Essay On Organic Farming In English For Student And Children

Essay On Organic Farming In English Crops grown organically use only natural processes and equipment. It also covers the natural methods of animal rearing. Organic farming is always advantageous and supports the earth’s natural ability to support life.

Organic Farming

Essay On Organic Farming In English

the benefits of organic farming

Organic farming is risk-free and entirely natural. The optimum outcome is achieved while maintaining the soil’s quality. The food produced by organic farming still contains all of its nutrients. By using an organic farming method, it also helps to preserve the food’s natural flavour and protects us from the dangerous chemicals used in farming.

Tools for Organic Agriculture

Organic farming is incredibly easy and affordable. It requires organic tools and techniques, the majority of which are free. The crop is kept healthy and retains its flavour for a long time when natural fertilisers are used. Natural and manual methods of crop care prevent the loss of beneficial nutrients. Natural insecticides only kill insects when used, not the crop itself.


Organic farming is always preferred because it is natural. We can have it to preserve the soil’s fertility, the grain’s quality, and the legacy of traditional farming. in fact Compared to inorganic farming, organic farming is more productive.