restlessness. Summer days grow unbearably hot in the middle, causing many frail persons to pass away or have sun strokes.

People in many areas of India experience water scarcity and drought conditions, and wells, canals, and rivers become dry. Lack of water causes trees to lose their leaves. The hot, dusty wind that blows everywhere puts people’s health at risk. To combat the summer heat, we should consume more fruits, cool foods, and water.

Children appreciate the season because they have a one and a half month long summer vacation, which they spend at home with their families, travelling to cool locations, swimming, and eating ice cream with summer fruits. People typically prefer taking a summer morning walk before the sun rises since it provides a cool, peaceful, and cheerful atmosphere along with fresh air.

Essay On Summer Season In English (400 Words)

Out of the four seasons of the year, summer is the warmest. It starts on the Summer Solstice day and finishes on the Autumnal Equinox day. Because the Southern and Northern Hemispheres are in opposite directions, it is winter when it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Facts about the Summer:

The following are some facts about the summer:

As the earth is tilted toward the sun, summertime occurs (means hemisphere tilted in the direction of the sun experiences summer whereas hemisphere tilted away to sun experiences winter).
Since they get a long summer break from school, kids are happier at this time.
While June, July, and August are summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, December, January, and February are summer months in the Southern Hemisphere.
People spend the majority of the season outside because of the weather.
The year’s longest and warmest days are found there.
We obtain intriguing fruits and plants.
Why is it so hot in the summer?

Rising fatality tolls are a result of the season’s high temperatures, dry weather, and intense monsoons. The warm weather during this season causes droughts with limited water supplies, scarcity, or even a complete lack of water in some areas. This season is unusually hot due to heat waves and temperature increases, which causes a multitude of issues for both people and wildlife.

Dehydration brought on by heat waves is a common summertime cause of death in both humans and animals. The deadliest extreme weather in the summer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is caused by prolonged hot spells. Therefore, it is wise to drink enough of water all during the season. Women should typically drink 2.7 litres of water per day in the summer, while men should drink 3.7 litres, according to the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences. However, those who engage in strenuous exercise need to drink more water than usual.

The National Climatic Data Center of the NOAA has noted that the summer of 2014 was the hottest ever. According to NASA, human-caused global warming is causing summertime temperatures to rise each year. And it appears that the planet will soon be like summer all year round due to the growing temperature.


Because we are humans, God’s most intelligent creation, we must consider and take good action in response to the rising temperature. While we should take advantage of all the convenient options to enjoy the summer, we shouldn’t go overboard. We should always conserve water and power while having fun. Because there is a relatively little percentage of clean water on this planet and needless electrical consumption contributes to global warming, we should not squander water or electricity. Let’s go! We can accomplish it by clapping hands.