Essay On Nature In English For Student And Children

Essay On Nature In English Find an essay on nature that is really straightforward and simple to understand. Incorporate some creativity into the education of your adorable children and students in grades KG, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The most significant aspect of existence is nature, and we should teach our children this. Encourage learning by writing an essay about how to follow nature.


Essay On Nature In English

Essay On Nature In English (100 Words)

We reside on the most beautiful planet in the solar system, Earth, which has a lovely, lush, and clean environment. The finest friend we have is nature, which gives us everything we need to survive. For our benefit, it provides us with things like clean water to drink, food to eat, a place to live, animals, and plants for various uses. We ought to thoroughly appreciate nature while preserving its ecological equilibrium. So that we can enjoy nature forever, we should take care of it, keep it calm, maintain it clean, and stop it from being destroyed. Nature is a priceless gift from God that we should appreciate but not abuse.

Essay On Nature In English (200 Words)

Everything in our immediate environment—including the lovely surroundings—is part of nature. Every time we see it, we enjoy it. It evolves naturally, and we can see, hear, and feel it all around us. In order to breathe clean air and take in the early beauty of nature, we should make the most of nature and venture outside every day for a walk. The beauty of the world changes throughout the day. For example, in the morning as the sun rises, everything appears bright orange before turning yellow. When the sun goes down in the evening, it turns dark orange once again before turning light dark.

The natural world provides everything for us, but we do not do anything for it, despite the fact that we continually damage its resources in order to satisfy our own selfish desires. Many new technologies are being introduced every day in the modern technological world, without considering their effects on the environment. To ensure that life can remain on earth indefinitely, it is our job to preserve the dwindling resources of our nature. If we don’t do anything to protect the environment, we put the lives of future generations in jeopardy. We ought to recognise its significance and value and work to preserve its organic form.

Essay On Nature In English (300 Words)

The most significant and essential component of everyone’s lives is nature. Everyone has been given the pure love of God, manifested in the splendour of the natural world. We shouldn’t ever pass up the opportunity to appreciate nature. Many renowned poets, writers, painters, and artists have chosen nature as their most favourite subject matter for their works. God’s wonderful creation, which he gave to us as a priceless gift, is called nature. Everything that surrounds us, including water, air, land, sky, fire, rivers, woods, animals, birds, and plants, as well as the sun, moon, stars, sea, lake, rain, thunder, and storms, is considered to be a part of nature. There are both live creatures and non-living things in nature, which is highly colourful.

Every element of nature is endowed by God with its own force and distinctiveness. It has a variety of forms that change from season to season and even from minute to minute. For example, the sea appears bright blue in the morning but turns an emerald green colour by noon. The colour of the sky varies throughout the day from a faint pink at sunrise to a brilliant blue in the late morning, a bright orange at sunset, and a purple hue by twilight. Our emotions also fluctuate in accordance with the natural world, such as when it’s sunny out, when it’s raining, or when it’s spring. We feel genuinely joyful when it’s moonlight and a little bored and worn out when it’s bright outside.

The transformational influence of nature can drastically alter our mood and behaviour. If the right conditions and a nice environment are provided, nature has the capacity to heal the sick. Because nature is so important to a healthy lifestyle, we should preserve it for future generations. By engaging in self-serving behaviour, we should refrain from cutting down trees and degrading forests, polluting rivers and oceans, causing holes in the ozone layer, accelerating the greenhouse effect, and many other things. In order for nature to continue sustaining life on earth for all time, we must become fully conscious of it and do everything in our power to preserve it.

Essay On Nature In English (400 Words)

Nature is the natural environment that protects, nurtures, and surrounds us at all times. It offers us a shield of defence around us to shield us from harm. Without the elements of nature including air, land, water, fire, and sky, we would be unable to survive on the planet. Nature is all that surrounds us, including trees, rivers, lakes, birds, sea, thunder, the sun, the moon, the weather, the atmosphere, mountains, deserts, hills, ice, and more. Every aspect of nature is extremely potent and has the power to both sustain and kill us.

Everyone has less time to enjoy nature these days. As the population grew, we neglected to appreciate environment and advance our health. We began utilising modern tools for our physical fitness. However, it is undeniably true that nature has the ability to feed us and keep us healthy forever. The majority of authors have discussed the true benefits and beauty of nature in their works. Nature has the power to relieve mental stress and heal illnesses. Our nature is gradually deteriorating as a result of technological advancement in human life, necessitating a high level of awareness to maintain its equilibrium and protect the environment.

God made everything in such exquisite detail that it is impossible for our eyes to grow tired of it. However, we neglected the fact that we also bear some responsibility for the interdependence of humans and nature. How lovely the landscape appears in the morning with the sunrise, bird sings, sounds of rivers and lakes, and cheerful social gatherings of friends in the garden in the evening following a long day of work. But while we were focused on taking care of our families, we failed to take in the beauty of the natural world.

Sometimes when we are on vacation, we will spend the entire day watching TV, reading the newspaper, playing video games indoors, or using the computer, but we often forget that we may do exciting things outside the door in the midst of nature. We utilise electricity unnecessarily by leaving all of our lights on, which leads to an increase in the temperature in the atmosphere known as global warming. Other human actions, such as clearing forests and trees, increase the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

We should do everything in our power to preserve our world and its stunning natural beauty by ceasing our selfish and dumb behaviour if we want to always be happy and healthy. We shouldn’t clear forests or cut down trees, and we should conserve energy and water among other things to keep the ecology in balance. Since we are nature’s primary users, we should properly take care of it.