Essay On Patriotism In English For Student And Children

Essay On Patriotism In English Patriotism is the love and allegiance one has for his nation. Many people commit their entire life to serving their country. Patriots are the name given to these folks. Patriotism has the power to bind people together. It needs to be pushed for the benefit of both the nation and the citizens living there. Patriotism is the love and loyalty one has for their nation. True patriots contribute in any way they can to the development of their country. Here are some patriotic essays of various lengths to aid you in understanding the subject of your test. You can choose any essay on patriotism based on your interests:


Essay On Patriotism In English

Essay On Patriotism In English (100 Words)

Everyone should practise the virtue of patriotism.

We must love our country as much as we love our mother because it is also known as our motherland. True patriots are those who have the same love and dedication for their country as they do for their mother and family. Patriotism is a quality that everyone should have. In comparison to a nation where people are battling over matters like religion, caste, and creed, a nation full of patriots is unquestionably a better place to live. Conflicts would undoubtedly be less frequent in a world where individuals share common goals and objectives. Here are some reasons why everyone should value patriotism:

Essay On Patriotism In English (200 Words)

Putting one’s country’s interests first, working for its advancement, and making sacrifices for it when necessary are all examples of patriotism. Many people believe that sacrificing one’s life for one’s nation is what patriotism is all about, however this is not always the case. It entails living for the benefit of the nation, giving back to it in any way that one can, and being prepared to give one’s life in times of necessity.

In the past, many people have given their lives in service to their country. Many people still devote themselves completely to serving their country. Patriotism flooded the hearts of the Indian freedom fighters. They sacrificed their own interests in order to serve the country. Many people are still committed to helping the country in whatever manner they can. But the sense of patriotism is gradually eroding. The nationalism of today’s youth is not as strong as that of prior generations.

The elderly must work to instil a sense of patriotism in their young ones. Institutions like schools and colleges must additionally encourage this. The nation’s youth must cherish and respect it, as well as work to make it stronger.

Essay On Patriotism In English (300 Words)

Love and respect for one’s nation are two characteristics of patriotism. Patriots are noted for their steadfast devotion and pride in their nation. Patriots, or individuals willing to sacrifice anything for their country, can be found in every nation on earth. The increased competitiveness in every industry as well as people’s shifting lifestyles, however, appear to be causing the sense of patriotism to wane in modern society.

Patriotic Feeling Must Be Instilled

Many people in the past, especially during the British era, stepped forward to inspire patriotism in their fellow citizens. Patriots inspired those around them by holding meetings, giving lectures, and using a variety of other strategies. The new generation of today needs to be instilled with a sense of patriotism as well. When they are still young, you must do this. Schools and institutions need to take the effort to instil in them a love and respect for their nation. On August 15th and January 26th, a lot of institutions host events and host gatherings. Around that time, patriotic music is played and there is a palpable sense of patriotism throughout the country. But does this really show patriotism? No! It is necessary to establish this environment on a regular basis, not just on certain noteworthy anniversaries. Then, every citizen would always have that sentiment ingrained in their hearts.

A nation that is loved by its youth and is motivated to improve its social and economic standing will undoubtedly prosper.


The person who puts forth significant effort to advance his nation is a true patriot. In any way he can, he does his part to improve his country’s situation. A true patriot not only contributes to the development of his country, but also encourages others to do the same.

Essay On Patriotism In English (400 Words)

Having a deep affection for one’s nation is what it means to be patriotic. Our nation has historically produced many patriots, and many more do so today. But it was during the British occupation that Indians could particularly be observed to experience a sense of patriotism.

Legendary Indian Patriots

Here are some examples of genuine patriots who lived during the British rule:

Bhagat Singh Shaheed
True patriotism is a reputation held by Bhagat Singh. He had a burning desire to set our nation free from the control of the British government. He was involved in several independence movements and started a revolution. He was so committed to his goal that he made the decision to give his life for his country without second thoughts. Many people found him to be an inspiration.

Bose, Subhas Chandra
Subhash Chandra Bose, often known as Netaji, actively participated in the fight for India’s independence. He had a reputation for having firm ideologies. Bose advocated for the unity of Hindus and Muslims in addition to participating in numerous independence movements to expel the British from India.

Ganga Dhar Tilak Bal
The spirit of patriotism was present in Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak. His declaration that “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall obtain it” demonstrated his steadfast commitment to releasing the nation from the tyranny of the British monarchy. He denounced the brutality of the British administration. He called for the Indian people to have the right to self-government.

Gandhi, Mohan Das Karamchand
Everyone is aware of his role to India’s liberation movement. He was the leader of the most anti-British liberation groups. He epitomised “simple life high thinking” in all its glory. He yearned for India’s freedom and put much effort into bringing it about in his own special way.

Naidu Sarojni
The well-known vocalist of her era, Sarojini Naidu, had a strong sense of patriotism. She took part in the fight for independence and did her part to rid the nation of British tyranny. She was arrested alongside other well-known freedom fighters as a result of her crucial contribution to the Civil Disobedience Movement. Even though she was detained during the Quit India movement, her sense of loyalty for her nation was unaffected.


India’s people need to be motivated to give back to the nation in any way they can. To instil a sense of patriotism among the populace, the government, educational institutions, and other organisations must take the initiative.

Essay On Patriotism In English (500 Words)

Mark Twain once remarked, “Patriotism means always standing up for your country and your government when they deserve it.” The essence of patriotism is loving and respecting one’s nation while striving for its advancement. To move in this direction, people must cooperate with the government and other institutions.

Patriotism is Getting Older

With time, patriotism is ebbing away. Nowadays, the younger generation virtually ever exhibits it. The reason behind this is that individuals today are too preoccupied with their own life. Additionally, they are become increasingly egotistical. A self-centered person prioritises their own needs over those of others and is constantly self-focused. On the other hand, patriotism is around a selfless love for one’s own country. A person who is overly self-absorbed and places a great deal of value on themselves and their interests cannot be a patriot. Today’s increased competitiveness has also done a lot to fuel it.

Each person is focused on generating income in order to live a life that is increasingly comfortable and superior to those around him. There isn’t much room to consider anything else in such a situation. These days, the idea of loving and serving one’s country is all but lost. Today’s youth migrate to other nations in quest of a better lifestyle rather than striving to improve their own country and contribute to its progress. If people’s attitudes now were the same as they were 100 years ago, they would never have banded together and battled for the nation’s freedom. In that circumstance, they would have just searched for their own self-centered motifs.

False Patriot vs. the True Patriot

During the British rule, many people made the claim to be patriotic, but only a small percentage of them were real patriots who exploited the situation for their own selfish ends. Many individuals even today genuinely love and respect their nation, while others merely put up a front. A person who is committed to helping his country is a true patriot. He prioritises the needs of his nation and fellow citizens and is prepared to do anything to advance his nation. False patriots, on the other side, are those who publicly display their patriotism while claiming to love their nation. He pretends to feel these things, but he doesn’t; he just pretends for his own benefit.

Nationalism vs. patriotism

It’s common to use the words patriotism and nationalism interchangeably. But there is a distinction between the two. Patriotism entails taking pride in one’s country’s accomplishments and working to make it better. On the other side, nationalism refers to pride in one’s country, including the good and the bad. Nationalism is viewed as irrational and vindictive, whereas patriotism is commendable.


Some people are born patriotic, while others can learn it. The improvement and development of a nation depend on the presence of patriotism. Additionally, it pulls a nation’s citizens closer together and enables them to discover the joy and love of giving and caring.