Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English For Student And Children

Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English In India, there are several festivals that are observed, and these festivals are accompanied by countless customs and rituals. We adore a variety of festival-related elements, including the cuisine, the attire, and—most importantly—the celebrations that accompany them. In addition to celebrating these festivities, we also contribute significantly to environmental pollution.

Some of the actions we engage in—bursting crackers, submerging idols in water, playing with water and colours, etc.—harm our environment and pollute the surroundings.

Pollution due to Festivals

Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English

Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English (100 Words)

Environment-harming effects of various festivals

The government’s annual reports on the pollution brought on by the cracker explosions during Diwali are worrying. The city suffers the following day due to the suffocating air. Every year, the government has to impose a ban on the lighting of fireworks due to the enormous number of pollutants that are released into the air during Diwali.
One of the most important Hindu holidays is Holi, which is observed by playing with colours and water with everyone. Holi is currently nothing more than water waste, noise pollution, chemical and poison onslaught since every celebration has been commercialised. The natural colours have been substituted with synthetic ones that likewise pollute the land.
Ganesh Festival: As a method to honour God, believers immerse the Ganesh statue in rivers and seas each year.

Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English (200 Words)

Don’t we just adore the holiday season when there is so much joy and brightness everywhere! India is a diverse nation, and there are more festivals observed there than in any other nation. However, people frequently overlook how much trash and pollution is produced during celebrations. Understanding how our events harm the environment is not difficult.

We pollute the air, the water, and the noise during celebrations, not to mention that they have a significant negative influence on our health. We must not overlook the suffering of animals and birds. The major Hindu holiday, Diwali, contributes significantly to air pollution. The sound pollution that results from cracker explosions is in addition to the air pollution. During Diwali, vision is drastically diminished and the air is congested.

During Holi, another Hindu holiday where colour and water are played, a lot of water is wasted. The ecosystem is also harmed by chemical hues. Thousands of god idols are submerged in water that pollutes our rivers during Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja. Although the constitution grants us the freedom to worship our faith as we like, we also have a responsibility to preserve the environment and observe holidays responsibly as citizens of this nation.

Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English (300 Words)

Our lives would not be complete without water. Because it is challenging to life without water, human communities have always been found to be close to bodies of water. But right now, one of the biggest environmental problems we have is water contamination. Every significant body of water has been contaminated by humans, and marine life has also been adversely impacted. Numerous festivals are observed in India where a lot of water is either squandered or contaminated. One of the main worries is the enormous amount of pollutants that are present in the water.

Festival-related water pollution

Most Indian festivities involve using water in some manner or another. This causes water pollution in practically every region of the nation.

Immersion of Sculptures: During some festivals, adorned statues are carried outside and submerged in water. This technique adds a significant amount of contaminants to our water bodies. The water gets tainted and unsafe for use after these monuments are submerged. Due to the chemical admixture in the water, using it for irrigation could infect crops.
Holi: This event involves water and colour play, but frequently the colours used are artificial dyes that pose major health risks. Not to mention, there is a significant concern about the sheer waste of water.
Holy Bath: During various festivals, taking a bath in the ocean or a river is considered holy. However, when many individuals do this at once, the water becomes contaminated since a lot of undesired chemicals are added.
It is a sad truth that none of our water sources are now clean and pure. Every day more marine life is disappearing. Not that we shouldn’t celebrate our holidays; however, if we do it responsibly, we may also be able to protect the environment.

Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English (400 Words)

India is a diverse country, and we are proud of it. Our nation observes a number of festivals all year round. We participate in the events with great fervour and spirit. The benefit of living in India is that you can take part in the customs and holidays of several religions. Festivals honouring religion, the gods, the harvest, the change of seasons, saints, gurus, etc. are common. There are so many diverse flavours in one place, yet they all have one thing in common: they all cause serious environmental harm.

Festivals and the Environment

Our environment has given us many priceless gifts, but we have not returned the favour by giving it anything; instead, we have plundered, mistreated, and cruelly hurt it. We vigorously celebrate our holidays, but we also seriously harm the environment. During festivals, there are many different types of pollution, including noise, air, and water. Basically, at festivals, we pollute every part of the earth.

Around the time of the Diwali festival, festival air pollution is at its worst. The air becomes so filthy from cracker burning that it is choking. Not to mention the amount of rubbish that is constantly left on the highways. There are other celebrations as well, such as jayanti, where fireworks are displayed. They contribute to pollutants as well.
When there are many events, the water becomes very dirty. The amount of water wasted during Holi is particularly concerning. Additionally, it presents the risk of toxic chemical colours contaminating tank water. Festivals where idols are submerged in water made of poisonous materials are the primary cause of water pollution. They destroy numerous fish and other aquatic species in addition to polluting the waterways.
During festivals, garbage disposal is a significant problem. There is a lot of trash dumped on the roadways and other surfaces when people assemble for precessions and cultural events. ‘Mela’ and fairs are organised during numerous festivals, which results in a lot of trash being disposed of in the open.
One of the biggest risks to the environment is noise pollution. At festivals, loudspeakers, loud music, and crowd noises can seriously affect both humans and the environment.


Without a doubt, some of our greatest festivals cause environmental pollution. In the fervour of festival celebrations, we disregard our natural surroundings. While it is true that our lives would be pretty dull and uninteresting without our culture and festivities, it is equally vital to adopt measures to reduce pollution during these occasions. Our government should establish regulations that allow for both the celebration of holidays and environmental preservation.

Essay On Pollution due to Festivals In English (500 Words)

We have a diversified culture in India, which makes it one of the most intriguing countries in the world to live in. In India, there are numerous different religions that each have their own distinctive characteristics. The fact that we get to celebrate so many festivals is the most significant aspect of all these religions. Every festival is distinctive and celebrates in a different way.

Festivals are an important part of our culture and bring joy and happiness into our lives, but tragically they also cause a lot of damage to our environment. Every festival is observed in a unique manner and is connected in one way or another. These celebration practises are to blame for the severe damage done to our natural resources. The number of pollutants released into the environment each year keeps rising. Festivals have a negative impact on all facets of nature.

The Pollution Festivals Cause

Diwali, a Hindu celebration, is the primary reason for the nation’s air pollution because of the abundance of fireworks that are set off during this time. All night long, people burn sky shots and crackers, which pollutes the air greatly. The following day is always smoggy and congested. Numerous other celebrations also feature fireworks, which contribute to the nation’s rising air pollution levels. The major cities currently have horrible air quality. The number of cars on the road is another factor contributing to air pollution during festivals. It is normal to visit family and friends during holidays. Many individuals use their cars and other vehicles to get there. This results in significant air pollution from traffic.
Water Pollution: The immersion of statues in water during celebrations and the dumping of various materials into bodies of water for pious purposes are the main causes of water pollution. The statues that people immerse in water as a form of worship for a deity contaminate the water and harm aquatic life. People taking holy baths in rivers during holidays are another cause of water pollution. When millions of people wash in the same rivers, the water gets polluted.
Noise pollution: Loud noises can seriously affect one’s physiological health and damage one’s capacity to hear. One such factor is the use of loudspeakers during festivals. The music and remarks are broadcast at unsafe frequencies. During festival season, numerous processions are held and they generate a lot of noise pollution.
In conclusion, festivals are occasions for joy and celebration. Festivals bring us together and give the populace a sense of sovereignty, but it’s also true that they also injure and pollute the environment significantly. As citizens of this nation, it is our responsibility to safeguard the natural resources that make up our prosperity. We need to figure out how to celebrate holidays while protecting the environment.

Every event has a special meaning to us in India. We take satisfaction in the fact that we celebrate all the festivals together, regardless of the religions to which we belong. But the unfortunate reality is that our festivities contribute significantly to noise, water, and air pollution.