Essay On Population Growth In English For Student And Children

Essay On Population Growth In English Today, the globe is seriously concerned about population increase. The anticipated global population of 7.7 billion in 2019 has been growing steadily at an alarming rate. Unchecked population increase causes fast urbanisation and resource depletion. Due to rising demand, some natural resources that are already scarce in some regions of the world become even more scarce. A population expansion results in more structures and factories being built, more trees being cut down, and more forests being destroyed in addition to the depletion of resources. It also affects how easily accessible necessities like healthcare, education, and welfare are.


Essay On Population Growth In English

Essay On Population Growth In English  (100 Words)

Population Growth Causes

Population growth is faster in emerging nations. The main cause of this increase is a lack of understanding of family planning. The majority of those who contribute to population increase are illiterate and living in poverty. Additionally, they are forcing their child into marriage at a young age without realising the implications.

Most people move from rural to metropolitan areas or cities in search of career opportunities or a better quality of life. It causes an imbalance in the city and a resource scarcity.
The death rate for many major diseases has been reduced through advancements in medical technology and therapy. With the development in medical services, many chronic diseases or dangerous viruses like measles and small pox are being treated.

Essay On Population Growth In English  (200 Words)

The population crisis is one of the biggest issues facing the globe right now. All of us must pay immediate and serious attention to it. In many nations, where people struggle with a lack of food, shelter, clean water, and also have to breathe dirty air, the worst situation as a result of the expanding population is now visible.

Natural Resources Are Affected by Growing Population

As more people consume more water, food, land, trees, and fossil fuels, which have a negative influence on the environment in several ways, this crisis is intensifying daily and hurting all of our natural resources. Currently, the existence of natural beauty is threatened by overpopulation. Due to the environment’s filthy air, people are suffering from a variety of diseases.

The growth of any nation’s economy can be impacted by population and unemployment. Poverty is rising in many nations as a result of the population’s constant growth. People must make do with meagre finances and food allowances. Populations have outgrown their capacity in many nations, including India, and as a result, rural areas suffer from high levels of illiteracy, subpar health care, and a lack of resources.

Essay On Population Growth In English  (300 Words)

The world’s population is growing every day, which is causing the international community great concern. The world’s population has surpassed 7.6 billion people, according to the most recent data. Population growth has an impact on the global economy, environment, and social development.

different nation with various populations

Not all nations in the world experience the same rate of population growth. While some nations’ population growth is moderate to low, others see significant growth. It poses many problems because, as a result of the population explosion, countries with high growth suffer from poverty, higher costs, unemployment, a lack of fresh water, food, and resources, among other things, while those with low growth struggle with a lack of labourers and a higher older-to-younger ratio, which hinders their countries’ ability to grow.

Growth in Population’s Effects

Let’s examine some of the ways that a country’s population might impact it:

More natural resources are consumed as the population grows.
increased demand for all goods while the supply of essentials cannot keep up with population growth.
An increase in unemployment can occasionally lead to young people being led astray towards other illegal ways of making money.
Because the government must spend more on fundamental needs like infrastructure, irrigation, water, and healthcare but revenues do not rise in tandem with population expansion, the gap between supply and demand is constantly growing, pushing up the cost of goods.
Due to a decrease in spending power caused by unemployment, families were forced to spend their savings on essentials rather than investing in their children’s education. Children who are affected by this have limited employment prospects and low qualifications when they reach working age. It has an impact on economic growth and industrial development.

To rescue the world, the population growth rate must be restrained, especially in those nations with the fastest rates of population growth. As more people are needed to support the nation’s expansion, the system will be balanced.

Essay On Population Growth In English  (400 Words)

Although overpopulation is a global issue, certain nations still have populations that are below the needed rate, which is a severe concern since in those countries, less people equals fewer people to support and work for that country’s development. Although there are many ways that an overpopulated country can suffer from it, there are also some benefits. An rise in population results in an increase in the number of people available to contribute to the growth of various industries in a nation.

How Does Population Growth Benefit a Nation?

The expansion of every nation’s economy also requires controlled population growth. Check out how:

In a nation where the population is stable or not growing, there will be more elderly people than children. There won’t be sufficient labour in that nation to complete the task. The best example is Japan, where the government is actively encouraging people to have more children in an effort to reduce the age gap. The second greatest example is China, where the government first enforced the one child per family limit 25 years ago. After a few years, when China’s development rate began to slow and there was a shortage of young people, this prohibition was recently repealed, allowing parents to have two children rather than just one. More people will be needed, which will raise consumption of basic and luxury goods. Increased consumption necessitates increased industry development to satisfy it. More labour is needed as industry expands. The country’s cost of living will decrease and money circulation will increase. People in the nation will work for a living and educate their children so that they can contribute to the development of the nation. In essence, everything is dependent on the carefully managed population expansion. Population increase that is greater than necessary will lead to issues with unemployment, poverty, etc.


A country’s growth is always negatively impacted by its overpopulation, yet managed pollution growth is also necessary for a country to succeed in many different ways. Even while resources may be scarce in overpopulated nations, more labour is unquestionably needed to produce additional resources and create new inventions. Every family must practise good family planning in order to give their children access to full, nourishing food, enough shelter, the greatest education, and other crucial resources. Only when a nation’s inhabitants are in good health and lead fulfilling lives can it achieve success. Therefore, a well-managed population is essential to the success of every nation on earth.

Essay On Population Growth In English  (500 Words)


The population is the total number of people residing in a certain area. In certain nations, it has accelerated at an alarming rate. Numerous factors, such as illiteracy, inadequate knowledge of family planning, and migration from various locations, might contribute to an overpopulation problem.

According to a survey, there are around 7.6 billion people living in the world, with 17% of them, or more than 125 crore people, living in India. This makes India the second most populous country in the world. Additionally, due to unchecked population increase, almost 21% of Indians live in poverty. To live a safe and healthy life, this must be controlled because it could have severe implications in the future.

India’s population has surpassed 121 crore, placing it second in the world after China, according to the 2011 Census. It’s possible that this number has already surpassed 130 crore, and it will soon overtake China China. India is dealing with a serious problem due to population expansion. In addition to having a negative impact on India’s economy, it is also to blame for the country’s high levels of poverty.

To serve the sizable population of consumers who fall below the poverty line (BPL), the government must pay more to offer the necessities at a discounted rate. The government only has a small amount to use for economic development programmes because it already provides subsidies for fundamental goods. Government has less money to spend on social services that are vital for a developed nation, such as education, healthcare, housing, and infrastructure. Therefore, there needs to be a strong curb on the population boom for our economy to flourish as anticipated.

Overpopulation is primarily caused by illiteracy.

India’s population growth is primarily due to illiteracy. Due to their illiteracy, those who are living below the poverty line (BPL) are unaware of the effects of this population expansion. People mistakenly believe that having more children will increase their ability to support their family financially. Sometimes parents want a boy because they believe he will make their family name and name popular. When they want a single male, they may give birth to three or four girl offspring.

How too many people lead to unemployment

The primary contributor to India’s unemployment is overpopulation. We can observe that millions of applications are submitted for every exam and job opening. Because of the increased rivalry, some people bribe their way into positions of power. Additionally, it worsens systemic corruption, which is a significant source of worry for India.

Indian government’s role in population control

The government has launched a number of programmes to inform the public about the advantages of family planning. Here, some crucial actions are listed:

The minimum age for boy and girl marriages has been set by the government through a legislative amendment.
The government is educating the populace about the value of family planning and the equality of boys and girls through numerous TV commercials, village posters, etc.
The government supports children’s education by charging minimal fees, offering a free midday lunch, free uniforms, and free literature, among other things.