Essay On Nationalism In English For Student And Children

Essay On Nationalism In English India is a diverse country in terms of culture, religion, and language. Despite coming from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, nationalism is the single thing that unites individuals in a sense of oneness. It is crucial in bringing all Indians together, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

In a variety of tests and competitions, students must submit essays on nationalism. Here, we offer essays that range in length from 100 to 400 words, and students can choose one that best suits their needs to express their sense of pride in the unity of their large, beautiful, and powerful nation.


Essay On Nationalism In English

Essay On Nationalism In English (100 Words)

Nationalism refers to the spirit of commitment to the nation, which must pervade every citizen’s heart and head. This is the reason the national song is played in schools and, increasingly, in movie theatres before to the commencement of the film, and why the curriculum is enhanced by the biographies of the country’s greatest sons, heroes, and freedom fighters.

Nationalism is the sentiment that gives warriors the courage and fortitude to protect the borders of their country. No internal or foreign threat can hurt a nation if its population remain together despite having different religious beliefs, speaking different languages, and engaging in distinct regional cultures. India is a prime example of this ubiquitous nationalism that has always been beneficial to the country.

Essay On Nationalism In English (200 Words)

Nationalism is about overcoming the limited identities of caste, religion, and regions in order to experience a profound sense of national pride. After killing Ravan, Lord Ram correctly informed Lakshman that the renowned golden city of Lanka scarcely appeals to him as Janani janmabhoomischa swargadapi gariyasi (Mother and motherland are superior to heaven).

Every citizen in our nation is treated equally and has access to all rights and benefits. It is our collective responsibility to promote the integrity and unity of India through a strong sense of national identity that cuts over all boundaries of geography, religion, and tongue.

After many years of arduous battle and untold sacrifices, it was this prevailing nationalist spirit that finally succeeded in separating India from the British. India was separated at the time into a number of princely states, yet it participated in the fight for independence as a single country. Even seven decades after India’s independence, challenges to national security and unity still come from secessionist elements both inside and outside of the country, thus we must safeguard this freedom. India can only be saved from further split in the name of Kashmir’s right to self-determination or insurgent activities in North-East India by a strong sense of nationalism.

Essay On Nationalism In English (300 Words)

A mother’s love, compassion, and blessings for her nursing child are unlike anything else, and the same is true of our motherland. Our nation also shows us motherly affection, without asking anything in return, just like a mother who is never able to think of anything other than the welfare of her children. But it is essential for every Indian to feel gratitude and pride for their country, or to exhibit nationalism in both words and deeds.

Despite its religious and regional diversity, India is one country.

Despite the fact that we all have different traditions, worldviews, holidays, and languages, nationalism unites us in a sense of shared identity. The nation is shielded from all risks and challenges to its integrity and unity by its feeling of nationalism. Even if we are citizens of states with various cultures and languages, we can all share the same flag, national song, and national emblem while maintaining our individual identities. As proud and devoted residents of the biggest democracy in the world, we can proudly take our place among the world’s people.

Caste, creed, and religious issues don’t matter as much as our motherland. We can only protect the freedom that we have won thanks to the supreme suffering and sacrifices of millions of Indian sons and daughters if we have a strong feeling of nationalism and patriotism. Never let the nationalism we feel as a debt to our motherland be subdued.


There are forces at work that aim to destabilise the nation by fomenting separatist sentiment and azadi calls (as witnessed in troubled parts of Kashmir and North-East India). It is regrettable that recent anti-Indian protests and sloganeering at several Indian educational institutions included calls of pulling apart India and tore the country apart. Only a firm feeling of nationalism can prevent the nation from succumbing to the nefarious plans of anti-India elements.

Essay On Nationalism In English (400 Words)

Nationalism is a feeling of affiliation and commitment to the place where one inhabits. The only thing that keeps all of a nation’s citizens unified, despite their linguistic, ethnic, and cultural diversity, is nationalism.

comparing a country to a mother

The nation is frequently referred to as a mother not just in our country but throughout the entire world because, just as a mother cares for her children, a nation raises and supports its citizens with the aid of various natural resources, without which needs and purposes of life cannot be fulfilled. Common inhabitants of the country have been seen to band together and support the government and their warriors during times of strife and war.

Individuals are linked together by nationalism.

The strength of nationalism can be felt in the fact that those who live within its borders forget their differences and place value on their devotion to the country. Nationalism is a collective feeling of notion. Even they won’t think twice about making the ultimate sacrifice for their country if it means ensuring its survival. People from different parts of a country who may not even know one another come together, form agreement, and talk about issues pertaining to their nation as a whole in order to find a solution. This is only possible because of a feeling of nationalism.

Globalization and Nationalism

Some academics claim that the process of globalisation has had a significant impact on nationalist thought, and as a result, the concept of national borders and nationalism no longer exist and must be managed. They contend that because of globalisation and technical advancements like the internet and cell phones, the globe has become a global village and nationalism is no longer seen as a fundamental value. But it doesn’t matter how nationalism is interpreted.


It is crucial for a nation’s progress that its citizens maintain their sense of nationalism. Every government in the world essentially organises its national festivals, in which honouring the national flag is a major activity. This is done because they are acutely aware of how vital it is for their population to acquire a sense of nationalism and a spirit of love for their country. Overall, a nation’s success is greatly influenced by its residents’ sense of nationalism, which serves to unite all of its people despite their belonging to other castes, faiths, or social classes.