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Essay On Population In EnglishThe term “population” describes all the living things in a given area. Concern has been raised by the population’s rapid rise in some areas of our globe. The term “population” refers to the whole population of a place. It does specify the maximum number of organisms that can breed, though. In some nations, the human population is expanding quickly. These nations are urged to implement human control mechanisms.


Essay On Population In English 

Essay On Population In English  (100 Words)

Why is Population Control Required?

Numerous issues are brought on by the rate of population growth. The high population expansion in these nations is one of the key obstacles standing in the way of the developing nations’ efforts to catch up to the industrialised nations. The only reason that unemployment is at an all-time high is the expanding population. There are many people looking for work, yet there are few openings. Poverty is a related issue to unemployment. Additionally, it breeds discontent among the populace and encourages criminal activity. People who don’t get the occupations they want frequently use illegal techniques of making money.

Essay On Population In English  (200 Words)

The rate of population growth in the world is extremely rapid. The human population has increased dramatically, particularly in the previous five to six decades. There are several causes for the same. One of the main causes of this is the decline in the death rate brought about by medical research. Another factor is the rising birth rate, particularly in developing and underdeveloped nations. The high birth rate in these nations is primarily due to a lack of family planning and education.

Ironically, although the human population is growing quickly, animal and bird populations are declining. The woodlands that provide a home for wild animals are being destroyed by humans in an effort to meet their demands. This has had an effect on a number of animal and avian species. Another factor in the decline of the fauna is the expanding pollution brought on by the expansion of various enterprises and the ever-increasing traffic. This is because it is affecting the weather negatively.

It is imperative that the governments of nations with large populations take strict action to regulate this, because otherwise our planet will no longer be suitable for human survival.

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The term “population” is frequently used to refer to the total number of inhabitants of a location. Due to a number of factors, the population density varies greatly between regions of the world.

Uneven Population Distribution

Uneven population distribution exists on planet. While some nations are struggling with the issue of population increase, others remain sparsely inhabited. This holds true for animals and other creatures as well, not only the human population. There are some places where you will find more animals than others, and vice versa.

Factors Affecting Population Density

By dividing the total population by the area they reside in, the population density in any location can be determined. Due to a number of factors, population densities vary from one location to another. Following are some of the elements that can affect a region’s population density:

Climate Population density is low in places with exceptionally hot or cold climates. On the other hand, areas with a mild climate have a high population density.

Oil, wood, coal, and other resources are readily available in places that are densely populated, while these same areas are sparsely populated in areas where they are not.

Political Climate
Countries with stable governments and positive political climates tend to have large populations. These nations draw immigrants from other nations, which helps to populate the region. On the other side, nations with weak or unstable governments experience a large exodus of citizens whenever a good opportunity arises elsewhere.

Quality of Life
Many immigrants choose to immigrate to first-world nations like the United States because they provide considerably better packages and a high level of living. Immigrants come from all around the world to these nations. The population density in these nations is rising as a result of this.


The country’s general population has grown over the past several decades and is expected to grow significantly in the years to come, despite the fact that some regions of the world have low population densities.

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Population refers to the total number of living things in a certain area. Concerns about population growth have arisen across the globe, particularly in developing nations. On the other hand, some areas have relatively low population growth rates.

India’s growing population is a serious issue.

India is struggling with the issue of population growth. India is one of the most populous nations in the world, with about 17% of the global population living there. India’s population growth is the result of a number of factors, as is the case with practically every developing nation. Illiteracy is one of the key causes of India’s population growth. People from the lower socioeconomic status are more likely to have children. This is due to two factors. First of all, having more children means having more hands available to work and support the family financially. Second, the majority of them are ignorant of birth control options. More kids are born as a result of early marriage. Low death rates could potentially be a factor in the population growth. The death rate has decreased as a result of the development of numerous illnesses’ treatments and remedies.

India’s Population Control Measures

To keep the population in check, the Indian government has adopted a number of actions. Here are a few examples:

Minimum Age to Marry
The minimum age for getting married in the country is 18 for women and 21 for males. There isn’t a strict check on the same, though. Rural and underdeveloped sections of the nation still have a high rate of young child marriages. The minimum age for marriage must be raised, and there must be strict regulations on it.

Free Instruction
Through the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, the Indian government has also made free education available to children throughout the nation. Eliminating illiteracy is another method of population control.

Increasing Adoption
The adoption of children is another initiative supported by the Indian government. Many people give birth to their children and then abandon them for a variety of reasons. Another effective method of population control is to adopt children rather than having children of one’s own.


India’s rapidly expanding population is a major worry. Even though the government has taken some action to regulate the situation, these measures are insufficient. Numerous additional steps must be made to address this problem.

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In most cases, the term “population” refers to the whole population of a given area. The term “population” refers to the total number of people, animals, and other living things that are capable of reproducing. It also includes the population of the fauna and other types of living things. The population of animals is declining, which is ironic given how quickly the human population is growing.

Why has human population exploded as a result of science and technology?

Over the past few decades, population growth has been caused by a number of variables in many different parts of the world. The development in scientific and technology fields is one of the main drivers. Prior to the development of medical technology, there existed a balance between the birth and mortality rates of people; now, however, there is an imbalance. Multiple disorders can now be treated with medications and cutting-edge medical technology. The population has exploded as a result of these factors, which have decreased the mortality rate among people.

Plus, industrialisation has replaced technological advancement. When it comes to employment, many people now choose to work in factories as opposed to the majority of people who used to be engaged in agriculture and relied on it for their existence. Thus, as these sectors expand, the population of the areas where they are located grows denser. Growth in Human Population and the Population of Wildlife

The population of wildlife is steadily declining while that of humans is on the verge of bursting. Due to circumstances that only humans are to blame, the number of many species of birds and animals has significantly decreased. Following are some of these in further detail:

In woods, there are animals of the wild. To remove their habitat would be to deforest. To meet their own wants, people are violently clearing and destroying the forests. Due to the destruction or loss of their environment, numerous animal species have reduced in number and others have gone extinct.

More Pollution
Another important factor in the early demise of many animals is the increasing pollution of the air, water, and land. The increasing pollution is becoming too much for many animal species to handle. As a result, they develop specific illnesses that have fatal outcomes.

The Climate Has Changed
Globally, there have been significant changes to the climate. Conditions that resemble floods are now present in many locations that previously experienced moderate rainfall. In a similar vein, regions that saw only a moderate amount of heat during the summer are now experiencing record-breaking heat. Animals cannot survive the same situations that humans can since they lack the adaptation skills.


Man has always put himself first, prioritising his comfort and well-being while ignoring the effects his actions have on the surrounding environment, including the plants, animals, and other people. The planet would become unfit for human survival if people carried on behaving in this manner. The time has come for us to acknowledge the significance of limiting the human population as well as the behaviours that are destroying our planet.