Essay On Peace and Harmony In English For Student And Children

Essay On Peace and Harmony In English The foundational requirement of any nation is peace and harmony. Only if a peaceful environment is maintained will a nation’s population feel safe and secure and be able to prosper. While India’s population generally lives in a tranquil atmosphere, the nation’s peace and harmony are frequently disturbed for a variety of reasons.

India is united in its diversity. In the country, people of many classes, faiths, and creeds coexist. The freedom of equality is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, and numerous regulations are in place to maintain peace and harmony throughout the nation. The country’s calm has, however, occasionally been disturbed for a variety of causes. To assist you with the subject of your exam, below are essays of various lengths.

Peace and Harmony

Essay On Peace and Harmony In English

Essay On Peace and Harmony In English (100 Words)

In diverse regions of India, people from various castes and religions live. Even though most of these individuals get along with one another, many factors frequently cause the country’s peace and harmony to be disturbed. Here is how harmony is preserved in the face of diversity and the impediments to peace.

Factors Affecting Harmony and Peace

There are a number of things that disturb the peace and harmony in India, despite the efforts of the Indian government to keep them there. Take a look at it like this:

There are some religious groups that spread their faith to the point that it interferes with the peace and tranquilly of the nation, despite the fact that the state does not have an official religion and permits its residents to select or change their religion at any time.

Essay On Peace and Harmony In English (200 Words)

Any nation’s fundamental need is for peace and harmony. A country can only develop if there is peace and harmony inside it. In order to prevent conflicts and promote harmony among its residents, our nation’s Constitution contains rules that guarantee political and social equality among its citizens.

Although the people of our nation coexist peacefully, the peace is frequently interrupted because of many political, social, economic, and religious causes. Unrest among the populace is also brought on by price increases and unemployment. People frequently go forward to voice their opposition to these problems, which disturb society’s daily operations.

Another element that interferes with people’s ability to live peacefully is terrorism. In the past, there have been a number of terrorist incidents, which have disrupted people’s daily lives. The 1996 Brahmaputra mail train bombing, the 1998 Coimbatore bombings, the 2003 Mumbai bombings, the 2006 Varanasi bombings, the 2013 Bangalore blast, and the 2015 Gurdaspur incident are just a few examples.

Mass destruction has also resulted from racial and ethnic disturbances, including the 1980 Moradabad Riots, the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots, the 1985 Gujarat Riots, and the 2013 Muzaffarnagar Riots.

To establish peace and harmony in the nation, both the government and the populace must cooperate.

Essay On Peace and Harmony In English (300 Words)

Any society’s foundation is built on harmony and peace. Growth and development would only occur if there was peace and harmony throughout the nation. The nation’s government does everything in its power to maintain tranquilly and harmony. However, entrenched interests frequently cause disruptions to it. Here is a look at both of these as well as the situations in which the country’s calm was interrupted.

Factors Affecting Peace and Cooperation

One of the main causes for the breakdown of peace and harmony in the nation has been terrorist strikes.
In the name of religion, peace and harmony in the nation are frequently disturbed. To undermine other religions and sow unrest in society, certain religious groups attempt to do so.
Political parties frequently incite people against other parties in order to further their own self-serving goals, which frequently undermines the state’s ability to maintain peace.
The reservation system has also resulted in considerable resentment among those who fall under the general group. Several localities have staged demonstrations to demand reservations for their citizens.
Similar to inflation, unemployment, and inter-state problems, these have frequently caused societal disruption.

Examples of Interruptions to Peace and Harmony

There have been numerous occasions when the nation’s peace and harmony were upset. Here are a few of these:

1967 Ranchi-Hatia Riots, 1987 Haryana Killings, and 1957 Ramnad Riots
1990 Riots in Hyderabad
1993 bombings in Bombay
Red Fort terrorist incident in 2000
Indian Parliament Attack in 2001
India’s riots in 2002
Riots in Vadodara, 2006
Bombings in Delhi in 2007
2009 Mumbai Attacks
agitation in 2008
Bombings in Pune, 2012
Riots in 2013 in Muzaffarnagar; bombings in 2013 in Bodh Gaya; agitation over Jat reservations in 2016; Conclusion

It is challenging to uphold peace and harmony in the nation until each of us is aware of its needs and makes a contribution towards the same. The sense of community and amity in society cannot be guaranteed by the government alone.

Essay On Peace and Harmony In English (400 Words)

For any civilization to run well, peace and harmony are crucial. The Indian government works to keep the peace in the nation so that its residents can live in a safe and secure environment. But frequently, it is disturbed by various social, political, and economic variables. Here is a look at these causes and the situations where the nation’s peace and harmony have been compromised.

Factors Affecting Harmony and Peace

governmental issues
Political parties typically incite people against them in order to further their own partisan interests, and this frequently causes unrest in the nation.

Terrorist strikes damage the nation’s peace and tranquilly. These attacks cause a great deal of worry among the populace.

Some religious organisations make efforts to persuade others to adopt their beliefs, force them to do so, or merely to disparage other religions. This has frequently resulted in intergroup conflict.

In addition to this, the country’s peace and concord are also disturbed by interstate disputes, the reservation system, rising prices, and poverty and unemployment.

Examples of Conflicts that Affect Peace and Harmony

Ranchi Hatia Riots of 1967
In August 1967, there were racial unrest in and around Ranchi. They persisted for about a week. There were reportedly 184 fatalities in this.

Gujarat riots of 1969
These riots, known as the deadliest Hindu-Muslim clashes since India’s Partition, took place in September and October of 1969.

riots in Worli
In Mumbai, there were riots over reservations between Dalit Panther and Shiv Sena members. In 1974, this resulted in the death of Bhagwat Jadhav, the leader of the Dalit Panthers.

Riots in Moradabad
These clashes, which took place in August 1980, involved Muslims and Police as well as Muslims and Hindus. When the police refused to remove the pig from the neighbourhood Idgah, Muslims started throwing stones at them, sparking the rioting. Violence-related occurrences persisted into November 1980.

1993 bombing in Bombay
On March 12th, 1993, there were a total of 12 bomb blasts in Bombay. It was one of India’s most devastating bomb blasts, and it was a response to the 1992 Babri Masjid Demolition.

Church bombings in 2000
There have been numerous church bombings in the states of Goa, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Deendar Anjuman, an organisation of Islamist extremists, carried out these bombs in 2000.


Each and every Indian person must recognise the value of sustaining peace and harmony in their nation, and they should all strive together to do it.

Essay On Peace and Harmony In English (500 Words)

In order to maintain peace and unity in the nation, India is renowned for its democratic system and secularism, which accords all of its residents the same rights on both the political and religious fronts. The calm in the nation is disturbed by a number of reasons, though. Here are some of the ways that the Constitution unites people from all backgrounds as well as some of the things that obstruct the peace and harmony of the nation.

Peace and harmony are fostered by secularism

The government of India is secular. Each citizen of India has the freedom to practise his or her religion, according to the country’s constitution. No formal religion exists in the nation. The state treats each and every faith equally. A strategy for fostering peace and harmony in the nation is to treat all religions equally. Religiously diverse people enjoy one another’s presence and fervently observe all holidays. People work and learn cooperatively in schools, workplaces, and a variety of other settings.

the elements that affect harmony and peace

India’s population coexists with one another generally in peace. But occasionally the serenity might be disturbed for a number of different causes. The following lists a few of these:

Anxiety is brought on by terrorist strikes. This country’s peace and harmony are affected by the horror that these acts disseminate for days after they occur. In India, terrorist attacks have occurred on a number of occasions.

Even though India does not have a state-sanctioned religion and provides its people the right to practise any religion they desire, some religious organisations go so far in their efforts to spread and advance their faith that they end up hurting members of other faiths. Comunal violence is frequently the result of this.

Political goals
Political parties are sometimes seen to lack principles. In an effort to gain control and maintain it, one party makes an effort to discredit the other. The state is frequently incited to cause unneeded commotion by members of a specific faith.

The reservation system was established by the Constitution in an effort to guarantee social and economic equality for members of the lowest classes. The majority of the population has expressed opposition to this system, and many members of the other castes have also spoken out in favour of reservation for their group. There have been numerous instances where this has disturbed the peace.

State Issues
People from other states working in Maharashtra has been resisted by parties like the Shiv Sena. Peace can be disturbed by such problems between the states.

An additional factor fueling unhappiness in society is the continuing increase in the cost of goods, particularly those used on a daily basis. The regular running of society is frequently disrupted when people take to the streets to protest against sudden price increases.


There is still a long way to go, even though the Indian government uses every tool at its disposal to promote peace and harmony in the nation. There won’t be true peace and harmony in the nation until each individual understands the perils of division.