Essay On Rainy Day In English For Student And Children

Essay On Rainy Day In English The monsoon season is regarded as the greatest season overall. Everyone looks forward to a rainy day because they enjoy the lovely weather. The best time to appreciate and connect with nature is on a rainy day. An upbeat mood permeates the entire environment on a wet day. Everybody enjoys this day, whether they are young or old.

A day when it rains is often referred to as a “Rainy Day.” A rainy day can happen at any time of the year, but it is more likely to happen during monsoon because monsoon has a set arrival time, length, and exit pattern.

Rainy Day

Essay On Rainy Day In English

Essay On Rainy Day In English (100 Words)

Spending a Wet Day at the Beach

On a wet day, being outside to take in the beauty of nature is extremely soothing. In my white dress, I stroll over to the beach to enjoy a day like this. White dress because I enjoy the contrast it provides; I think a white dress and gloomy weather make a lovely pair. As soon as I get there, I take off my flip-flops, leave my pink umbrella on the ground, and sprint for the water.

In order to feel the chilly breeze on my cheeks, I walk barefoot along the water’s edge. I seize the raindrops’ little size. My eyes are soothed by the glimpse of drops mixing in with the ocean waves. Rain’s energising scent soothes my heart.

Essay On Rainy Day In English (200 Words)

Seasons like summer, winter, and monsoon are among them. But the monsoon, or rainy season, is my favourite of all the seasons. My family is a blended one. My cousins and I wait all year for it to rain, and when it does, our eyes light up with happiness. We simply run out of our house into the rain, giggling and beaming, on the first rain of the season. Taking a cool, natural shower in the rain feels incredibly revitalising after a day of sunshine.

While it’s raining, we enjoy playing in the garden. We jump in the muddy puddles to splash each other with water while singing songs. We wrestle each other on the ground, throwing mud and water at one other like cats and dogs. Our mothers often yell at us, but we just choose to ignore them and have fun. When the rain stops and it’s time to go home, I detest it. On certain days, my mother makes onion pakoras and moong dal with mint chutney. Simply put, I adore this mixture. We adore sharing pakoras after taking a shower.

The best thing is spending time with cousins when it rains. Together, we are so much fun. I just adore rainy days.

Essay On Rainy Day In English (300 Words)

The mood instantly becomes joyful and peaceful on a rainy day. Everyone’s face lights up, and there is also cause for celebration. It’s even more fun to invite friends around and celebrate with them on a wet day.

Farmers wait for rain.

Everyone enjoys a rainy day, but farmers especially retain a special place in their hearts for rainy days. Their crops’ growth is highly reliant on rainfall. They desire every year for just the perfect amount of rain. Rains these days are highly irregular, and monsoon season is frequently postponed.

In such a situation, the farmers hope and pray that the rain would arrive at the appropriate moment. For farmers in particular, the first day of rain is cause for celebration. This is due to the fact that it ushers in the monsoon season, which encourages agricultural growth. There is vegetation everywhere. On a rainy day, the fields seem to be alive with activity.

The Special Meaning of Rainy Days for School Children

On a rainy day, school kids are happy. For them, a rainy day is an opportunity for pleasure. On rainy days, small children can be seen clutching vibrant umbrellas and donning stylish raincoats. There is colour everywhere. Many children have the option of travelling to school in their parents’ cars rather than auto rickshaws or buses if it is raining heavily.

Typically, children look forward to this shift. The majority of parents choose not to take their children to school when it is raining heavily. Sometimes on a day like this, the schools also proclaim a holiday. What more could a student possibly need? They get to stay inside and spend time with their family and friends while playing in the rain.


A day with rain is clearly not typical. It has an effect on our life in one way or another. It generally has a positive note.

Essay On Rainy Day In English (400 Words)

In India, the monsoon season is eagerly anticipated because the rains bring a cool, refreshing atmosphere after the hot weather. The monsoon turns Earth into a lush, green place filled with dancing, flowering flowers. We feel so rejuvenated by the rain’s calming scent and reviving sprinkles.

My favourite Rainy Day memory

When I was in fifth grade last year, I remember getting ready for class one morning after waking up for school. It happened in July, which was the monsoon season. It was a dreary and dark day outside. I was continually asking God in my head whether I could skip school if it rained. I was prepared to depart for school once my mum had packed my lunchbox and I had my milk. However, it did not rain, so I had to go. My father drove me to school.

I continued to expect it to rain when I sat in a seat by the window in the classroom. I was bored and depressed in class, and all of my focus was on the sky outside, hoping it would rain. I received a lecture from my teacher for frequently looking out the window. My wish was granted as the math class’ second session came to an end. The good news was that there was no teacher there when it started to rain. I leaped from my seat to peek out the window and enjoy the raindrops as my eyes twinkled with delight. I was attempting to catch the raindrops, and that gave me great joy.

The entire class was upbeat and joyful. Everyone was laughing, chatting, and jumping around. I built paper boats with a few of my classmates using pages we tore out of our books. We placed our boats in the little puddles outside the window so they would float. As our boats floated in the sea, it made us squeal with laughter. We were splashing each other while grabbing the raindrops that were falling from the window.

Everyone returned to their seats as our science teacher entered the classroom a short while later. She announced a holiday since she thought the weather might get worse soon. We all leapt up from our chairs in anticipation. We ran outside the classroom to enjoy the rain after packing our luggage and donning our raincoats. We returned home while dancing and jumping in the rain.


One of my favourite days of my life was that one. Everybody’s life is truly made happier and more joyful by rainy days.

Essay On Rainy Day In English (500 Words)

One such day that is eagerly anticipated by all is a rainy day. People of all ages adore and treasure this day. On such a day, everyone in my family, from my grandfather to my younger sister, is ecstatic. Rain changes the climate from scorching hot and dry to cool. People, animals, and plants all take part in the celebration of rain. Farmers become happier, trees become greener, peacocks start dancing, and we all enjoy the earth’s rain celebration.

What Effects the Weather Has on Our Mood?

We are located in Delhi, a region renowned for its severe weather. This region of the country experiences heat waves for the most of the year. The much-needed break from the heat is provided by the rain. Thus, one of Delhi’s most eagerly anticipated seasons is the monsoon.

Our mood is strangely impacted by the weather. People frequently have a tendency to become very rapidly furious and aggressive during the hot, sunny summer days. Violence and rage are sparked by the perspiration and intense heat on such a day. People are frequently perceived to be in a poor mood and have a propensity for picking conflicts and arguments. On the other side, a pleasant rainy day naturally improves the mood. The senses are treated to a treat. Everything around us seems happy. On such a day, people arrange family outings simply because of how awesome it is.

A perfect day for rain

Everyone loves a rainy day. There wouldn’t be many people who dislike it. Everyone celebrates the rain in his or her own unique way. While some people enjoy dancing in the rain, others enjoy walking in it, and still others enjoy the view from their window sill.

On a wet day, I would want to sit by the window and watch the rain fall, catch a few drops, and feel the brisk air on my cheeks. I like to write in my journal when seated by a window. My heart is soothed, and it gives me fresh, original ideas. My mother brings me a steaming cup of coffee, and we both enjoy it. I frequently put on some soothing music and unwind while drinking my coffee in a chair.

I enjoy taking my dad on a drive in the evening to see the city and take in the beauty of nature after spending my afternoon relaxing with my mom. When it rains, we go to our favourite eatery and enjoy the crispy onion and mirchi pakoras with mint chutney. Most of the time, it is dark when we return home. I’m so exhausted and drowsy when I go home. When I go home, all I do is change and go to bed. I actually sleep well on a rainy day since it’s so cool outside.


So spending the day with my family and taking in the splendour of nature is how I see a rainy day. Spending time with family during the rain is so much joy. Both rain and my family are something I adore.