Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English For Student And Children

Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English Water is one of the most essential natural resources that mankind has. It is believed that first traces of life on earth were found in water. Almost 70% of our planet is covered with water and life on earth is impossible without water. We need water for our various daily needs and activities and in this process we end up wasting a lot of water. It is high time that we now realize that we have to save water to save life.

Save Water Save Earth

Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English

Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English (100 Words)

We see and hear advertisements and efforts for water conservation every day. Everyone is shouting at us around us, but are we actually listening? Have we ever given this issue some serious thought? One of the most priceless freebies that nature has given us is water. We take for granted the abundance of running water that we see all around us. For our survival and the survival of every other living thing, water is absolutely necessary. One of the most prevalent issues on the planet is water waste.

Humans squander a lot of water every day, and this is currently one of the biggest problems. There have been numerous initiatives started in this regard, but they are not working as well as they could. Our government has also launched a number of efforts and programmes to encourage water conservation, but nothing will change unless we, as individuals, recognise how serious the issue is.

Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English (200 Words)

We always hear that conserving water is important if we want to have a secure future, yet we never take it seriously. We require and utilise water in a variety of ways from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night. In reality, it is difficult to envision our day without water. However, we waste a lot of time at each stage. Nearly 70% of our globe is covered in water, but not all of it is suitable for human use, so we shouldn’t squander it, as we are taught in schools.

Our government and other groups that promote awareness have repeatedly sought to inform us of the value of water conservation. There are numerous strategies to conserve water in daily living. We can conserve a lot of water by doing simple actions like turning off the faucet when not in use, attempting to reuse water when washing clothing, and taking showers instead of baths. We shall soon experience a severe water shortage if we don’t take the necessary action in a timely manner. Since we are the only species that require water to thrive, we are also the ones wasting it the most. Keep in mind that saving water is essential to save the planet.

Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English (300 Words)

The life-giving liquid, water, is one of the many blessings Mother Nature has given us in plenty. Water is all around us in so many different forms that we have forgotten to be grateful for this gift from the natural world. Instead of using this magnificent gift properly, we humans have been abusing it. It is past time for us to acknowledge the need to start making significant efforts to save water. We must save water if we want to have enough for the future.

Water conservation benefits the environment.

In many of India’s remote regions, access to clean water is still a luxury. For two buckets of clean water for their family, many people must go for kilometres each day. On the other hand, a large portion of us simply squander water every day without any thought. Every citizen should be entitled to access to clean, potable water. We need to be conscious of the value of water as well as the issues that result from a shortage of it. We need to teach our kids to use water carefully and to conserve money for the future. We also pollute the pure water, rendering it unsafe for human consumption. Although our government has launched a number of water conservation projects to raise awareness about water conservation, many people still experience water scarcity-related problems.


Even though we are all aware that life cannot live without water, we do nothing to protect it. In order to protect future generations, we must conserve water. Everything on earth will disappear if there is no water. We won’t be able to subsist because there won’t be any plants, animals, or growing crops. The time has come for us to wake up and change the way we are acting.

Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English (400 Words)

Mother Earth has always looked after for us and made sure we have all we need. Natural resources have always been available for the benefit of humanity. But regrettably, we have merely wasted and exploited these resources in return. Water is a naturally occurring resource that serves as the building block for all life. The first life form on earth is thought to have emerged from water. The basis of the living world is this transparent liquid. This resource has not only been misused, but we have also reduced its availability. Rivers, oceans, and even the amount of subsurface water have been harmed by our pollution.

Save water to save the environment.

We must understand that water is crucial since we cannot conceive life on earth without it. Only 1% of the total amount of water on Earth is fresh water, according to study. We human beings waste it like nothing else. The time when water costs the same as gold is quickly approaching. There are a variety of ways that we contribute to water waste, some of which are listed below:

taps that are not in use being left open.
Leaving sprinklers running in parks and on lawns when not in use.
Not reusing water: A lot of water can be saved by simply reusing it.
polluting rivers and other sources of water.
inappropriate water management.
Underground water is also lost as a result of deforestation.

We must also keep in mind that over 70% of our body is made up of water; therefore, how will we survive if there is not enough water on earth? We squander a lot of water doing things like washing cars, produce, clothes, and other things every day. There will soon come a day when there won’t be enough water to sustain us. There is already a very small amount of usable water, and what is left needs to be thoroughly purified before being used. We require methods for effective water management.


We need to wake up to the fact that we are making things much worse for ourselves and that we may not be able to handle the consequences. Without water, every living thing on Earth will perish, and the planet will soon be desert. To save Mother Earth, get up and conserve water.

Essay On Save Water Save Earth In English (500 Words)

Water is one of the many useful things that nature has given to us. The world has an abundant amount of water, and nature doesn’t tax us for using it. The sad thing is that we humans don’t understand this and take this gift for granted. We misuse this magnificent resource, waste a lot of water every day, and contaminate the waterways. In many villages around the world, residents still have to travel great distances each day to acquire clean water. We continue to misuse water despite the fact that we are aware of how important it is to our survival. As a result, fresh water is becoming increasingly limited every day, which poses a serious threat to human life.

The Need to Conserve Water

The necessity of conserving water is undeniable, and failing to do so will make it impossible for us to survive. All life things on this planet are supported by and depend on water. Despite the fact that we believe there is enough water for everyone on Earth, we are unaware that it is a finite resource. The supply of fresh water will run out if we don’t take action to conserve it soon. For both the government and us as citizens, protecting the water supply must be a primary concern.

Water conservation will benefit our society in a variety of ways. Urbanization growth causes the subterranean fresh water supply to be depleted. As a result, less water is available for crucial tasks like irrigation and cultivation. We can have adequate water for our fields if we practise water conservation, and the crops will be much better as a result. As the roots of trees hold the underground water table, saving water also means avoiding tree cutting. In order to conserve water, we will need to plant more trees, which will make the planet greener overall.

If we wish to conserve water, we must also safeguard our local waterways. We are responsible for an increasing amount of pollution that is harming aquatic life in the rivers and seas. We must quickly put an end to water pollution and work to clean up the rivers that we have contaminated. Our earth will be better off with a healthy aquatic ecology. A proper balance of life on Earth will also be ensured by water conservation.


Although water is naturally abundant and free, we must understand that this freedom also carries a great deal of responsibility. Water conservation is the subject of a significant campaign, but we seldom pay it any attention. As residents of this nation, it is our responsibility to instil in the next generation the value of water conservation. It is crucial to share knowledge so that the future can be prevented. If we do not start saving money right away, the fresh water supply will run out and we will perish.