Essay On My Self In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Self In English When describing someone else, it’s very simple because there are so many things to notice about them, but when describing oneself, there are many things to consider. When I have to describe myself, I have to be sincere and kind without coming across as egotistical or haughty.

Additionally, it must be written so that you only discuss the matters that other people may find important, without divulging too much personal information about you or your family. You can also showcase a few of your accomplishments, interests, and hobbies.

My Self

Essay On My Self In English

Essay On My Self In English (100 Words)

While everyone calls me Gudia, my name is Archana Mishra. I read in the seventh grade and am twelve years old. I have an older brother and am my parents’ second child. My uncle, grandparents, and cousins all live in the same large house as me. We have a deep fondness for one another and are tied to grandparents. Although I have other friends, Sina is my greatest and closest friend. She and I are able to communicate about anything.

My family is unusual. My entire family is open-minded and tolerant of others. They constantly encourage me to excel in every endeavour. They encourage me instead of pulling me back. I’m overjoyed to have been born into this family. My extended family is multi-cultural and includes my cousins, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. We enjoy our time together because we celebrate all the holidays together. I daily assist other children in the family with their chores.

Although Sara is my nickname, my name is Queen. My nickname is usually how my parents and grandparents address me. My parents take care of my health extremely seriously. Every day at five in the morning, they wake me up and tell me what to do. My mother offers me an apple every morning and a nutritious breakfast an hour later.

Essay On My Self In English (200 Words)

Although Sara is my nickname, my name is Queen. My nickname is usually how my parents and grandparents address me. My parents take care of my health extremely seriously. Every day at five in the morning, they wake me up and tell me what to do. My mother offers me an apple every morning and a nutritious breakfast an hour later. I take the school bus to school at the appropriate time. I’m never late. My school is open from eight in the morning till two in the afternoon. For my fruit break and lunch break, my mother feeds me healthful fruits.

In the eighth grade at Ch. Chhabil Dass Junior Public School, I read. I’m 13 years old, and my family and I reside in Ghaziabad. I also enrolled in dance and piano lessons outside of school because I enjoy learning dance and piano so much. I absolutely like spending time at home with my cherished parents and grandparents as well as time at school with my pals. My neighbours are kind; they communicate well with one another and seldom fight.

In my winter and summer vacations, I enjoy going on picnics and taking tours. I excel academically at my school. I excel in all of the extracurricular activities offered by my schools. I excel in both academic and athletic pursuits.

Essay On My Self In English (300 Words)

Sulekha here; I’m in Delhi’s ninth-grade reading class. I am a motivated and self-driven learner. I enjoy encouraging my schoolmates all the time and supporting them during trying times. As a talented student at my school, I excel in both academics and extracurricular activities. I am capable of performing well in any demanding situation. I excel academically and am a very knowledgeable student.

I work very hard and study at home nonstop for long periods of time. I always do all of my homework and class assignments before going to bed. My goodness and timeliness have made my professors very fond of me. My parents constantly look out for me, so I never get tired of working hard. They are always concerned about my diet and physical well-being.

I consistently receive high marks and grades because of my academic background. In my school, I am a recipient of a merit scholarship. I am an excellent student of computers and am very knowledgeable in this area. I carry out all of my tasks in accordance with my planned work schedule. I never put off doing any of my work, whether it be for school or at home. I always have respect for my parents and assist my mother with household tasks and my father with work-related tasks.

I assist my mother with her dishwashing and laundry duties. Every Sunday, I make sure to clean and nicely adorn my room. I am highly aware of all of my obligations to my family and to myself. I constantly strive to provide joy to my friends and other students through funny jokes and pleasant conversations. I’m always prepared to offer them advice and solutions to help them through their challenges. I try to help the elderly and young in my colony and on the road because I am a very sympathetic young lady.

Essay On My Self In English (400 Words)

My lovely parents raised me to be a handsome boy. I read in Section A of the Fourth Grade as a 14-year-old boy. The name Suresh Raina is mine. I go to school in Ghaziabad at Ryan Public School. I like to be called Guddu by my grandfather. Every day in the morning and every night, he takes me for a walk. In the Rajnagar neighbourhood of Ghaziabad, my family and I reside.

Every day at the appropriate hour of 7 a.m., I ride my school bus to school, and I return home at 2 p.m. When I’m fresh, I like to go to school dressed appropriately. I greet my teacher as I enter my classroom by saying “Good morning.” On the bus and during lunch, I enjoy seeing my school friends every day. I am consistently involved in extracurricular activities, including sports.

I have to compete in the interschool competitions my school conducts every six months. Whenever I compete, I always win. To broaden our awareness and knowledge, my school commemorates all the significant yearly occasions, including Independence Day, Republic Day, Christmas, the second of October, Mother’s Day, Teachers’ Day, etc.

Our class instructor tells us that we have to take part in cultural celebrations when there is a special occasion. The majority of the time, I participate in reading aloud poetry or speeches. Although I like dancing as well, I don’t always feel confident dancing at events. However, I participate in the dance at my annual event, which is held in November each year. The annual event at my school is open to my parents as well.

During every holiday, whether it be in the winter or the summer, my parents take me on a picnic or a lengthy trip. I am fortunate to be a part of a relatively civilised culture where social issues are occasionally brought to the public’s attention through various programmes. For these kinds of programmes, my father always brings me along.

To help me become a good citizen of India, my mother instils in me the values of ethics and manners. My bedroom and study are always well-kept and organised. Prior to and after eating food, I always practise good hygiene and wash my hands thoroughly with soap. My parents genuinely care about my likes and dislikes and love me very much. Every time my parents have some free time, we like to play carom or ludo.