Essay On Save Trees In English For Student And Children

Essay On Save Trees In English By educating people about the value of trees and encouraging them to plant more of them nearby, the phrase “Save Trees” hopes to stop deforestation and stop the cutting down of trees. As essential to human survival as food and water are trees. Without trees, living would be exceedingly difficult, or even impossible, as trees are crucial to our ability to live a healthy and prosperous existence. The subject of saving trees has brought this vital societal consciousness into the lives of students today.

Save Trees

Essay On Save Trees In English

Essay On Save Trees In English (100 Words)

Because they are a source of oxygen creation, CO2 absorption, and rain, trees support both our direct and indirect existence. They are the most priceless gift that nature has given to humanity, one that we should cherish for the sake of everyone’s health.

We must recognise the value of trees in our lives and make every effort to preserve them in order to protect human life, the environment, and our ability to live on a green planet. Because trees are as valuable as gold, they are referred to as “Green Gold” on earth. They provide us with oxygen, cool air, fruits, spices, vegetables, medications, water, wood, furniture, shadow, fuel for burning, dwellings, food for animals, and other valuable items, making them the true source of both our wealth and good health. They eliminate all of the CO2, purify the air of dangerous gases, and shield us from air pollution.

Essay On Save Trees In English (200 Words)

Trees are a priceless gift from nature to our world. They are the earth’s green gold and crucial to everyone’s survival. The following examples of the value of trees demonstrate why it’s important to preserve them:

By filtering and intercepting airborne particles, chemicals, and toxic gases, reducing heat, absorbing CO2 and other pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, and consuming green house gases, trees are a very important source for purifying and refreshing the air (as they produce oxygen and consume greenhouse gases).
The toxic gases in the air are naturally disposed of in trees.
More comfortable than other cooling methods like fans, coolers, and air conditioning, trees provide natural shade and cool air.
They are useful in safeguarding homes, vegetation, agriculture, etc. since they are effective at reducing wind force.
They protect our health by reducing pollution and dust, particularly in metropolitan areas.
By providing us with reviving air, they protect us from respiratory illnesses and breathing issues.
They aid in the reduction of noise pollution and are particularly effective as sound barriers since they block sound the way stone walls do. They shield us from the clamorous noises of busy streets, train stations, airports, etc.
They aid in rainwater conservation, stop soil from eroding, and stop storm-related silt buildup.

Essay On Save Trees In English (300 Words)

Our mother earth has truly given us numerous priceless things that enrich our life. Trees are a very precious gift. For both humans and animals on earth, it provides a source of food and shelter. Many tribes who live in forests and all bird species have their native homes in trees. They provide us with wood for building furniture, clean air to breathe, protection from soil erosion and flooding, cool, fresh air in the summer, and a source of things like gum, paper, rubber, medicine, rain, etc. We should be aware of the functions and significance of trees in our lives, make a commitment not to harm them, and inspire others to plant more trees.

Taking Care of Trees

Here are some practical methods for protecting trees, the environment, and human life:

Discovering the causes of tree removal in a certain area will help us determine whether a tree needed to be removed because it was dead, injured, infected, or planted in the wrong place.
By calling the local division of urban forestry, writing to the city forester, or contacting the appropriate city agency, we should be able to obtain accurate information about the proposed street tree removal.
We can speak with members of the city council about the subject of tree removal.
We should band together with the neighbours and schedule a public meeting before the authorities on saving the tree.
To build a compelling and persuasive argument, we need investigate and compile all the advantages of trees.
To raise awareness of tree clearance and get the media on our side, we should get in touch with them.
If trees have been cut down, we should get in touch with a nonprofit or municipal authority to make sure they are planted again in the same spot.


We cannot disregard the fact that trees are the earth’s primary supply of water and oxygen, which makes life on the planet possible. We are harming our lives and the ecology from the green earth if we cut down trees or clear forests.

Essay On Save Trees In English (400 Words)

The cleaning of the air, soil, and water by trees improves the quality of life on earth. Living near trees tends to make people healthier and happier. We benefit greatly from trees’ countless contributions to all aspects of life. Have we as humans ever considered our obligations to trees, or are we just using them for our own benefit? Saving plants is not being kind to the plants in any way; rather, it is being kind to our lives because life on earth is impossible without trees. Therefore, we must always preserve plants if we wish to live a healthy existence.

The value of trees

I’ve outlined some of the significance and priceless value of trees below, which will help us understand why they are referred to as the earth’s “green gold” and are crucial to a healthy life.

By supplying us with wholesome food and clean air, trees greatly enrich our lives and raise our standard of living.
Additionally, trees provide us with shelter, food, medicine, and other things we need for contemporary living.
Trees have a significant part in fostering a serene and aesthetically pleasant environment in society, the neighbourhood, streets, parks, and backyards. The soothing shade that trees cast during our outdoor activities contributes to a higher quality of life.
Old trees in the neighbourhood become landmarks in history and a source of local pride.
Trees assist to reflect sunlight, which lessens the heat island effect and maintains a clean, cool environment.
By filtering hazardous gases, trees not only produce clean oxygen but also lower air pollution.
By limiting evaporation, they aid in water conservation.
They support animals and stop soil erosion.
By regulating the impacts of the sun, rain, and wind, trees are an effective means of regulating the climate.
In order to keep the natural ecology in balance, trees are absolutely necessary.
They are effective at collecting and storing rainwater, protecting from damage following storms.
For forest animals, they serve as a good source of food and shelter. Birds build their nests on plant trunks.
Because they are so colourful and lovely, trees have a spiritual and personal importance. Since ancient times, some trees have been revered by the people.
As they are used commercially for fuel, building construction, tools, furniture making, sporting equipment, household products, paper, and a variety of other reasons, they are a major source of income for many people.

Essay On Save Trees In English (500 Words)

The most priceless and significant source of life on planet are trees. They are essential to the world’s thriving and healthy communities. In some direct and indirect ways, they are beneficial to all life on earth. Everything on earth is interconnected and functions in harmony with nature; if this balance is disturbed, it could upset and endanger life as we know it.

Plants provide us with a variety of nutrients and safeguard us against a number of natural disasters. We owe them a debt of gratitude for maintaining a healthy ecosystem, so we make every effort to preserve trees. Large, mature trees are more beneficial to nature than smaller ones because they absorb more carbon, filter greenhouse gases at a high rate, accumulate more storm water, cast a large shadow, reduce energy use, and do a lot more. Therefore, even in an emergency, we shouldn’t take them down.

Advantages of Trees

I’ve included some of the actual advantages of trees below to assist you realise why they shouldn’t be taken down but rather should occasionally be planted.

As the primary cause of climate change, mature trees assist us in preventing it by purifying the air and absorbing greenhouse gases.
As they absorb all of the scents and polluting gases in the environment, trees assist to purify the air by reviving it.
18 individuals could receive the necessary oxygen each year from an acre of mature trees.
Both the summertime heat and the chilly winter temperatures are mitigated by trees.
The best way to conserve energy and combat global warming is to plant trees, which can cut summer air conditioning usage by as much as 50%.
They conserve water by casting a shade that reduces the rate at which groundwater evaporates.
By enabling water to flow down to the land underneath them and preventing rains from carrying contaminants to the ocean, trees act as natural water filters and play a significant part in avoiding water pollution.
By concentrating a lot of soil in one spot, trees stop soil erosion.
Trees give us a powerful barrier against ultraviolet rays, protecting us from skin cancer and other skin conditions.
Food (such as fruits and vegetables), shelter, medicine, the economy, and other things can all be found in trees.
If children with ADHD are exposed to trees and nature, trees have good therapeutic properties for individuals who have any health-related difficulties.
Trees are a fantastic way to recognise the seasons, they minimise crime, and they give people job possibilities.
Trees are the best teachers since they never speak, only demonstrating. They are the children’s finest playmates as well.
They are a good illustration of harmony in diversity.
Noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution, and soil pollution can all be significantly decreased by planting trees.


We may fully appreciate the importance of trees in our lives by considering all the advantages of trees that have already been highlighted. Therefore, we should not cut down trees, we should always oppose logging, we should encourage the planting of additional trees in populated areas, and we should encourage regular people to protect trees.