Essay On Plastic Bag In English For Student And Children

Essay On Plastic Bag In English There are many uses for plastic bags. These bags are typically used to transport groceries. These are widely utilised since they are readily available on the market. However, because the bags are non-biodegradable, disposal is a significant problem. They are now a significant contributor to land pollution. The greatest threat to our environment is plastic bag use. To prevent these bags’ damaging impact on the environment, their use must be outlawed.

Plastic Bag

Essay On Plastic Bag In English

Essay On Plastic Bag In English (100 Words)

Because plastic bags pose a threat to the environment, they should be fully outlawed.

Plastic bags pose a serious hazard to the environment when they are discarded after usage. They damage the soil and hinder plant growth. They result in barren soil. This has an impact on both agricultural crops and wild flora. When plants and trees are harmed, the environment as a whole suffers.

Plastic is eaten by animals and birds who mistake it for food. They become gravely ill as a result of this. Each year, a significant number of animals and marine life perish as a result of ingesting plastic bags. The main source of pollution in land and water is plastic bags. Our environment is deteriorating as a result of these.

Essay On Plastic Bag In English (200 Words)

Markets frequently stock plastic bags. These bags are practical for shopping and come in a variety of sizes. These are lightweight and affordable. This is the rationale behind their widespread use. However, it’s crucial to realise that as handy as they are to use and transport, these are just as bad for the environment.

The plastic bags are not biodegradable, in contrast to the linen and paper bags. It is difficult to get rid of them. Used plastic bags pollute the land and water by remaining in the environment for many years. This is the rationale behind the usage of these bags being prohibited in many nations. Paper bags or reusable cloth bags have taken the place of plastic bags in these nations.

The use of plastic bags has been outlawed in many states by the Indian government, but the restriction has never been fully carried out. We must realise that these were prohibited for our benefit. In order to make our world cleaner, it is everyone’s obligation to cease using these bags.

To make the planet a better place to live, plastic bag use must be outlawed globally. Since bags made of different materials may easily replace these, the task shouldn’t be too challenging.

Essay On Plastic Bag In English (300 Words)

Because they are affordable, lightweight, and convenient to handle, plastic bags are chosen over other types of bags. Despite their widespread popularity, we must not ignore the harm that plastic bags do to the environment and the health risks they pose.

The Environment Is Destroyed by Plastic Bags

Because synthetic polymer is not biodegradable, it harms the environment and is found in plastic bags. Due to the nature of plastic, it is difficult to dispose of plastic bags. Plastic bag trash contributes to pollution. These are so light that they are easily carried by the wind and disperse widely. In addition to polluting our towns and cities, they also infiltrate the oceans, endangering marine life.

Plastic bags pose health risks.

Both humans and animals experience health issues as a result of plastic bags. Plastic bags are typically used to dispose of leftover food as well as vegetable and fruit peels. When eating, animals and birds frequently ingest particles of plastic. They become unwell with a variety of ailments as a result of this. Even gulping plastic bags might cause them to choke and die from suffocation.

Similarly, the marine life frequently eats the fragments of plastic after mistaking them for food. They have a variety of health issues due to this poisonous toxin. When eating seafood that contains sick fish, lobsters, or other marine animals, people risk contracting an infection.

Additionally, the pollution brought on by plastic bags is a contributor to a number of diseases.


As a result, plastic bags are endangering our health and destroying our lovely ecosystem. It is past time to quit using plastic bags. Instead of focusing on the convenience of a few seconds, we need to consider the wider picture. Keeping a cloth bag with us when we go to the market is not too difficult. The environment will benefit greatly from this.

Essay On Plastic Bag In English (400 Words)

When carrying groceries, plastic bags are among the most often used bags. These bags are among the worst to use, though, as they seriously hurt the environment. Since they are not biodegradable, these thin bags eventually rip into tiny pieces yet are not disposed of. They contribute to land, air, and water pollution by staying in the ecosystem for a very long time.

Plastic Bags’ Negative Effects on Plants

Plants and trees are essential components of our environment. They are a source of the oxygen that sustains life and one of the primary factors that make life on our planet possible. Sadly, God’s lovely creations are being ruined by us humans. The plastic bags are among the many things that are seriously harming the vegetation.

Today, plastic bags are a significant contributor to land pollution. The earth is contaminated by the hazardous compounds produced by plastic. This is preventing the plants from growing. These have an impact on the agricultural land as well because they are light and are transported by the wind to various locations. They are making the land less fruitful by degrading its quality. They impede plant growth and harm seeds that have been put in the ground.

Plastic Bags’ Negative Effects on People and Animals

The quality of life for both humans and animals is likely to worsen as the ecosystem degrades and other trees and plants, including agricultural crops, are unable to flourish. The pollution brought on by plastic bags has an indirect as well as direct influence on both people and animals.

Plastic bags left in the trash are openly consumed by animals. These bags have the potential to seriously harm a person’s digestive system and spread a number of diseases. Additionally, birds, fish, and other marine life ingest the plastic debris that floats in the air and water and get numerous diseases. Consuming these sick critters by humans increases their risk of developing major sickness.

In addition, animals and marine life frequently choke to death after swallowing plastic bags. Every year, a significant number of innocent creatures perish as a result of plastic bags.


Weakness caused by plastic bags to our ecosystem is significant. The government must outlaw the use of these bags, and we as responsible citizens must cease using them. In order to prevent these bags from being sold in the market, the government should actually outlaw their manufacture.

Essay On Plastic Bag In English (500 Words)

Using plastic bags to transport our goods is practical. These are becoming an essential component of everyday life. We nearly always use these, therefore it irks us when the shopkeepers inform us that they are prohibited and that we must either get our own bag or buy a cloth bag from them in order to transport our products. We fail to realise that the government’s decision to outlaw these bags was made for our benefit.

Reasons to Avoid Plastic Bags

Here are some reasons why we should stop using plastic bags and start using eco-friendly substitutes:

Principal Land Pollution Cause
Plastic bags cannot decompose biologically. The major reason why these are bad to use is that they produce a lot of garbage. It can be difficult to dispose of these use and toss bags. They disintegrate into minute pieces, which linger in the environment for a very long time and contribute to land pollution.

increases water pollution
Plastic bags are quite thin. These bags are frequently irresponsibly dumped. These are easily carried by the wind and go into the bodies of water. In addition, the majority of our processed food is packaged in plastic. People who go on picnics and camping trips bring this food and discard the used plastic bags in the oceans and rivers, contributing to the pollution of the water supply.

Growth Effects on Plants
Plastic bags contain chemicals that contaminate the earth. They prevent plants from growing and render the soil sterile. As a result, they are affecting agriculture, which is our nation’s primary industry.

Serious Animal Illness
Animals cannot tell the difference between food and packaging. They frequently consume the entire item from the trash cans. Animals’ digestive systems become clogged with plastic bags. Even when gulped as is, they become trapped in the throat and become choked. Additionally, the little fragments of plastic that they consume from the trash together with their food build up in their bodies and eventually cause major sickness.

liable for causing climate change
Most plastic bags are made of polypropylene, which is created from natural gas and petroleum. Both of these fossil fuels are non-renewable, and their extraction releases greenhouse gases, which are the main contributor to global warming.

How Can We Refuse Plastic Bags?

Although plastic bags have become a necessary part of our daily lives, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it appears to say no to them. In several Indian states, the use of plastic bags has been outlawed by the government, yet people still use them because they are still readily available.

To ensure that these are not used, the government must implement tight restrictions. Additionally, it is each of us responsibilities to avoid using these. A ban on plastic bags can only be put into effect if we all honestly stop using them.


The negative effects of using plastic bags have been repeatedly emphasised. The damage they are doing to our ecosystem is something we are all aware of. To make our environment a safer place to live, we must cease using them.