Essay On Natural Resources In English For Student And Children

Essay On Natural Resources In English Resources that are a gift from nature are frequently referred to as natural resources. They are created spontaneously, free from human interference. Natural resources include things like sunlight, water, soil, and air. In nature, these are abundantly available. There are a number of other natural resources, though, that are harder to come by. Minerals and fossil fuels are among them. Here are a variety of natural resources essays that you can use as exam practise. You can choose any natural resources essay depending on your requirements:

Natural Resources


Essay On Natural Resources In English

Essay On Natural Resources In English (100 Words)

Natural resources are a blessing for both humans and other living things. These play a crucial role in our daily lives. In fact, without the majority of these natural resources, life on earth would not be conceivable.

Natural Resource Distribution

On Earth, natural resources are dispersed inequitably. Different types of natural resources are abundant in various places of the world. While some locations receive an abundance of sunlight, others do not for the most of the year. Similar to how certain locations have a lot of water bodies while others have rich mineral deposits. Natural resource distribution is uneven for a variety of reasons. Among the key elements are the type of land and the climate.

Several nations, like China, Iraq, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Canada, and Brazil, may brag of having abundant natural resource reserves. Here are some examples of the abundant natural resources some nations possess:

Essay On Natural Resources In English (200 Words)

The resources that are naturally present on our planet are known as natural resources. We can extract them without any help from anybody. These resources are necessary for all living things to survive. While some natural resources, like air, water, and sunlight, are used directly, others are used as raw materials to create different goods that are essential.

Numerous renewable natural resources are abundantly available. This indicates that they are recyclable and reusable. Many others, however, are either non-renewable or take a very long time to replenish. Numerous natural resources are rapidly running out. This is due to a number of factors. The population is growing, which is one of the key causes. Because of the rapid population growth, there is a continuous rise in the demand of natural resources.

Another factor in the loss of natural resources is deforestation. Urbanization uses land currently. Trees and wildlife have been lost as a result of this. As a result, less raw material is being produced from them every day. The increasing pollution is having a harmful impact on the water bodies. Future generations may experience a water shortage where there was previously an abundance.

It is past time for us humans to stop wasting the natural resources and start making judicious use of them.

Essay On Natural Resources In English (300 Words)

The resources that nature provides are known as natural resources. To obtain these resources, man need not labour. Natural resources include things like water, air, sunlight, timber, minerals, and natural gases. While many of nature’s resources are abundantly available, others take longer to create and are not as easily accessible.

Natural Resource Categories

Even while each natural resource has unique qualities and uses, these can be generally divided into two types. These are the renewable and non-renewable natural resources, respectively. Here is a closer look at these:

Renewable Natural Resources: As the name implies, renewable natural resources are those that can be replenished naturally and used repeatedly. This group includes the resources water, solar energy, wood, biomass, air, and soil. While many of these resources, like water, air, and sunlight, may be easily replenished, natural resources, like soil and wood, require more time. Organic and non-organic renewable resources are further divided into categories.
Organic renewable resources are those that are derived from living organisms, such as plants and animals. Inorganic renewable resources are those that come from non-living things and are hence renewable.

Natural resources that cannot be replenished, recycled, or that require a very long time to create anew are referred to as non-renewable resources. Natural resources that are not replenishable include coal, oil, minerals, and natural gases. Non-renewable natural resources like minerals, on the other hand, may take thousands of years to create while these develop naturally without any human involvement. Additionally, these are separated into two groups: Organic and Non-Organic.
Organic natural resources are non-renewable resources derived from living things. Fossil fuel is just one instance of this.

Inorganic natural resources are those that are non-renewable and derived from inanimate objects, such as soil, wind, minerals, and land.


In order to prevent the depletion of natural resources, especially non-renewable resources, they must be used carefully.

Essay On Natural Resources In English (400 Words)

The resources that have always been present in nature are known as natural resources. On Earth, life is made possible by these resources. Natural resources including air, sunlight, and water are essential for supporting life on Earth. Natural resources in general are vital to our way of life and are of equal importance.

Utilizing Natural Resources for a Variety of Purposes

While providing for the basic needs of humans and other earthly life, natural resources also serve as the foundation for the production of a wide range of products. These things improve the comfort and ease of life. Today, the majority of these are necessary for man to function. Here are some examples of how natural resources are used:

Solar energy is produced by sunlight and used in a variety of gadgets. Also made possible by sunlight is photosynthesis.
Air: Wind energy is produced using air. For the same purpose, windmills are used. It can be used to pump water and grind grains, among other things.
Water: Hydroelectric energy is produced using water. Along with cooking, it is utilised for a variety of cleaning duties.
Minerals: A variety of goods that we need on a daily basis are produced using minerals. Among the items created with various types of minerals are wires, aluminium cans, and vehicle components. Jewelry is made from minerals like gold and silver.
These are the natural gases that are used to produce electricity. These are also employed in the kitchen for heating purposes.
Another natural resource that is utilised in the production of power is coal.
Various natural resources, including timber, fruits, and vegetables, are provided by plants. While wood is utilised to make various furniture items, paper, and other products, fruits and vegetables are necessary to keep living things alive.
Animals: They offer a variety of natural resources as well. They give the milk necessary to make many different dairy products, including curd, cheese, and butter. Various clothing items and other necessities are also made from animal fur and skin. Among the products manufactured from natural resources obtained from animals are woollen sweaters and caps, leather belts and bags, silk saris, and bed linens.

Natural resources are therefore beneficial both in their unprocessed state and when used to produce other items. There is no doubt that man has utilised these resources to their fullest potential in order to improve life.

Essay On Natural Resources In English (500 Words)

Nature gives us natural resources as a gift. These are both directly and indirectly eaten by living things. Utilizing natural resources directly entails using them in their unadulterated state. The two best examples of this are oxygen and sunshine. Natural resources are consumed indirectly when they are changed or used to produce other products and services. For instance, before being used, minerals, wood, and many other natural resources are transformed into various materials.

Utilizations of various natural resources

There are many uses for natural resources. On Earth, life is not conceivable without these. According to a poll, wealthy nations consume more natural resources than developing nations. Here are some examples of the varied uses for these:

The kind of natural resources that are produced by animals are in high demand. This is because they give us food, which is necessary for all living things to survive. To obtain organic natural resources from them, animals are domesticated and raised. Animals are the source of milk and other dairy products, which give living things critical nutrition. Additionally, fossil fuels made from animal excrement are used for a variety of purposes, including heating, powering automobiles, and producing electricity. For the creation of clothing, bags, shoes, belts, and other similar things, animal fur and skin is employed.

Fruits and vegetables that are necessary for the survival of all living things are produced by plants for our use. Additionally, these natural resources are used to create a variety of medications for treating various diseases. Additionally, plants give out oxygen while removing poisonous chemicals like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Without any involvement from anyone, this operates organically. Additionally, plant waste helps create fossil fuels, which are used in a variety of ways.

In addition, trees supply wood, which is used for many things, including building homes, making furniture, making paper, and producing a variety of other large and tiny items that humans cannot live without.

Metallurgy and Minerals
Minerals and metals have a variety of uses as well. Each of these has special qualities and serves a different purpose. Minerals and metals are used for a variety of purposes, including the production of batteries, medical equipment, vehicle parts, jewellery, buildings, and cutlery. Natural resources classified as non-renewable because of their scarcity.

water, air, and sunlight
Everyone is aware of the value and applications of these natural resources. These are abundant in the atmosphere and are used by living things in their natural, unadulterated state. These are also customised and employed to carry out different operations. Fortunately, these are natural resources that are easily supplied and changed out.


Whether we are aware of it or not, we regularly use a lot of natural resources. Some of them are readily available in large quantities in the atmosphere, but most of these are rapidly disappearing from the planet. To ensure that natural resources are available for our future generations as well, it is crucial to use them properly and end all forms of waste. Every nation’s government is required to monitor resource use and implement waste reduction strategies.