Essay On Ocean Acidification In English For Student And Children

Essay On Ocean Acidification In English Ocean acidification is a term used in science to describe how acidic the ocean’s water is becoming. It has a significant effect on biodiversity and marine life.

Ocean Acidification

Essay On Ocean Acidification In English

Increasing ocean acidity

When the water’s acidity falls below seven, ocean acidification is used. It increases the acidity of the ocean water beyond what is necessary, which is bad for marine life and their habitat. Ocean water becomes acidic when excess Carbon Dioxide from the environment combines with it.

Ocean acidification’s root causes

The first and main contributor to ocean acidification is the discharge of toxic chemicals and waste products into the neighbouring waterways. When these water bodies converge, they both contribute to the acidification of the ocean. Acid rain is brought on by environmental pollution, which also contributes to acidic ocean water.

Ocean acidification’s effects

Ocean acidification causes ocean water to become acidic and abundant in acids like carbon dioxide. Because they could hurt humans, this water cannot be utilised for drinking or for any other purpose. Marine life in an acidic ocean struggles to survive and perishes in great numbers.


Humans are the primary cause of ocean acidification, hence it is we who can put an immediate halt to it. It is not beneficial to us or the coming generation.