Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English For Student And Children

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English Global warming, as the name suggests, is the term used to describe when the earth’s temperature causes the globe to become warmer. Typically, the greenhouse effect is to blame. The scope of the issue of global warming is enormous. The earth’s temperature is rising continuously. The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, excessive population growth, farming, rubbish disposal, and other human activities that produce greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are to blame for this widespread issue.

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English (100 Words)

Both natural and human-made factors contribute to global warming.

Not everyone is a suspect in global warming. Before humanity emerged, there was global warming. The main influence on the climate is the sun. Earth’s temperature increases primarily when more solar energy enters the atmosphere than is reflected back into space. A decrease in solar activity results in a colder than usual climate. Volcanic eruptions and other gases in the atmosphere that trap heat are other examples of such natural factors.

The main human-caused climate drivers include forest clearing, black carbon pollution, and heat-trapping emissions from burning coal, gas, and oil in power plants and automobiles. Our atmosphere is plagued by carbon dioxide.

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English (200 Words)

Global warming is the abrupt increase in earth’s temperature that is frequently brought on by the greenhouse effect. To our nature, we humans are inhuman. By producing greenhouse gases to fuel our contemporary lifestyles, the earth’s temperature rises. With seas, mountains, forests, snow-capped mountains, farms, etc., our planet is a stunning world. But because of human activity-related climate change, its beauty is dwindling.

The burning of fossil fuels, oils, and gases is the main cause of global warming. They release dangerous greenhouse gases that raise the temperature of the world. Another significant factor is deforestation since trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. CO2 is released back into the atmosphere when trees are cut down. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is produced when sheep, cows, and goats are raised on a large scale.

Multiple consequences of global warming have been seen. The oceans becoming more acidic, glaciers melting, changes in agricultural productivity, and frequent natural disasters like floods and droughts are just a few of them. Human actions have harmed the climate, and now we are suffering from climate change.

There is a huge problem with global warming that needs to be resolved. The government has put climate change measures in place, but we still need to do our part by regularly saving energy in a variety of ways.

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English (300 Words)

When carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and other pollutants in the atmosphere absorb the sunlight reflected off the earth’s surface, it causes global warming. Normally, the radiation would bounce back to space, but these gases, which remain in the atmosphere for decades, absorb the heat, raising the temperature.

Global warming has been caused by the substantial changes that people have made to the earth’s temperature over the past few millennia. The radiation that the planet receives from space and the radiation it reflects back to space should be in equilibrium. Clouds, ice, snow, and other reflecting materials instantly reflect 30% of the radiation back to space. The land, oceans, and atmosphere combine to absorb the remaining 70% of the radiation. Thermal radiation, which escapes the atmosphere and travels into space as the Earth warms, is a source of heat. Earth would be as hot as Venus or as frigid as the Moon in the absence of atmospheric equilibrium.

Environmental Change and Global Warming

Heat is absorbed by greenhouses in the form of solar UV radiation. The translucent greenhouse windows allow the UV rays to readily flow through and be absorbed by the plants. The glasses trap weaker radiation, which warms the greenhouse. The natural phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect raises the earth’s temperature.

Additional Greenhouse Effect

Because of human activities like burning fossil fuels, overusing natural resources, destroying forests, farming, etc. that are raising the concentrations of greenhouse gases, we currently have a problem with the intensified greenhouse effect.


It is a proven truth that burning fossil fuels like gas, coal, and oil causes the climate to produce greenhouse gases. The gases cause the atmosphere’s temperature to rise. The utilisation of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and hydropower, will assist to reduce the demand for fossil fuels and the subsequent greenhouse gas emissions.

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English (400 Words)

The climate is significantly impacted by humans. The heat-trapping properties of greenhouse gases trap heat that would otherwise radiate back into space, warming the planet. And when it becomes warmer, we start to notice the effects of global warming.

Global warming’s effects

Here is a detailed look at some of the consequences of global warming:

Oceans regulate the earth’s temperature and produce 50% of its oxygen. Since 1969, ocean temperatures have increased by more than 3°F due to global warming. The detrimental effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reacting with salt water is an increase in acidity of the oceans’ chemistry. Since the 18th century, acidity has risen by 30%. Acidification has put certain ocean creatures in danger.
Due to global warming, sea levels have also risen by 6.7 inches over the previous century. The ocean swells as the temperature rises. The sea level increases as ice ocean glaciers melt. Coastal areas experience flooding.

Plant growth has lost some of its nutritional value. Drought, extreme weather, a lack of subsurface water, and other factors may have an impact on the agriculture sector. Products made from cattle may be in short supply everywhere. Hunger, poverty, disease, and an increase in the prevalence of severe ailments like asthma are all potential effects of climate change on people. It is also anticipated that diseases including malaria, dengue fever, and other types of fever will spread. More people will experience malnutrition.
Hurricanes are expected to get stronger in the near future as a result of climate change.
According to Climate Central, weather phenomena like heat waves, droughts, and rainstorms will happen more frequently and intensely in the future. Although some situations can be changed by local conditions, it is expected that dry regions will become drier and wet parts will become wetter in the future.
According to the National Academy of Sciences, climate change is causing many plant and animal species to expand their range northward or upward. Disease-causing pathogens are on the rise, causing the extinction of some plant and animal species. The issue arises when the rate of climate change is faster than the rate at which some species move.


The issue of global warming has grown to be one that will require years of sustained effort and commitment. To accomplish the goal, the nation would also need to take a number of short- and long-term actions. To increase energy efficiency and encourage the use of low-carbon fuels, actions must be taken. It is necessary to promote investment in the creation of eco-friendly infrastructure and technology.

Essay On Role of Human Activities in Global Warming In English (500 Words)

The average temperature of the earth’s surface has risen over the millennia, contributing to global warming. Human activities result in the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. These are the principal gases involved in the increase in temperature. Global warming is largely caused by human activity, according to an overwhelming body of evidence amassed by scientists worldwide.

Top Global Warming Causes and Human Activity’s Contribution

The following human activities are principally to blame for global warming:

fossil fuels being burned
Deforestation \sFarming \sLandfills
Overpopulation and Fossil Fuel Burning

With the advent of the industrial revolution, people started using large quantities of fossil fuels, such as oils and gases, to produce power and heat. When these fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere, which increases the effects of natural greenhouse gases. As a result, the atmosphere absorbs more heat, raising the earth’s temperature.


The earth’s climate benefits greatly from forests. For timber, building infrastructure, creating paper from the wood pulp, and many more purposes, humans clear forests and cut down or burn trees. As trees grow, they take up carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. The atmospheric carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere when forests are cleared and trees are cut down or burned. As carbon sinks, forests absorb carbon, but when they are destroyed, they become a source of greenhouse gases, accelerating climate change. One fifth of the greenhouse gas pollution in the world is caused by deforestation. For a healthy climate, reforestation, tree planting, and preventing deforestation are essential.


Methane, a greenhouse gas produced by many grazed livestock such sheep, goats, and cows, contributes to global warming. Farmers apply large quantities of fertilisers, which cause the release of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas with 300 times the ability to trap heat than carbon dioxide. Different stock diets and fertilisers can be used, which can aid in lowering global warming.


Our household waste and garbage are disposed of in landfills. The recycling businesses employ some of this trash to create valuable items. Toxic gases are released into the atmosphere when waste is recycled. The majority of trash is burned, which releases gases like methane into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.


Pollution increases as the population grows. Population growth increases demand for commodities, services, food, transportation, and infrastructure, among other things. More natural resources are being exploited, which ultimately causes global warming.


Humans are the primary cause of global warming, yet they also hold the key to its prevention. To stop global warming, long-term investment and planning are required. Global warming must be combated with serious action. Policies are required to promote the use of low-carbon fuels and to increase energy efficiency. Increased use of renewable energy is necessary. The objective should be reforestation rather than deforestation. Investing in clean-tech developments will aid in the fight against global warming. We all need to conserve energy in any manner we can. One of the simplest and most efficient methods to do this is to plant trees.