Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English For Student And Children

Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English Simple Living High Mind suggests that while we should live a simple life, our thinking should not be constrained. This means that we shouldn’t limit our thoughts to the specifics of day-to-day activities. To make meaningful changes in our lives and the lives of people around us, we need think broadly.

The adage emphasises the value of leading a straightforward life devoid of pretence. We need to control our wants and cravings. But it needs to be big when it comes to thinking. We must consider those around us as well as ourselves.

Simple Living High Thinking

Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English

Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English (100 Words)

A frequent adage that emphasises the importance of living a simple life and having high thinking is “simple living, lofty thinking.” Each of us living such a life would make the world a much better place.

The Life of Mahatma Gandhi Is an Example High Thinking Simple Living

Undoubtedly, the first person who comes to mind when we hear the adage Simple Living, High Thinking is Mahatma Gandhi. This amazing man, also known as Bapu, had a very straightforward life. He had a strong education and could have easily obtained a well-paying position. He might have driven pricey cars and resided in a luxurious home. But he decided to reside in a hut. He ate basic meals and dressed simply, donning a dhoti. Although his vision was broad, his materialistic wants were modest. He was a guy of lofty thought. He lived his life serving the country.

Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English (200 Words)

High thinking and simple life go hand in hand. Only those who believe in leading a modest life are able to think critically and carry out heroic activities. People who choose to live opulently just consider satisfying their own desires one after another, without any thought of an end. Such people’s thinking gets constrained because they are so preoccupied with satiating their cravings and impressing others by displaying their materialistic belongings. They are unable to think critically or broadly.

On the other hand, those who get that they must prioritise their needs over all other desires for material possessions lead simple lives. They just invest in necessities and prioritise improving themselves as people through their actions rather than flaunting their possessions. They make an effort to assist those around them, get involved in charitable endeavours, partake in environmental improvement initiatives, but most importantly, they prioritise spending time with their loved ones.

Now, this is not to say that it is improper to be ambitious and work hard to make enough money to live comfortably. Living comfortably and leading a wealthy lifestyle are two different things. There are a lot of wealthy individuals who live modest lives and are highly intelligent. Instead of splurging lavishly on themselves, they engage in charitable giving.

Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English (300 Words)

This saying counsels people to control their wants and desires because there is no end to them. If we go after every want we have, we will never be content since they keep expanding.

Live Simply and Quit Impressing People

The majority of the things we desire are, as we can all agree, not actually for ourselves. They should dazzle our neighbours, friends, and family. A life like this can never be satisfying or enjoyable. This is true because neither we, nor anybody else, can ever, be born to satisfy or impress others. No matter what we do, people always hunt for ways to criticise us, which makes us feel even worse. We work hard to improve our income, advance in our careers, broaden our social networks, and spend lavishly on furniture and clothing. But why? All of this is done to gain favour with others.

This is not to imply that having ambition and earning a good living are inherently bad things. All of this could satisfy us to some extent, but it also depletes us greatly. However, many spend a lot of time at work and ignore their parents, spouses, and children in their effort to succeed professionally and earn more and more to sate the never-ending desires. They become estranged from the family and their personal relationships are strained, which further adds to their stress.


We will be able to strike a balance between our personal and professional lives if we curb our materialistic desires and prioritise what we actually need. We’ll be able to spend more time with our family, which is where the real joy is, if we do it this way. We’ll also have enough time for ourselves, so we can reflect on our underlying motivations for living.

Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English (400 Words)

Many intelligent people have made their imprint on history by adhering to the advice contained in this adage in the past. Sant Kabirdas, Mahatma Gandhi, Pope Francis, and Abraham Lincoln are a few examples. All of these people have lived incredibly modest lives and encouraged many others to do the same.

Why is a Simple Life Required?

Nowadays, very few people live simple lives; instead, most people are preoccupied with pursuing their ambitions and trying to impress others with their newest goods. Here are some reasons to live a simple life:

closer ties with family
You become closer to your roots when you stop trying to impress people and start living an authentic, uncomplicated life. As you become closer to your family, you experience great joy from their love.

Realize Who You Really Are
You can only start to understand who you really are when you stop looking for ways to satisfy yourself with ever-more-things and start spending time with yourself.

Feeling of Command
When you live simply, you only need the minimum necessities to be happy. You feel more confident when you do not have several loans active for various purposes. You are no longer need to work nonstop to increase your income in order to pay off your debts and liabilities. You feel like you have more control over your life.

lower level of stress
The constant pressure to earn more than your family, friends, and neighbours is no longer present. To feel good about yourself, you don’t need a bigger home, car, or money account. When you make the decision to pursue a simple life, all of the stress brought on by this continual pressure will disappear.

Healthy Life
You won’t have to work too arduously in your office to advance. This is so that even if you are earning quite well but not excessively, your wants would be few and your needs might be satisfied. As a result, you’ll be able to leave on time for home and spend time with your loved ones. Work-life balance will be made possible by this.


While many people still strive for a luxury lifestyle, others have begun to live more simply after witnessing the terrible effects of the former. It’s time to accept that we should live for our own satisfaction rather than the approval of others. We need to realise that happiness comes from within, not from things on the outside. We can only find inner peace and pleasure if we live a modest life and have strong ideals that motivate us to help others.

Essay On Simple Living High Thinking In English (500 Words)

Every one of us should live by the mantra “simple living, lofty thinking.” But today’s population prefers to live a life of luxury, limiting their thoughts to only those things that will give them joys of the world.

Individuals that Lived by the Golden Rule of Simple Living and High Thinking

Nelson Gandhi
One of the best people who represent this adage is Mahatma Gandhi. He lived simply yet had tremendous aspirations. Despite leading a very basic life, he had high standards of thought. Along with working to expel the British from the nation, he also motivated many people close to him to join the cause. He was the centre of his own existence. To expel the British from the nation, he used the straightforward tool of nonviolence.

Buddha was a monarch with a large army of servants at his disposal. He enjoyed all the comforts of life and a devoted family. But he abandoned all of this to live simply in the bush. He couldn’t focus, look inside himself, or think clearly until he started living simply. He would not have become enlightened if he had continued to live in the palace and in luxury.

President Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, could afford to live a luxurious lifestyle, but he chose to lead a simple one. To complete any of his chores, he did not hire a servant. All of his individual tasks were completed by him.

Tips on Living Simply

Differentiate between your needs and your wants.
Make a distinction between your requirements and wants as soon as possible. Remember that your wants are limitless but your needs are not. You must just preserve what you absolutely need in order to live simply; you cannot chase after and fulfil all of your materialistic desires.

Ensure inner tranquilly
Everybody searches outside for happiness. We try to socialise, visit malls, sample various foods, engage in pointless shopping, and other similar activities. Even while all of these things can make you happy momentarily, if you are not at peace with yourself, you won’t feel truly happy. You must look inside if you want to live a simple but satisfying life.

Don’t try to impress them.
You weren’t created to win people over. If you keep looking for ways to impress others, your life won’t get any better. When you put your attention on yourself instead of others, your life will be fulfilling.

Assist others
Spend liberally on charity rather than doing so to show off. This does not require you to give a sizable cash every month. Do what you can to assist the needy and underprivileged.

Simply unwind, practise meditation, and let go of all your bad ideas. You need to keep your thoughts on life’s blessings.


It’s not tough to live simply. You merely need to set limits on your wants and let go of the drive to win over other people. You can only think critically when you live simply; otherwise, you would only be preoccupied with satisfying your own needs.