Essay On My Teacher In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Teacher In English My teacher is the one who oversees my intellectual, emotional, and moral growth. My parents work and have other responsibilities, but my instructor just cares about my welfare. My teacher teaches me the material, answers my questions, monitors my behaviour and corrects me as necessary, inspires me, keeps me motivated when I’m down, and exhorts me to push my boundaries.

I’m not sure who you regard as a gift from God—it might be your parents or grandparents—but for me, My Teacher is a gift from God that was sent just to improve my life. My teacher’s lessons continue to ring in my head even while I’m at home. Sincerely, I pay attention to my teacher’s lecture and almost always recall what she or he says.

My Teacher

Essay On  My Teacher In English 

Essay On  My Teacher In English (100 Words)

Student-Teacher Relationship

The relationship between a nursery school student and his or her teacher is magical.

The majority of you will, I’m sure, concur that it is impossible to characterise the relationship between a nursery pupil and his or her teacher. I can only describe it in one word: magical. I had no choice but to agree to anything she demanded of me. I once innocently questioned her, “Madam, do you like me?” Yes, of course, she retorted in response. I was ecstatic that day.

I remember getting upset one day and skipping meals at home. My parents attempted every tactic they were aware of, but they were unsuccessful. My dad finally phoned my instructor at school, and she requested me to call her. She only uttered “Dheerendra…” I immediately responded, “Yes, lady, I’m not angry at all, and I’ll eat now and also finish my schoolwork. That was what made her special.

Essay On  My Teacher In English (200 Words)

Humans are social creatures. As a result, society has a big influence on how our personalities and careers are shaped. Any culture, including ours, is made up of relationships. As soon as we are born, we integrate into our society and meet a variety of people. Father, mother, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. are a few examples.

Most of the aforementioned relationships have a distinct purpose. However, there is one relationship that, in my opinion, combines all other relationships, and I believe that relationship to be a student-teacher relationship. I know this for a fact since I have experienced it firsthand. My nursery teacher (and other teachers as well) opened up a whole new universe to me. I have no doubt that a majority of you will concur. A teacher can serve as a mentor, friend, guide, and many other roles.

Sant Kabir Das genuinely said the following for educators:

Balhari guru apne, Guru Govind doukhade, Kakelagupaye, Guru Govind diyo batay

In the words above, a student asks, “If God and my teacher were both standing in front of me, who’s foot should I touch first?” In such situation, I shall first touch my teacher’s feet because it is they who have shown me how to approach God.

Essay On  My Teacher In English (300 Words)

Nobody can dispute the crucial role teachers play in determining our future. They instruct, identify, and correct errors from the first day of school to the last day of college, and in addition to providing instruction, they also mould our personalities. They essentially shape our future.

The architects of our future are our teachers.

Numerous family members hold a special place in our hearts. For the majority of us, I’m confident one of those is a “teacher.” Some of us even despise our instructors, especially the ones who were stern with us, punished us, or reprimanded us for wrongdoings.

Most of the time, as we become older, this hate evolves into love because, in our professional lives, we understand the value of being reprimanded. The following lines by Kabir Das nicely express the role of the instructor.

Gadhi gadhi kadhe khot, Anter hath sahar de, Bahar mare chot, Guru khumbhar shishya kumbha hai

In the lines above, Sant Kabir das compares a teacher to a potter and a student to the water pot he is creating. He beats the clay while forming the pot from the outside, but he also retains a hand inside for support.

Due to this, I cherish my teachers (especially those who scolded me more). They are in charge of determining my future.

I aspired to be an English writer when I was younger. My parents and friends used to laugh when I told them this since I had terrible English. I endured daily reprimands and punishments from my teacher, but I never lost tolerance. I am now able to write and teach English thanks to his advice and my own dedication. Earlier, I would have cursed him for being so strict with me, but now I appreciate him for being so strict because it worked.


Do respect your stern teachers since they will help you become the person you want to be. They are, in other words, the designers of your future.

Essay On  My Teacher In English (400 Words)

Parents really are our first teachers, it’s true. While they do teach us a lot, it is undeniable that our actual education begins in school and is supplied by our teachers. Because of this, our society values teachers highly. They have a significant impact on someone’s life.

Function of Teachers in Our Lives

A teacher serves as a mentor, friend, guide, and many other roles that come to mind. According to the student’s definition of his teacher, it depends. The following lines by Sant Tulsi Das express this well.

The phrase “Jaki rahi bhavana jaisi, Prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi”

Sant Tulsi Das claims that God or the Teacher will manifest to a person in the manner in which that person believes in the words above. For instance, Mira Bai thought of Lord Krishna as her lover, while Arjun thought of him as his friend. This also applies to teachers.

My nursery school teacher is everything.

She had a certain magnetism about her. I had total faith in her. I couldn’t name the relationship I had with her, but I can categorically state that it was a composite of numerous relationships.

My primary teacher and my guide

It is stated that if a building’s foundation is robust, any number of floors can be added to it; however, if the foundation is poor, adding floors could be dangerous. I had the fortunate fortune to have excellent primary school instructors who helped me develop my character, education, and other important traits. It was due of that solid foundation that I was able to achieve my goals.

Boss: The Middle School Teacher

My middle school teachers are to thank for any discipline I possess. They yelled at me, yelled, and pushed me to my limit. I used to detest them the most, but now I understand why they did it.

My friends are the teachers I had in high school and secondary school.

It has been reported that children and parents become friends when their children’s shoe sizes match those of the parent or instructor. I used to open up to my professors about anything personal. In return, I received advice, and as a result, I was spared from issues common to adolescence.


A teacher has several parts to play in our lives, much like an actor has multiple roles to play in various movies, and we value them all.

Essay On  My Teacher In English (500 Words)

Because for the majority of us, our teachers are our entire world, I believe it is quite difficult to express the significance of teachers in one’s life. Those who had excellent professors are fortunate.

Teachers’ Importance in Our Lives

A newborn child’s mind is empty or, in other words, it is a “blank slate.” Whatever a teacher teaches him or her, it shapes who they are.

They Offer to Educate Us

The teacher’s main goal is to spread knowledge. He or she makes every effort to instruct and educate students. He must adapt to the demands of the kids and occasionally perform and teach with little to no resources (in government primary schools).

Since teachers typically receive a poor pay, it’s common for them to work long hours just to make ends meet. A teacher must make notes, conduct research, and other tasks to maintain the quality of instruction. Overall, he puts in a lot of effort.

A teacher develops character.

In addition to imparting academic knowledge, teachers are obliged to educate children moral values. It is sometimes provided in a formal manner and other times in a causal manner.

When I was younger, I accidentally took my friend’s eraser without asking him and never gave it back. My acquaintance informed my teacher that I had taken his eraser. I sobbed and apologised for forgetting to ask him. I trust you, but you should have asked for it, my teacher told me. You can believe that I will always remember that lesson.

Things like “don’t tell lies,” “always say thank you and please,” “ask permission before entering a room or sitting on a chair,” and other minor manners lessons are taught in schools. They may seem insignificant, but believe me, they have the power to make or destroy a scenario (especially interviews).

A teacher is a mentor and a guide.

In my tenth grade year, I was unsure whether I should major in science or business. I became more perplexed when I sought out other people’s opinions. Finally, I asked my teacher for advice, and he said, “Just listen to your heart and you will find the answer,” and indeed, I did.

A friend is a teacher

No matter how talented a person is, I genuinely believe that if they are emotionally unstable, they cannot perform. If a student is able to view his or her instructor as a friend, then you may count on your teacher to support you through any emotional upheaval.

Educator, our Wisher

There are some people you can trust completely. Your teacher is one of them. Whatever you may think of him or her, they will always be your friends.

I want to relate a certain incident. One of our math teachers in elementary school used to be really severe with us. He used to reprimand us, beat us, and punish us. In other words, he made life miserable for us. He used to be abhorred by all of the students. We eventually ran out of patience and chose to exact our retribution.