Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English For Student And Children

Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English Hindus celebrate the brother-sister tie of shared love, care, and protection during the holiday of Raksha Bandhan. The Savan month, which corresponds to the Gregorian month of August, is celebrated to mark the beginning of the monsoon season. As a sign of their love and affection, sisters customarily tie a “raksha” on their brothers’ wrists. On the other hand, brothers promise to defend their sisters at any costs. Following the rituals, the brother returns the favour by giving his sister (or sisters) gifts. In some groups, it is customary for the brother to accompany the sister back to her parents’ home for Raksha Bandhan celebrations if she is married and lives with her in-laws. Raksha Bandhan is an important family celebration that is enthusiastically observed even though it is not as publicly observed as other Hindu festivals.

Raksha Bandhan

Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English 

Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English (100 Words) 

The Indra Dev Legend
Indra, the Lord of rain and sky, allegedly suffered at the hands of the demon King Bali during a battle between the Gods and demons described in the ancient Hindu text Bhavishya Purana. Sachi, Indra’s wife, expressed her anxiety to Vishnu since she was unable to watch Indra in such a state. She was instructed to wrap Indra’s wrist with a holy thread that Vishnu had given her. With a desire for her husband’s long life and success, Sachi tied the thread. Then, by some miracle, Indra vanquished Bali. This tale is credited with serving as the inspiration for the Raksha Bandhan holiday. The rakhi is viewed as a talisman of protection. This holy thread was once even fastened to monarchs and soldiers by their sisters or wives to guard them during battle.

Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English (200 Words) 

One of the major Hindu celebrations is Raksha Bandhan. Even though it is observed throughout India, folks from the north and west of the country have a unique connection to it.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the country’s priests designate a special time for tying rakhi. It’s time for the ladies to put on lovely outfits and prepare for the event. They are typically seen dressed in ethnic outfits with coordinating jewellery and shoes. Indian-style clothing is also worn by men. Love and happiness permeate the space. Sisters cover their brothers’ foreheads with tilak to start the ceremony. They then share chocolates and tie rakhi on their brothers’ wrists. As they do the rite, sisters make wishes for the safety of their brothers. Sisters receive gifts from their brothers, who also swear to look after them at all times. In addition to being a memorable day for brothers and sisters, it also provides a wonderful opportunity for family reunions. Technology development has also aided in bringing family members together on this day. Video calls allow the siblings who reside in different countries to communicate with one another. Rakhi is now celebrated by those who are unable to physically see each other by chatting online via phone or laptop.

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One of the important Hindu celebrations is Raksha Bandhan. In many areas of the nation, the event is observed with considerable fervour. It is said to improve the closeness between brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters of different ages participate in the festivities.

What Day of the Week is Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan occurs in Shravan maas, also called the Sawan month, according to the Hindu calendar. It is observed on the Shravan mass’s final day, which often falls in August. In terms of Hinduism, the entire month of Sawan is seen as lucky.

Raksha Bandhan is observed in what ways?

The day is dedicated to Raksha Bandhan festivities. Brothers and sisters dress elegantly to commemorate this holy day. The sisters exchange sweets while the brothers have tilak placed on their foreheads and rakhi tied around their wrists. The sisters offer a prayer for their brothers’ safety while they do this practise. The brothers offer their sisters gifts while promising to support and look out for them at all times. Before tying the rakhi, both sisters and brothers observe a fast. They only eat when the rite is finished. A family brunch usually follows the rite. Raksha Bandhan is a great time to spend with other family members and is no longer just a day to honour the tie between brothers and sisters. Not only are real brothers and sisters present to celebrate, but also cousins. The majority of people congregate in their ancestral home, where all of their cousins and their families can come together to celebrate the day.


Raksha Bandhan is especially exciting for women since it is an opportunity for them to buy for and adorn gorgeous outfits and accessories. On the other hand, men eagerly anticipate meeting their sisters and relatives. One of the best Hindu holidays, in fact.

Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English (400 Words) 

One of the major Hindu holidays, Raksha Bandhan, is observed to strengthen the link between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters wish their brothers good health and a long life by tying a sacred thread called a rakhi on their wrists. In contrast, the brothers bless their sisters and promise to care for them throughout their lives.

Brother-Sister Love Symbol

The bond between brothers and sisters is really unique. They look out for each other in a way that is unmatched. Friends can never be loved or cared for to the same degree as siblings. The relationship and kinship between brothers and sisters is unmatched. No matter how much they quarrel with one another over insignificant issues, when the going gets tough, they stick together and offer assistance.

As they become older and go through different stages of life, their relationship gets stronger. They support one another through thick and thin. The younger ones look up to their senior sisters for advice, and the older brothers are fiercely protective of their sisters. Similarly, older sisters take great care of their younger brothers, and the younger boys turn to their senior brothers for guidance and assistance on a variety of issues. Thus, it is appropriate that a day be set aside to honour this lovely connection. Every brother and sister in the nation looks forward to Raksha Bandhan with excitement. It represents their adoration, unity, and faith in one another.

During Raksha Bandhan, it’s time to indulge.

The ladies treat themselves on Raksha Bandhan. Their brothers lavish them with affection and tenderness as well. The ladies especially want to look their best because it is time for family gatherings. Most people like wearing ethnic apparel since it heightens the fervour of Hindu holidays. Beautiful suits, kurtis, and other ethnic clothing can be found all over the markets. Women can be seen hopping from store to store in search of an item that suits their tastes. They proceed to buy matching footwear and accessories as well.

Girls spend a lot of time getting ready on the festival day. Along with their outfits and accessories, they also get unique hairstyles for this particular occasion. Their brothers also treat them well by showing them love, blessings, and gifts.


Although Raksha Bandhan is recognised by many names throughout the nation, the festival’s core purpose—celebrating the cherished relationship between brothers and sisters—remains the same.

Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English (500 Words) 

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan, which honours the virtuous relationship between brothers and sisters, takes place in the blessed month of Saavan. The sisters wish their brothers good health and fortune by tying a holy thread on their wrists on this day.

Raksha Bandhan is observed throughout much of India as well as its neighbouring nations, including Pakistan and Nepal. It is a celebration of the strength of familial ties and a holiday that stands for harmony and unity. The brother-sister bond, which is among the most unique in the world, is specifically celebrated on this one day. Since ancient times, people have celebrated the holiday.

Historical References for Rakhi

Folktales about the origins of this celebration and its significance for several well-known figures have been offered. These are a some of the festival’s historical allusions:

The Great Alexander
According to legend, Alexamder’s wife was very concerned for his safety when he invaded India. She begged Porus in a sacred thread not to hurt Alexander. In accordance with custom, Porus abstained from making an attack on Alexander during the conflict. He was grateful for Roxana’s Rakhi. This incident happened in 326 BCE.

Karnavati Rani
The significance of this religious ritual is also emphasised by the story of Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun. According to legend, Rani Karnavati of Chittor, a widowed monarch, requested the assistance of Emperor Humayun by giving him a Rakhi. When she realised she couldn’t defeat Bahadur Shah on her alone, she took this action. Humayun sent his forces to battle against all obstacles and save Chittor out of respect for the rakhi.

Choosing the Perfect Raksha Bandhan Present

Around this season, the market is overrun with a wide range of gifts. It is challenging to choose just one item from the wide selection available in everything from clothing to footwear to accessories to home décor. Since it might be challenging to decide what to get for their sisters, the brothers frequently appear perplexed. They frequently saunter around the market hunting for the ideal present to cheer up their sisters. Choosing the ideal present for this event is a difficult process.

Therefore, it is not just the women who attend the market and shop for hours; males also spend a significant amount of time looking for presents for their cherished sisters.

Another Holiday Honoring the Bond Between Brothers and Sisters

Similar to Raksha Bandhan, the purpose of Bhai Duj is to commemorate and enhance the relationship between brothers and sisters. On this day, the sisters put tilak on their brothers’ foreheads and offer prayers for their welfare. The brothers promise to always be by their sisters’ sides. The brothers give their sisters gifts, and they trade sweets. In order to enhance the festival atmosphere, people dress in ethnic clothing. Not just one’s brothers and sisters, but also other family members, can strengthen their bonds during this time.


Brothers and sisters have a unique connection to Raksha Bandhan. To revel in the virtuous tie between brothers and sisters, it was celebrated not only by the average man but also by the Gods and Goddesses.