Essay On Road Rage In English For Student And Children

Essay On Road Rage In English Basically, “road rage” refers to aggressive driving. These days, it’s fairly typical. Road rage causes numerous pointless fights and serious accidents, which increase daily. The irony is that by bribing the authorities or using other unethical tactics, the criminals get away with their crime. It is past time to take serious action in this regard to put an end to such occurrences.

Road Rage

Essay On Road Rage In English

Essay On Road Rage In English  (100 Words)

Accidents caused by road rage are become very common. It is distressing to see people engaging in such illegal activity and frequently getting away with it. One of the main causes of these horrible deeds is said to be stress, yet this explanation doesn’t seem at all plausible. To relieve stress, annoyance, and fury, shoot and murder people on the road? What direction is civilization going in?

Road Rage Accident Factors

Following are a few of the typical triggers of road rage:

Roadway Conditions
Most of our country’s traffic is not well controlled. Traffic snarls are a regular sight, especially during peak hours. The construction of flyovers, underpasses, or metro tracks frequently causes traffic to be diverted. Road rage may develop as a result of this.

Slow Motoring
A person’s slow driving can also incite rage and lead to a case of road rage.

Essay On Road Rage In English  (200 Words)

Concern has been raised by the rise in incidents of road rage in India. These incidents have been reported all around the nation, not just in one area. In India, road rage causes many individuals to suffer serious injuries and even death. Every day, a large number of these incidents are reported, but little is done to address them.

Road anger is allegedly caused by the poor state of the roads in India, poor traffic management, an increase in road noise pollution, and the country’s unpredictable weather. Whatever the motivation, this type of behaviour is unacceptable. It all starts with a dispute between two parties, who each place the blame on the other. They try to argue their argument by using derogatory words and sometimes physical contact. The argument frequently degenerates into physical assault and, in the worst cases, murder.

It is distressing to observe that despite the large crowd that has gathered around them, hardly anyone tries to calm them down. People watch the entire scene from a distance as though it’s something to amuse them. These events are frequently recorded on phones today and shared on social media. On social media, people provide advice on how the problem should have been handled, but no one offers assistance when it is actually needed.

Essay On Road Rage In English  (300 Words)

People are searching for solutions to relieve their increasing levels of stress. To vent their irritation and rage, they get into pointless fights, yell loudly, and even use physical assault. On the roadways, this violence is frequently observed. Road rage is said to be a result of people feeling more stressed out and having less self-control. Frequently, a little disagreement escalates into a physical altercation and leads to murder.

Road Rage: A Life Threat

Deaths caused by road rage are many. Over the past few decades, road rage has harmed a lot of individuals. The number of instances is increasing, and the situation is getting worse every day. It appears that some people travel for the sole purpose of fighting or arguing with other travellers to relieve their stress. People start fights for trivial reasons, and before the victims even realise what is happening, someone shoots them.

severe laws must be upheld

Strict regulations against those engaging in road rage must be strictly enforced. One of the primary causes of the rise in such occurrences is the absence of rigorous rules to address road rage. Only when a severe crime is committed as a result of road rage does our system take action.

Arguments, even physical clashes, and threats to murder each other between drivers are not taken seriously. There isn’t much done to stop them. If the police officers show up on time, they simply issue a warning before letting them go. Most often, victims of road rage are struck, left to sob on the highway, and left alone.


The harm to human life posed by road rage is now very real. Such situations need to be taken carefully. People who engage in the same should face harsh punishment and heavy fines for their actions. The only way to end such cases is in this way.

Essay On Road Rage In English  (400 Words)

Violent incidents involving disputes or significant fights with other drivers or travellers on the road are referred to as road rage. In many of these situations, people act rashly and harm or murder the other party.

The main cause of the increase in these cases is attributed to stress brought on by a variety of factors, such as bad traffic, extreme weather, a lack of time, slow/rash driving, and honking. While the concern brought up by the person engaging in road rage may occasionally be significant, in most situations the issues are essentially nonexistent.

Avoid Being a Victim of Road Rage

Most people leave their house in order to get where they’re going on time and securely return home. They are preoccupied with their jobs and have little interest in picking fights outside of the office. Even though they don’t mean to hurt anyone, they frequently get involved in pointless road fights and suffer from road rage.

People need to learn from these situations and refrain from getting into any type of conflict with other drivers. Even if someone is angry with you or makes an accusation against you, you should maintain your composure and stop talking about it. You can never be sure of another person’s intentions. Most persons who exhibit road rage are generally irritated with life and do not require a justification for their actions in order to dispute or cause mayhem. It is useless to try to convince someone like that of your position. To let out his stress and resentment, all he wants to do is provoke you and start a battle.

It is best to keep your distance from them and move on to your destination. Even if you are not at blame, there is no harm in apologising to placate his ego and end the conflict.

The Traffic Police Must Remain Alert

On the streets of India, we hardly ever see traffic police officers. People are more likely to act as they please as a result. They believe that since no one is seeing, they can do whatever they want and get away with it. One of the best strategies to prevent road rage incidents is to place traffic police on the roadways. Traffic police officers should always be on the lookout for such illegal activity and prosecute offenders harshly.


So, with the help of traffic police officers, many incidents of road rage can be prevented. If the victim of road rage maintains composure and doesn’t react to the offender, they can also be avoided.

Essay On Road Rage In English  (500 Words)

One of the busiest cities in the nation is Delhi. The amount of traffic on Delhi’s roadways is growing every day, as are the incidents of road rage. Delhi residents are renowned for their brazenness and violence, and the city’s roads are no exception. Even yet, we wish it had been used effectively.

In Delhi, anything can cause a rage-filled road.

In Delhi, there are numerous power struggles. There are many wealthy families in the city, and a lot of want tobes come here every day. Everyone in this place is fiercely competitive with one another and this can be seen on the highways as well.

In Delhi, something as simple as passing another car can cause road anger. This is one city where road rage can develop for the simplest of causes. In Delhi, people tend to take it personally rather than recognising that the person they are passing may actually be late. They find it intolerable when people pass them, therefore typically the young people try to overtake the other vehicle by accelerating to catch up with it and stop it so they can complain.

As a result, the two get into a contentious argument. There is more than simply coarse language spoken here. They quickly start hitting each other, which frequently results in catastrophic injuries. The younger generation is more likely to experience road rage incidents.

Road rage incidents in Delhi

Delhi’s incidents of road rage can send chills down your spine. Every day in the city, a number of innocent persons are killed as a result of road rage. Here are a few recent examples of such incidents:

Two individuals took issue with someone smoking while operating a vehicle. He was asked to put down the cigarette. When they objected, this gentleman became so enraged that he rammed his automobile into their bike, killing one of them.
Road rage recently developed as a result of a dispute over removing a scooter from a certain location. Due to this problem, a college student was hit with an iron road and thrashed with sticks. He suffered severe wounds.
People in Delhi are so taken in by the influence of their wealth and connections to powerful people that they don’t even think twice before assaulting police officers. Recently, two traffic police officers were assaulted by a crowd after they issued a challan to a child riding a bike.
These are only a few instances. Similar incidents of driving rage occur frequently in the city.


The minor causes for the road rage in the aforementioned incidents do not warrant such harsh behaviour. In addition, even if the problem is serious, individuals must report it to the traffic police so that it can be resolved properly rather than misbehaving and engaging in criminal activity on the road. Every nook and cranny of the city needs to have traffic police stationed there, and they should always be on the lookout. Anyone who engages in road rage shall face harsh punishment. Nobody should be protected. Only in this manner can such cases be successfully prosecuted.