Essay On Organic Food In English For Student And Children


Essay On Organic Food In English


We consume a variety of foods throughout the day. While many of them are harmful to us, some of them are beneficial. We must distinguish between food that is healthy and unhealthy.

Organic Food

Essay On Organic Food In English

Natural Food

Organic foods are those that are produced using organic methods on a farm. The food prepared on the farm is all organic. These foods are good for us and cooked using natural methods. They also contain a lot of different nutrients.

Benefits for Humans of Organic Foods

Since organic foods are produced using natural methods, they are abundant in all the nutrients our bodies require, including protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, carbs, and others. They strengthen our immune systems and keep us healthy, robust, and energetic because they don’t contain artificial or dangerous fertilisers.

Nature’s Benefits from Organic Foods

Organic foods are beneficial not only to our bodies but also to the environment. They preserve the soil’s fertility and biodiversity. They also maintain the soil’s beneficial microorganisms in balance.


All living things, including humans and animals, need organic foods. They are the only ones who can regain our immunity and health. They are accessible to everyone and are preferred by everyone.