Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English For Student And Children

Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English PUBG, often known as Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, is one of the most compelling smartphone games available. This game is played by millions of individuals worldwide, and the majority of them become addicted to it. The surge of exhilaration one experiences after winning this game is unrivalled. It is one of the factors that draws players back time and time again. Addiction to PUBG for mobile is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. The players are suffering as a result.

PUBG Mobile Game Addiction

Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English 

Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English (100 Words)

One of the most popular mobile games right now is PUBG. Due to its high level of addiction, it is also among the riskiest games out there. This shooting game has become a serious addiction for millions of people worldwide. Their lives are being negatively impacted by this addiction, as are those who are close to them. Addiction to PUBG mobile is detrimental for a person’s mental, physical, and social health.

The Extreme Violence in PUBG

Like other shooting games, PUBG is renowned for its brutality. The entire game revolves around killing rival players to maintain your position at the top. The brutality depicted in the game affects everyone, not just those who play it but also those who spend hours watching it.

Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English (200 Words)

Many people all over the world struggle with various addictions, including those to drugs, mobile devices, and television, to name a few. The PUBG mobile gaming addiction is the most recent to jump on the bandwagon and is already proving to be the worst of all.

People who are addicted to PUBG frequently skip meals and other vital duties in order to play the game. This addiction has also led to irregular sleep patterns, which is very worrying. Many physical and emotional health problems have been observed in PUBG users.

Health problems include chronic migraine, failing eyesight, obesity, sleeplessness, Alzheimer’s, heart problems, depression, spondylitis, and schizophrenia are all quite likely to occur in PUBG addicts. They stop enjoying the activities required for healthy living.

PUBG mobile game junkies frequently skip social gatherings, essential business meetings, and family reunions. They would rather play PUBG than partake in any of these things. If someone leads them in a different direction, they become upset and angry. They quickly become isolated socially.

The worst victims of this addiction are children. It is the role of parents to recognise the early indicators of PUBG addiction in their children. They must assist their children in getting rid of it as soon as feasible.

Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English (300 Words)

A first-person shooting game is PUBG. The game’s Android version debuted in March 2018. It quickly gained popularity. When the game was launched on Microsoft Windows in December 2017, it received a positive reception.

The game’s popularity increased once its mobile version was released thanks to the many downloads it received from all around the world. People of all ages seem to be obsessed with PUBG. However, young people find it very appealing. The game was created with the intention of being played for fun, but it has developed a hazardous addiction.

Youth Life Is Being Ruined by Addiction to PUBG Mobile Games

Addiction to PUBG on mobile devices is harming young people’s lives. How it is interfering with their personal and professional lives is as follows: Obstacle to Studying

Students who are PUBG addicts play the game all the time. They disregard their academics. Even when their parents or teachers make them study, they find it difficult to focus. This is due to the fact that playing the game continuously causes a slowdown in brain activity and a reduction in attention span. Additionally, it makes it harder to absorb concepts. According to research, students who are addicted to PUBG are performing worse academically.

Hampers Function

The working professionals who are addicted to the mobile game PUBG are damaging their lives just like the students. They should focus more on their profession, but they are addicted to PUBG. They can’t think past this game’s outcome. Because of their PUBG addiction, many working professionals take time off, work part-time, postpone submitting projects, skip crucial meetings, and ignore their duties at work.

Personal Relationships are ruined

Addiction to PUB mobile games is also destroying interpersonal bonds. The majority of the time that PUBG addicts spend playing the game. This addiction robs them of the time they ought to spend with their loved ones and friends.

Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English (400 Words)

The World Health Organization has just lately identified video game addiction as a mental health condition (WHO). Around ten years ago, a lot of people had addictions to video games and devoted a lot of time to playing them on gaming consoles.

This addiction is currently being observed in a huge number of people living in various areas of the world due to the growth in smart phone users and the quantity of intriguing and captivating mobile games. One of the worst addictions among gamers is the PUBG smartphone game. Effects of PUBG on Brain Function that Are Negative

The negative consequences of PUBG on cognitive performance are as follows:

Issues with Anger and Aggression

PUBG is a violent game. Shooting other players is a requirement for players to survive and win. Because they spend so much time playing PUBG, those who are hooked to it constantly consider shooting and hurting other players. Because of this conditioning, even when individuals are not playing the game, these concepts are still there in their minds. Their actions demonstrate this. They become incredibly hostile and enraged at almost anything.

Brain Activity Decreased

Addiction to PUBG mobile is bad for the brain. Addicts to PUBG mobile have a slowdown in brain activity. They are unable to focus on the task at hand and think logically. They frequently yearn to pick up the game again and triumph. People’s capacity to make decisions and learn and retain knowledge is being hampered by it.

Significant Mental Health Problems

Addiction to PUBG for mobile might lead to major mental health problems. This game addiction puts young children at a heightened risk of getting dementia as they age. Addicts to PUBG are also more prone to have other neurological conditions like depression, Alzheimer’s, and schizophrenia. These conditions are all significant and may take years to recover from. In addition, relapse is always a possibility.

Negative Social Tendency

Addicts to PUBG also exhibit antisocial behaviours. Both significant business meetings and essential family gatherings are missed. They have no desire to interact with others or make new friends. They even stop interacting with their family and lose interest in their current friends. Playing PUBG is all they ever want to do. They frequently develop social awkwardness and isolation.


The mobile game PUBG is really addictive. According to some, it is worse than drug addiction. It almost certainly has an irreversible effect on the brain. To return to regular life, it is imperative to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Essay On PUBG Mobile Game Addiction In English (500 Words)

A multiplayer battle royale game is PUBG. It draws inspiration from the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale. One hundred players land on an island in this thrilling and interesting game. They search for weapons to kill other players while avoiding being murdered themselves.

The safe region in the game gets smaller as it goes along. The participants’ desire to win entirely consumes them as the game becomes increasingly difficult and intense. The winner is the last player standing. The game has a strong addictive potential, and this potential harms individuals all around the world.

Physical Health Effect

Addiction to the PUBG mobile game might be detrimental to one’s physical health. In order to maintain physical fitness and health, a person must exercise, consume a good diet, and get enough sleep. When someone becomes dependent on the smartphone game PUBG, all they want to do is play it.

PUBG fans play the game for a number of hours each day. According to research, they are so dependent on this game that they play it well into the evening and occasionally even into the night. This interferes with their sleep cycle, which can result in a variety of health problems.

Addicts to PUBG even neglect to eat. As kids are engrossed in the game, skipping meals is not a problem. This weakens physical health and leads to a variety of deficits. Many dangerous ailments may develop as a result. In addition, a gaming addiction leads to a sedentary way of life.

Addicts to this game refrain from exercising and engaging in any other physical activity. They spend many hours playing the game while they sit. Health problems including obesity and cardiovascular conditions are brought on by this. Long-term use of a mobile device for gaming also impairs vision. These folks frequently have red or irritated eyes. They also express regular headache complaints. They frequently get recurrent migraines.

Request to Ban the Mobile Game “PUBG”

Since more and more people are becoming addicted to PUBG every day, there has been a call for its banning. Everyone is aware of the harmful effects of this addiction. It is challenging to get over this addiction. It has been noted that PUBG junkies are likely to return to the game as long as it remains playable online, despite their best efforts to overcome it.

The National Child Rights Commission advised banning this game because of its violence and harmful effects on young players. The Students Association has cited this game as the cause of students’ subpar academic achievement. This game has been outlawed in a few Indian cities. Even PUBG players have been detained by the authorities in some cities. The restriction was soon abolished, though. PUBG has also been outlawed in China, Jordan, Iraq, and Nepal.


Addiction to PUBG for mobile is becoming more and more of a global issue. It is negatively affecting society and causing a host of problems for individuals. The game must be permanently outlawed and should not be downloaded. PUBG junkies may experience withdrawal symptoms as a result of this action. Long-term, though, it will turn out to be beneficial for them.