Essay On Road Trip In English For Student And Children

Essay On Road Trip In English One of the best methods to clear your head and appreciate every moment with nature is to take a road trip. The nicest experiences can be preserved in an album of happy memories for the future in the best possible way. Most avid travellers favour road excursions because they provide a totally unique experience. Road travels are seen to be the ideal way to really enjoy a journey, whether one is travelling with family or friends.

They are enjoyable, cheerful, and could even be educational. As you travel mile after mile, you uncover new horizons while advancing by one mile each minute. The experience is made memorable by the fresh faces and locations that were encountered. Road trips can be anything from a few miles to over fifty miles, but they are always taken to break up boredom and improve mood. Moreover, until anything extraordinary happens, it never disappoints.

Road Trip

Essay On Road Trip In English

Essay On Road Trip In English (100 Words)

Taking the Road to Jaipur

We were in the midst of our Christmas vacations in December. We had been putting off planning a family vacation for a while. We made the decision to maximise these vacation days. So we decided to drive to Jaipur. The weather was ideal for exploring the stunning Pink City.

We left our location at around five in the morning and arrived in Jaipur at about two. During our travel, we made two stops. Our first stop was a roadside dhaba known for its delectable paranthas. The paranthas with curd were delicious. After a brief period of relaxation, we continued on our trek. After spending several hours in the automobile, we next made a halt to sip tea and stretch a little.

Essay On Road Trip In English (200 Words)

India includes a variety of tourism destinations spread out over the nation. Therefore, arranging a quick road trip in India is always an option, regardless of where one resides in the nation. Shorter, more comfortable car trips of about six to seven hours are preferred by the majority of people. Many opt for lengthier ones stretched over multiple days, though. Throughout the voyage, they stop at several locations to recuperate and explore the area.

With my family, I had travelled by car frequently. In addition to enjoying driving, my father enjoys travelling. As a result, we constantly drive. Road trips to a number of locations, including Jaipur, Nainital, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Shimla, and Vrindavan, have been planned.

My favourite of these was the excursion we took to Nanital. With our extended family, we travelled there. On this vacation, my cousins, aunt, and uncle joined us. I travelled with my cousins in one car while my uncle, aunt, and dad travelled in another. We had a great time on this excursion. On our way to get food, we made two stops.

We observed the stunning mountains and lush valleys as we passed by. The view was really breathtaking. On our trip, we visited many lakes, enjoyed boating, and indulged in a lot of shopping. It was an excellent encounter.

Essay On Road Trip In English (300 Words)

I’ve always found road trips to be fascinating. With my family, I had travelled by car frequently. I always chose a window seat on these trips so that I could see the trees, green fields, roads, and other interesting objects that passed by. I cherished the opportunity these trips afforded me to spend time with my family and have long conversations with them.

My first road trip by myself

During the summer months, we spent time at the Chandigarh home of my maternal grandparents. My mother, brother, and I all travelled there. When I was in the tenth standard, my vacations started right after the March final exams. When the holidays finally began, my brother, who was in the seventh grade, had to wait until the middle of May. As a result, we were unable to coordinate any future plans.

I definitely needed a holiday to recharge after a year of diligent effort and many study sessions. I then requested permission from my parents to fly alone to Chandigarh to see my grandparents and cousins.

I was anticipating my first-ever solo road trip with excitement and anxiety. I sat at the window in a bus and relished the view. The bus arrived to a restaurant following around a two-hour journey. I got off the bus and went to have a sandwich and cup of tea. It was a singular experience for me to sit by myself and explore new things.

I started a conversation with the woman seated next to me as we continued our journey. She was the only one travelling. She admitted to me that she takes solo trips for both business and pleasure pretty frequently. She related a lot of fascinating stories. Before I knew it, our pleasant conversation came to an end, ending this magnificent road trip.

Essay On Road Trip In English (400 Words)

Road excursions are enjoyable. I always look forward to family road trips. We barely spend any time with each other because we are all so busy with our everyday tasks. We get to spend meaningful time with one another on these travels. I had travelled by car frequently with my family. The nicest of these was our visit to Dalhousie, a stunning Indian town.

Journey to Dalhousie by car

My friends and I discussed several potential road trip destinations over my most recent summer holidays before deciding on Dalhousie. Since Dalhousie is around ten hours distant from our location, we chose to travel at night. Me, my mother, father, brother, and sister made up our family of five, so we reserved a six-seater cab.

Given that it was a nighttime trip and he wanted to wake up feeling rested the next morning, my father decided against driving. The driver who accompanied us had experience driving in difficult terrain and was knowledgeable with Dalhousie’s many tourist attractions because he had visited the city before.

We conversed with one another until late at night while playing antakshari and silly charades. We awoke the following morning when the driver halted the vehicle and declared that we had arrived at our destination. The location was stunning, and the weather was perfect.

Investigating Dalhousie

The view from our cosy, comfy accommodations was breathtaking. I could make out the stunning mountains and lush surroundings. We ate breakfast, got ready, and left to see the sights. The first tourist place we went to was Punch Pula. It was a lovely waterfall with a lovely outlook. We spent some time wandering the area and sitting there admiring the beauty of the surroundings.

We then travelled to Dainkund Peak. The view from the summit was simply breathtaking. After that, we returned to our hotel. It had been a really exhausting day, so we stopped for dinner on the way and fell asleep nearly immediately when we got to our hotel.

We visited several gorgeous locations over the course of the following two days, including Chamera Lake, Sach Pass, St. John’s Church, Bara Patthar Temple, and Khajjar Lake. The encounter was fantastic. Beautiful Dalhousie is home to a number of amazing tourist attractions.


Family ties are strengthened through road trips. We often lose out on many of the enjoyable activities during these travels. These tiny things are what knit us together. The times we had together when I was driving to Dalhousie will always be cherished.

Essay On Road Trip In English (500 Words)

I am fortunate to have a few wonderful pals who are a lot of fun to be around. I had always wanted to take a road trip with them, and when I was in the ninth grade, my request was finally granted. We travelled by car to Manali. The encounter was fantastic.

Requesting Permission for Friends’ Road Trip

We’ve wanted to take a road trip ever since we started sixth grade, but our parents have always said no since they believed we weren’t old enough to take care of ourselves. The issue for us was getting their consent. As we entered the ninth standard, we did our best to persuade them to go to Manali, and in the end, they were persuaded.

School-organized trip

This excursion was planned by our school. We were fortunate that our favourite professors were among us. Since this was a school excursion, all we had to do was pay the price and have fun. The administrators of the school handled each and every aspect of the trip. We all settled in as we boarded the bus because we were all quite eager about the trip. My best friend and I sat next to one other in the window seat.

en route to Manali

Our city is around a 12-hour drive from Manali. Therefore, an overnight trip was planned. As we were sitting in the bus, we couldn’t stop laughing. The mood was happy throughout. We laughed, joked, and played antakshari to make the most of our time together. We soon fell asleep since we were so exhausted. The spectacular vista of the mountains greeted me when I awoke in the morning.

We got breakfast and a chance to freshen up when the bus stopped at a dhaba along the way. For breakfast, we enjoyed boiling hot Maggi and a cup of coffee. We continued on after eating this great cuisine.

Visiting Manali’s Sites

After unwinding at the hotel for a while, we changed and went to the Hidimba Temple, one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Manali. The temple was calm and lovely. We stayed there for a while before moving on to the shopping road. We walked along the mall road in the evening admiring the scenery.

The following day, we travelled to Rohtang Pass, which was at a very high altitude. Even in the month of June, we were wearing our jackets because the location was colder than Manali. A wonderful recipe for renewal was provided by the place’s cool breeze, clean air, and picturesque surroundings.

The next day, we went shopping at a nearby market. I purchased gifts for relatives and friends. I also brought a wool cap for my father, a shawl for my mother, and a watch for my sister. We ate dinner at a well-known eatery in Manali before leaving for home. We talked till late at night while seated in the bus with our closest friends before drifting off to sleep.


We returned with a number of memories that we will always treasure. I hope to take many more friends on similar road vacations.