Essay On Road Accident In English For Student And Children

Essay On Road Accident In English We are all aware of how tough it is to deal with the abrupt death of a loved one; if the deceased was the primary provider, the lives of the dependents are further upended. Road accidents are one of the main causes of sudden or unexpected deaths in India. Ironically, most traffic incidents might have been simply prevented. I have attempted to examine the reasons behind traffic accidents in the following writings, along with some potential fixes. I’m hoping my efforts and my essays would be appreciated by you.

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Essay On Road Accident In English

Essay On Road Accident In English  (100 Words)

By definition, an accident is “an unforeseen and unplanned incident that results in damage or harm,” however in the majority of cases, accidents may be avoided with the right safeguards. Therefore, taking measures is beneficial to us, and failing to take precautions will result in negative effects that we will be accountable for.

Around 1.5 lakh persons every year in India alone pass away in traffic accidents, according to statistics. Of course, this number may be easily decreased, but in order to do so, we must adopt a new mentality and begin adhering to traffic laws.

Essay On Road Accident In English  (200 Words)

Most people, including myself, believe in chance or fate; the issue is that when something goes wrong, we tend to attribute it to fate rather than taking responsibility for it. For instance, one’s home might be destroyed if a meteor hits it. If you’re riding your bike and it slides for any reason and you suffer a significant head injury, that’s bad luck because there was no way for the person to predict it’s arrival or take any action to protect his or her home. Is it chance? I’m afraid not; it’s egregious carelessness. The head injury could have been prevented if you had worn your helmet.

A reliable study indicates that with the right safeguards, the majority of traffic accidents may be prevented or their effects reduced. The problem is that even though most people are aware of safety precautions and traffic laws, they still think it’s cool—especially among young people—to disregard them. It is debatable how this pattern began and gathered pace, but the truth remains that it has grown to enormous dimensions, and if something is not done quickly, things will quickly spiral out of control.

Rules and regulations alone, in my opinion, won’t be able to resolve this issue. For this, the public’s mentality—especially that of young people—needs to shift. This may, in my opinion, be accomplished by raising public knowledge through various awareness-raising initiatives. Let’s hope that in the near future, more sensible people will rule the populace and fewer people will die in traffic accidents.

Essay On Road Accident In English  (300 Words)

When we were young, we were taught things like “precaution is better than cure” and “one should help a person in need,” among many other things. But as we get older, we almost forget these lessons and rarely apply them, and by the time we realise that what was taught to us is actually true and valuable, it’s too late.

India’s road accidents

Around 1.5 lakh people each year in India alone pass away in road accidents, and most of these deaths, according to study, might have been prevented. The key question is thus, “Why aren’t we avoiding it?” I’m unable to explain how the notion that buckling seatbelts and wearing helmets is dull got into our heads.

I looked for the response to the query. My father cites media such as movies, television, and publications as one of the primary causes. In movies and serials, celebrities from the film and television industries are portrayed engaging in reckless behaviour. Taking a girl who is cheering and shouting with excitement while riding a bike extremely quickly without a helmet as an illustration. Children and teenagers who look up to movie and television celebrities think it’s great and attempt to replicate it in real life without recognising that what was portrayed in the film was entirely artificial or a special effect.

Speed has been glorified in films like “Dhoom,” “Fast and Furious,” and others. Even bike manufacturers highlight the speed of their products in their marketing. Young people are obsessed with fast bikes because of this. Each and every boy desires one of these, and each and every girl desires a lover who owns one of them.

Police frequently discover young boys and girls racing on empty roads (and occasionally busy ones as well) and highways. Normally, a firm warning is given to them, but the issue is that it does not help.

Essay On Road Accident In English  (400 Words)

We Indians are a wonderful people and are particularly skilled at discipline. Where it says “no parking,” a lot of cars are usually parked there. Cities frequently see scenes like these. The following one is funnier. In government buildings, the words “do not spit” or “Yahan pe thukna mana hai” are written on the wall. You will discover a lot of spits right there. The good news is that it’s not life-threatening, but failing to abide by traffic laws and regulations could result in fatalities.

Causes and Solutions for Traffic Accidents

Discipline issues
This is, in my opinion, the main cause of traffic accidents. We are conscious of the laws but choose not to abide by them. The most frequent regulations that we break are the ones requiring the use of seat belts and the use of helmets. In the event of an accident, this straightforward precaution can prevent major injuries, and it is simple to implement.

When a railroad crossing is closed, one should not proceed, but who cares. Bikers and cyclists frequently can be seen pushing their automobiles from under the locked bars. “Sir ji late ho raha tha,” is a common response when asked for a reason. Why someone would risk their lives to save five or ten minutes eludes me. Moving a little early could help you get to your office or home on time, but it’s not a smart idea to cross a closed railway crossing because doing so could result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

Although they have revolutionised our world, mobile phones may frequently be a major annoyance. People frequently can be seen talking on their cell phones while operating a vehicle. Accident risk is greatly increased by this. Even when using hands-free technology, talking on the phone is not advisable because one can still become sidetracked.

It’s not a good idea to listen to the radio or music while driving because it can distract you. There is a good likelihood that we won’t experience an accident if we adhere to all of these guidelines (be disciplined).

Other and Natural Causes
There are numerous elements that we can influence, but there are also some that we have no control over. For instance, poor weather, strays animals, and rough roads. I agree that we have little control over these elements, but if we exercise prudence, we can reduce the impact of accidents, should they occur.


People need to be persuaded that observing the law, maintaining discipline, and adhering to traffic regulations are all desirable traits.

Essay On Road Accident In English  (500 Words)

All of us are accustomed to disregarded legal warnings. Be it the cancer warnings on cigarettes and chewing tobacco or the driving instructions like “drive slow,” “do not overtake,” etc. Typically, we treat them as if they are there to be ignored.

Actually, preventing traffic accidents is not difficult at all; it is not even rocket science. We simply need to stick to the fundamentals, but who cares?

How to Avoid Traffic Accidents

Do not go too fast.
Everyone enjoys speed. This explains why people are so interested in fast automobiles and bikes. Even producers emphasise how fast their equipment are in their marketing. Our go-to defence when stopped by the police for speeding is “sir, I was getting late for work.” Most of us will probably concur that that is a weak justification. The answer is straightforward: “leave your residence early.”

We occasionally engage in it for entertainment (specially youngsters indulge in racing or stunts). I believe people take ideas from television shows and movies without realising that the special effects and fakery used in those media are fake.

Avoid drinking and driving.
The majority of serious traffic accidents occur for this reason. First of all, drinking is not advised, but if you do find yourself having a few drinks at a friend’s party, you must never drive after doing so. You can take a taxi, or you can ask a sober person to drive you somewhere.

Alcohol lessens the brain’s capacity for rational thought and appropriate response, as demonstrated by scientific research. Therefore, you should never drive after drinking, regardless of how confident you feel. The same effect that alcohol has on the mind is likewise produced by several drugs. Therefore, if your doctor has advised against driving after taking certain prescriptions, you should refrain from doing so. Because doing so puts both your life and the lives of others in jeopardy.

Before you drive, learn to drive.
Most of us never had official driving instruction (I mean in a driving school or by a driving instructor). After a little direction from someone (typically a family), we believe we are ready to go. People, especially teenagers, who don’t know how to drive safely are more at risk than those who do.

This is why a driving exam is required before obtaining a licence, yet everyone is aware of the truth. Get a driving licence for a few thousand rupees (without giving a driving test).

Many people nevertheless drive legally while without having any sort of driver’s licence. If someone is captured, they need only pay the appropriate authority a few hundred rupees, and they are free to go.

proper road maintenance
Poor road upkeep is another factor in a lot of incidents. For instance, the likelihood of accidents is increased by potholes, damaged roads, open manholes, etc. In order to reduce the likelihood of an accident, they should be taken care of.


Many traffic incidents might be avoided, making our roads safer, if one is careful and abides by all rules and regulations.