Essay On Poverty In English For Student And Children

Essay On Poverty In English a person is considered to be in poverty if their financial situation prevents them from meeting the basic necessities of their own family. Any family member who is unable to feed all of its members a balanced meal or send their kids to school due to financial constraints is considered poor and to be experiencing poverty. It is a plague to society and impedes a country’s economic and social development. Even if eliminating poverty in a country with as much population as India would seem impossible, it is possible if society and the government have the resolve to do it. In the current global context, poverty in developing, underdeveloped, and third-world countries is a major concern. Numerous diseases, problems with law and order, and a very low level of living are also caused by poverty.


Essay On Poverty In English

Essay On Poverty In English (100 Words)

Being severely impoverished is the state of being in poverty. When a person lacks the basic necessities for survival, such as a place to live, enough food, clothing, and medicine, it is a dire scenario. Overpopulation, deadly and widespread diseases, natural disasters, low agricultural output, unemployment, casteism in the nation, illiteracy, gender inequality, environmental issues, shifting economic trends in the nation, a lack of proper education, untouchability, limited or insufficient access for people to their rights, political violence, organised crime, corruption, lack of motivation, idleness, outdated social beliefs, etc. are some of the common causes of poverty. Following practical solutions can help eliminate poverty in India, but doing so requires personal commitment from each resident.

Essay On Poverty In English (200 Words)

When a person is unable to carry out his or her wishes, poverty is comparable to the status of a slave. It has a variety of faces that alter depending on who, where, and when. Many different ways can be used to explain how someone feels or lives it. Nobody wants to live in poverty, but some people are forced to because of culture, the environment, calamities, or a lack of sufficient education. The individual experiencing it usually wants to get away. Poverty serves as a wake-up call for the underprivileged to work hard and earn enough money to cover their basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing, access to education, and protection from social and political violence.

It is an unnoticed issue that negatively impacts a person’s social life in several ways. Although poverty is a totally avoidable problem, there are several factors that have carried and sustained it over time. A person’s freedom, mental health, physical health, and sense of security are all restricted by poverty. To bring about adequate physical health, mental health, perfect literacy, homes for everyone, and other necessities for a simple existence, it is imperative that everyone work together to eradicate poverty from the nation and the world.

Essay On Poverty In English (300 Words)

People who are living in poverty are those who lack basic essentials such enough food, clothing, and shelter. India’s population is largely undernourished, sleeps on the side of the road, and dresses in filthy, outdated clothing. They lack access to adequate diet, medications, and other necessities. Because more individuals from rural areas are migrating to cities and towns in search of employment or other financial activities, poverty is rising in India’s metropolitan areas. Approximately 8 crore urban residents have incomes below the poverty line, and 4.5 crore urban residents have incomes that are just over it.

Reasons for Poverty

Growing population, subpar agriculture, corruption, outdated customs, enormous disparity between the rich and the poor, unemployment, illiteracy, epidemic diseases, etc. are the main reasons of poverty in India. In India, a large portion of the population relies on agriculture, which is subpar and contributes to poverty. In general, poor agriculture and unemployment contribute to food shortages among the population. India’s poverty is partly a result of its constantly expanding population. More people equal more need for housing, food, and money. Because of a lack of basic amenities, poverty spreads more quickly. The gap between the rich and the poor is drastically growing as people get even more wealthy and even poorer. There is a rising economic disparity between the rich and the poor as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Poverty’s Effects

Life is impacted by poverty in many different ways. Poverty has many negative repercussions, including illiteracy, poor diet and nutrition, child labour, substandard housing, a terrible way of life, unemployment, poor hygiene, and the feminization of poverty. Due to the inability of the poor to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, home, fine clothes, appropriate education, etc., there is a significant gap between the rich and the poor. This distinction is what causes the underdeveloped nation.

Essay On Poverty In English (400 Words)

Poor living conditions, lack of basic needs, illiteracy, malnutrition, low human resource development, etc. are all indicators of poverty. It is the biggest difficulty facing developing nations, particularly India. It is a phenomena where some members of society struggle to meet their most basic needs. The percentage of people living in poverty has decreased somewhat during the past five years (from 35.97% in 1993–1994 to 26.1% in 1999–2000). Additionally, it has decreased at the state level, falling to 47.15% from 48.56% in Orissa, 37.43% from 43.52% in Madhya Pradesh, 31.15% from 40.85% in the United Kingdom, and 27.02% from 35.66% in West Bengal. The number of Indians living below the poverty line (BPL) is still relatively high, hence there hasn’t been much of a drop in poverty (26 crore).

The implementation of some efficient programmes can end poverty in India, but doing so requires a collaborative effort from everyone, not just the government. The Indian government should adopt some practical plans to improve the social sector, particularly in rural areas, by focusing on important issues including family welfare, population control, primary education, and job development.

What are Poverty’s Effects?

The following are a few repercussions of poverty:

Illiteracy: Due to a lack of resources, persons living in poverty are unable to receive a proper education.
Food and nutrition: Due to a lack of access to a proper diet and poor nutrition, many fatal diseases and deficiency disorders are brought on by poverty.
Child labour: As the nation’s future workforce engages in child labour at a young age for very little pay, it contributes to a high degree of illiteracy.
Unemployment: Because it results in a lack of money, unemployment exacerbates poverty by impacting people’s daily lives. People are compelled against their will to live unfulfilled lives by it.
Social tensions: The income gap between the wealthy and the poor causes social friction.
Housing issues: they make it difficult for people to live without a home on the sidewalk, by the side of the road, or in other public spaces, or to cram a lot of people into a small space, etc.
Diseases: As a result of people’s inability to maintain good hygiene and sanitation, it contributes to the spread of numerous epidemic diseases. Additionally, they lack the funds to pay a doctor for the appropriate care of any illness.
Feminization of poverty: Due to gender inequality, poverty significantly impacts women’s lives and prevents them from receiving the correct diet, nutrition, medications, and medical care.