Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English For Student And Children

Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English One of the most important Hindu holidays is Diwali, which is lavishly celebrated all over India. Numerous activities, such as eating, shopping, watching fireworks, worshipping, etc., are part of the celebrations. Fireworks and crackers are now an essential component of the festivities. Hazardous chemical substances including lead, sulphur, cadmium, and mercury are used to make fireworks, and when these substances burn, they emit deadly gases. When the fumes produce dense smog, it can be dangerous and challenging to breathe. Diwali is a festival during which a lot of buying is done, raising concerns about plastic pollution. Most of the time, thin, non-biodegradable plastic bags are used to deliver each purchase to the customer.

Pollution Due to Diwali

Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English

Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English (100 Words)

Hindus look forward to and love Diwali more than any other holiday. Since the beginning of time, it has been observed with considerable fanfare. Days before the event, people start cleaning their homes to welcome Goddess Laxmi. On this day, lights, diyas, and candles adorn homes and businesses.

There is activity, commotion, and joy everywhere. The burning of fire crackers is the only aspect of this holiday that is not joyful. An alarming amount of pollution is being produced as a result of the burning of crackers during the Diwali celebration. This has a negative effect on our environment and makes life extremely tough for all living things.

Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English (200 Words)

To mark the Diwali Festival, millions of fireworks are lit all across our nation each year. As part of this festivity, burning crackers is ritualistic. The celebration includes it. During the Diwali season, the marketplaces are overrun with a variety of firecrackers, and shoppers start their purchases a few days before the holiday.

Burning crackers gets children very delighted. However, even grownups engage in this pastime without stopping to consider that their actions are producing pollution, which is very bad for the environment. As we approach the Diwali celebration, air pollution in our nation is at an all-time high. A variety of health issues have resulted from this.

A difficult time during Diwali is particularly experienced by those who have breathing conditions such as asthma. This is when their issue worsens, making it difficult for them to breathe. Noise pollution is a problem for everyone, but it affects older people and little children more than anybody else. Cracker burning is another culprit. Animals that seek refuge as we celebrate Diwali by lighting fireworks find it to be a frightening experience.

The festival of Diwali is one of lights, not firecrackers, as we must all keep in mind. In order to better celebrate Diwali, we should abstain from setting off fireworks.

Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English (300 Words)

One of the major Hindu religious holidays is Diwali. Every year, it is observed with much fanfare. Diwali celebrations include decorating homes, marketplaces, workplaces, and stores with candles and diyas, creating lovely rangolis, cooking sweets, visiting friends and family, exchanging gifts, praying to Lord Laxmi and Ganesha, and setting off firecrackers.

Burning firecrackers is a far more recent ritual than everything else, which has been around for generations. Even if it is a method to celebrate the event, it is a bad habit. It is detracting from this festival’s attractiveness and drawing harsh criticism. It makes the Earth’s pollution worse.

air toxicity
During the Diwali season, air pollution levels soar to exceptionally high levels. The air is unhealthy to breathe because of the smoke that firecrackers create as they burn. Even days after Diwali, the impact of igniting a lot of crackers can be felt. It is known to lead to a number of ailments. It most severely affects the lungs.

Land Degradation
The burnt cracker fragments that are left over contribute to the contamination of the soil. To clean these, days are needed. Some of these items can’t decompose naturally. These are difficult to dispose of and become hazardous over time, contributing to land pollution.

Noisy Environment
On Diwali, noise pollution is at its worst. In addition to burning brightly and producing dangerous smoke, fireworks also produce a huge amount of noise pollution. This is a particular issue for the elderly, students, animals, and those who are ill. The noises are quite upsetting. The worst affected species are animals.


The environment is seriously harmed by burning firecrackers. It has an effect on earthly life. It is interesting that people continue to burn crackers despite being aware of the negative consequences. It’s time for all of us to stop enjoying such frivolous things and start considering the greater picture.

Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English (400 Words)

The celebration of lights is called Diwali. It is anticipated all year long. Around this time, homes, businesses, and retail spaces receive comprehensive cleanings. People go shopping for fresh bed linens, drapes, and other furnishings to redecorate their homes. The day is revered as religious, and many people save it for beginning new endeavours like moving into a new home, concluding a business agreement, or setting and sharing a wedding date.

This celebration includes a variety of rites. One of them is blowing firecrackers to pieces. Burning firecrackers on this day detracts from the festival’s beauty while all the other customs and rites make it lovely. This is the depressing aspect of Diwali because it causes environmental damage and a number of health issues.

Avoid eating crackers.

On Diwali, enormous quantities of firecrackers are lit. Due to the smoke from crackers, the already dirty environment becomes even more so, making it difficult to breathe. Bursting crackers can also cause a variety of additional health issues, including lung and skin infections as well as eye and skin redness and burning. Additionally, the noise pollution they generate can be harmful, especially to young children, the elderly, and animals.

In order to prevent pollution and its damaging effects, we must say no to crackers. We should encourage individuals around us to hold off on popping fireworks as well.

Share love instead of trash.

Festivals are lovely because they strengthen our bonds with our loved ones. People visit one another and exchange gifts as part of the Diwali festival. On this day, a lot of individuals have parties to celebrate the festival with their friends and family. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are prayed to before the festivities begin. The house is then illuminated by lighting candles and diyas after that. A game of cards helps to create a cheerful atmosphere.

We must use this holiday as a chance to strengthen our relationships with our loved ones by spending time with them. It can be much more pleasurable to have supper, laugh around, and spend time with friends and family than it is to light fireworks and contribute to pollution.

Instead of pollution, Diwali should be a time to spread love and joy.


We must refrain from using fireworks during Diwali in order to preserve its holiness and aesthetic appeal. To protect the ecology, we must all promise to say no to crackers. The best thing could be a Diwali without pollution.

Essay On Pollution Due to Diwali In English (500 Words)

The rise in hazardous gas concentrations in the atmosphere causes global warming. The similar effect is achieved by burning firecrackers on Diwali. These crackers generate extremely dangerous smoke when they are burned. It increases the amount of dangerous gases in the atmosphere, amplifying the effects of global warming.

Diwali pollution, in contrast to the vehicles on the roads and the products being produced in the factories, may be avoided because burning firecrackers serves no purpose. This is in contrast to the industrial smoke and vehicular pollution, which are difficult to manage.

Pollution from Diwali Contributes to Global Warming

On Diwali, people frequently debate whether or not burning crackers makes a difference. Most people believe that one day of air pollution brought on by Diwali fireworks cannot have a significant impact on the planet’s atmosphere as a whole. This, however, is untrue. According to statistics, the pollution produced on this day by the bursting of firecrackers is comparable to the pollution produced over several days by many vehicles running on the road. Thus, it continually makes a significant contribution to global warming.

Deadly Smoke is Emitted by Crackers

The smoke that firecrackers emit is known to be dangerous. Some crackers are claimed to release smoke that is significantly more toxic than that produced by companies and automobiles when they are ignited. It has much worse effects on the environment and is a major contributor to many airborne illnesses. People who breathe this dangerous smoke experience breathing difficulties as well as numerous other health problems. Other living things, like as birds and animals, are also negatively impacted.

Small changes can result from larger ones.

Bursting crackers is useless for anyone. It just leads to health risks and air quality degradation. Why do we have to participate in this activity and endanger our lives?

By not using firecrackers to celebrate Diwali, we can do our part to protect the environment. The festival of Diwali is lovely. This celebration includes a number of traditions and rituals. During this occasion, there are so many delightful activities to partake in, from decorating and lighting our homes to dressing in ethnic attire, from seeing loved ones to playing cards, from producing homemade sweets to creating vibrant rangolis.

The fun shouldn’t be impacted in the least by crossing off the list of fireworks. However, it has a lot of positive environmental effects. We need to encourage everyone around us to hold off on popping fireworks as well. The negative environmental effects of crackers must be specifically taught to children. Our tiny actions can have a significant impact.


This is the season to celebrate Diwali. Now is the time to make them grin and laugh. We must refrain from harming the environment and compromising our health in order to ruin the fun. We must keep in mind that this seemingly insignificant act of ours is raising concerns all around the world. It is a factor in global warming, one of the largest environmental dangers. Saying no to crackers is the sensible thing to do.